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H3842 Pine trees like this are numerous among the ridges and on the lower mountains. Tennessee.

H3843 Dr. Mills and driver picking blackberries. Tennessee.

H3844 Guns as permanent markers at Bragger's Headquarters on Mission Ridge by the charge of Grant's men who charged without orders. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H3845 One of the many monuments marking the battlefield around Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H3960 The first step in church building. Such houses as this can be erected in almost any needy community with a gift of $50 to $100 from our Board of Church Extension.


H3962 Picture of Umbrella Rock which stands on the Northern Point of Lookout Mountain shows Mr. Savastana and Reverend Burnett setting over space. Tennessee.

H3963 Tyner High School - 10 miles from Chattanooga. Hamilton County, Tennessee.

H3964 Tennessee River gorge near Waldens Ridge on left and Lookout Mountain on right - taken from Signal Point.

H3965 Interior of a log cabin used as old Methodist Episcopal Parsonage. Tennessee.

H3966 Red Bank Independent Church Tennessee.

H3967 Red Bank Grammar School is owned and supported by the State and shows forcibly the advantage of united support and individual ownership. Tennessee.

H4554 Interior of living room of R.W. Dyers residence. Notice the guns, one by each bed and one on the rack on a hoist. Moccasin District. Rabun County, Georgia.

H4555 Interior of R.W. Dyers house showing his wife at the loom where she weaves his clothing. Georgia.

H4556 Bee "gums". Pieces of hollow black gum logs are made into "gums" for the bees. Georgia.

H4557 Whittier Methodist Episcopal Church.

H4558 top of Balsam Mountain, showing cattle grazing on old field.

H4559 School in Greentree, Sevier County, Tennessee.

H4560 Veterinarian - can't read or write but knows "horses".

H4561 Rural mail carrier in Sevier County, Tennessee

H4602 Whiteside Mountain, North Carolina.

H4603 Whiteside Mountain, North Carolina.

H4604 View of Whiteside Mountain, Jackson County, North Carolina.

H4605 Another mountain near Whiteside North Carolina.

H4606 Chestnut Mountain Cocke County, Tennessee

H4607 Hauling bark in Sevier County, Tennessee.

H4608 Silas Messers log house in Butler Branch Sevier County, Tennessee.

H4609 School house at Schutt's Grove, Sevier County, Tennessee.

H4610 David Moss' home, showing flowers in front yard.

H4699 An Indian fishing in Soco Creek Indian Reservation. North Carolina.

H4700 A wagon load of home made chairs and baskets - near Woodbury, Tennessee.

H4701 These white children dwell in peace with their Indian neighbors. North Carolina.

H4702 Same as H4701

H4703 An Indian preparing for a watermelon feast. Western North Carolina.

H4704 Hauling wood in the railroad. North Carolina.

H4705 Mail carrier Jackson County North Carolina.

H4706 Children in woods. They care for themselves early in life. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H4707 Showing costume in constant use by the Indian woman. Cherokee North Carolina.


H5980 War Monument Bragg's Headquarters near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H5983 Residence of Reverend James Asley, Sweet Water, Tennessee.

H5984 Same caption as H5983.


H5986 Home-made quilts, Tennessee.

H5987 Group of pupils - Indian Creek School. Tennessee.

H5988 War Monument - Bragg's Headquarters, near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H5993 -

H5994 - Admiral Farragut's early home. Knox County, Tennessee.

H5995 Admiral Farragut's early home, now on the Fair Grounds. Knoxville, Tennessee.

H5996 One of the many knitting mills. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H5999 -

H6000 - Home of a young Methodist convert. This building is typical of the best farm houses of the East Tennessee valleys.

H6001 A young lady of East Tennessee.

H6002 The old and new home. The old is used as a garage. The car enters through the old chimney opening.

H6003 Fireplace in the old stone chimney

H6004 The beautiful stone chimney

H6005 - The home of Reverend James Asley. Sweet Water, Tennessee

H6006 -

H6007 New and old Sevier County, Tennessee


H6011 Dyeing thread. Tennessee Mountains.


H6013 -

H6014 - Field of tobacco grown in the Valley of Green County, Tennessee.

H6031 New and old house. Old house turned into garage. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H6032 Quaker Church, formerly Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Tennessee.

H6033 Village in Mountains of the South. This village is entirely dependent on the business of a young man converted through the efforts of a Methodist preacher. His store, cannery, and farm together with his push cart makes it a lively center. The Methodist Episcopal Church has a circuit covering this village and furnishes the only preaching available.


H6035 Cabin, Sevier County, Tennessee.


H6037 Methodist Episcopal Church. Sevierville, Tennessee.


H6105 A street showing the milling District on the right. Tennessee.

H6106 Lonely cabin, which shows some of the advantages of a mission school. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H6107 Woman churning milk to make butter. Tennessee.

H6108 Scene on Middle Pigeon River. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H6109 This woman has come down to the road to see if any mail has been left by the passing carrier. Tennessee.

H6110 A monument in Watauga Valley, Carter County, Tennessee.

H6111 Scene in the Market in Knoxville, Tennessee.

H6112 Cattle coming home at milking time. Tennessee.

H6113 On his way to the store, with a chicken for sale. Tennessee.

H6114 Monument marking the resting place of Colonel John Sevier. Knoxville, Tennessee.

H6115 One of the larger log houses. East Tennessee.

H6116 Midwives exchanging notes in a remote village. East. Tennessee.


H6118 Child playing with a calf.

H6119 Twenty-eight boarders besides the family which runs the boarding house. All use this little out building which is close up against the wall of the house and seemingly as unsanitary as can be made.

H6120 Wasps at home.

H6121 Scene on the Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee.

H6122 Scene on the Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee.

H6123 Man splitting boards. Tennessee.

H6124 A mountain farmer, whose lot in life is cast along lines of privation. Tennessee.

H6125 One of the old fashioned fire places.

H6126 A row of houses for factory employees who work in a cotton mill in a Tennessee town.

H6127 A broom maker on upper Pigeon River. East Tennessee.

H6128 A mountain cabin.

H6129 A monument erected to mark the spot where the backwoodsmen gathered to march against Colonel Ferguson at Kings Mountain in 1780.


H6131 Part of the Court House Campus, showing large guns which were used during the Civil War. Knoxville, Tennessee.


H6133 Girls and young women from the factories. Tennessee.

H6134 Young men off duty. Tennessee.

H6135 A disabled moonshine distillery. Tennessee.

H6136 Bridge from which a negro suspect was lynched. Soddy, Tennessee.

H6137 A section of the National Cemetery. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H6138 Market scene. Tennessee.

H6139 A few who lie here were unknown in the haste which was necessary when they were buried. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H6140 An isolated cabin in Sevier County, Tennessee.

H6141 Giving advice to a mother concerning proper care and feeding of her emaciated baby. Indian Creek, Sevier County, Tennessee.

H6142 Churning milk to make butter. Tennessee.

H6143 A broom maker on upper Pigeon River. Tennessee.


H6145 Part of the Court House Campus, showing large guns which were used during the Civil War. Knoxville, Tennessee.

H6146 Lonely cabin, which shows some of the advantages of a Mission school. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H6147 The Mountaineer believes in using everything some good purpose.


H6149 Field of corn from which sorghum is made by crushing the stalks and boiling the juice so obtained until it makes a thick golden syrup.

H6150 Mule day, showing off their paces. September 1918. Sevierville, Tennessee.

H6151 An old forge hammer which was used before the Civil War. Tennessee.

H6152 This little fellow is out with his mother while she does the family washing.

H6157 These stacks of lumber were cut by an itinerant saw mill.

H6158 Children of a young Methodist convert - a Southern mountaineer. His children will never know life as he knew it when he was scorned and disowned.

H6159 No animal that is swapped is ever supposed to be over nine years of age, many ingenious tricks are resorted to concealing their real age. Mule day. September.

H6160 The Methodist Preacher is the central figure in every important occasion in the Methodist Mountaineer's life.

H6161 Corn grown to be ten or more feet in height.

H7003 Southern corn bread.

H7004 Southern corn bread.

H7005 The Methodist circuit rider meets the boy.

H7007 Growing corn on a steep hillside. Tennessee.

H7008 A settler's cabin home. Tennessee.

H7013 Moving by pack horse. Tennessee.

H7014 Moving in a schooner wagon. Tennessee.

H7015 One of the better type of log houses. Tennessee.

H7016 Drafted men, waiting to be called. Tennessee.

H7503 A haunted house. Bay's Mountain, Tennessee.

H7504 Grinding cane for molasses. Tennessee.

H7505 Cotton begins opening at the bottom of the staff and ripens at the top last.

H7506 One way to help out a preacher's income.

H7507 Long leaf pine burs.

H7508 Long leaf pine bush.

H7509 Home on a visit and the family in to welcome the soldier brother.

H7510 Making a stirrup of his hand so the lady can mount. Tennessee.

H7511 - Helping a lady mount her horse. Tennessee.

H7512 -"Holding his own", a mountaineer and his baby. Tennessee.

H7513 - Sign in Knoxville War First. Tennessee.

H7514 - Left behind when his master sailed away.

H7515 A double log cabin. Tennessee.

H7516 Horseback riding is usual with our mountaineers. Tennessee.

H7517 Riding "aside" Tennessee Mountain.

H7518 Another view of horseback riding. Tennessee.

H7519 On her way to aid the stork. Tennessee Mountains.

H7520 Spinning on big wheel. Tennessee.

H7521 President Andrew Johnson's old tailor shop. Greenville, Tennessee.

H7522 President Andrew Johnson's old talor shop as it still stands in Greenville, Tennessee. Negative sold to Mrs. Wetz

H7523 A mountaineer's child. "Dressed up".

H7524 Ferry on Tennessee River. Tennessee.

H7525 Ferry on Tennessee River. Tennessee.

H7526 Sucking up juice from Sorghum stalks. Tennessee.

H7527 A buggy for baby in the Tennessee Mountains.

H7528 Drying Fruit in the sun. Tennessee.

H7529 Returning from mill. Tennessee.

H7530 The second generation of the "Georgia Cracker".

H7532 Another picture children washing.

H7535 Learning to wash- not playing but working. Tennessee.

H7537 How does anybody reach a mill like this? They do. Tennessee Mountains.

H7538 A Tennessee mountaineer carrying his muzzle loaded rifle.

H7546 Traveling by Pack horse.

H7548 A home-made cart in Tennessee Mountains.

H7556 At the entrance to Mountain "Cove".

H7558 In search of a new home traveling by "Schooner" wagon.

H7559 Another pattern of quilt. Tennessee.

H7560 One of the home-made quilts. Tennessee.

H7561 A coverlet. Tennessee.

H7562 Still other quilt patterns. Tennessee.

H7563 A cyclone passed this way in Georgia.

H7564 Methodist Episcopal Church. King's Mountain, North Carolina.

H7565 Bringing home the bear.

H7568 Alone with the rough mountains. Tennessee.

H7569 Grinding cane for molasses. Tennessee.

H7570 Another Long-leaf Pine picture. North Carolina.

H7571 Long leaf Pine. North Carolina.

H7572 A country school in Sevier County Tennessee.

H7573 A new top of an old log house. Tennessee Mountains.

H7574 Mountain Girl. Tennessee.

H7575 A mountaineer and his family at home. Tennessee.

H7576 An old log house with a new frame top. Tennessee.

H7579 The third generation of mountain folks often build home like this in the upper valley. Tennessee.

H7580 A North Carolina dug-out where lumbermen make their homes while cutting timer.

H7898 Connistee Falls. North Carolina.

H7899 Lake. North Carolina.

H7900 Valley near Hot Springs, North Carolina.

H7901 In the mountains. North Carolina.

H7902 Mountaineers home. North Carolina.

H7903 Water mill. North Carolina.

H7904 Home of the better class. North Carolina.

H7905 "Hardshell" Baptist Church. North Carolina.

H7906 Mountaineers home. North Carolina.

H7907 Man plowing with oxen. North Carolina.

H7908 Mountaineers home. North Carolina.

H7909 Mountaineers home and water mill. North Carolina.

H7910 Nothing of the home left but the chimney. North Carolina.

H7911 Mountaineers home. North Carolina.

H7912 Home of the poorer class. North Carolina.

H7913 Oxen with lumber. North Carolina.

H7914 Little girl with dog in the Lumber District. North Carolina.

H7915 Trying to take bull home. North Carolina.

H7916 Plowing. North Carolina.

H7917 Plowing. North Carolina.

H7918 Plowing with calf. North Carolina.

H7919 Plowing. North Carolina.

H7920 Woman with calf. North Carolina.

H7921 Woman with calf and dog. North Carolina
H7922 Woman working on farm. North Carolina.

H7937 Boy of the poorer type. North Carolina.

H7938 Bashful. North Carolina.

H7939 Baby of the poorer type. North Carolina.

H7940 Children posing. North Carolina.

H7941 Child with dog. North Carolina.

H7942 Girl with baby. North Carolina.

H7943 Girl with baby North Carolina

H7944 Posing North Carolina

H7945 One building Brevard Institute. North Carolina.

H7946 Dorlan Institute. Hot Springs. North Carolina.

H7947 Brevard Institute. Mixing concrete. North Carolina.

H7948 Brevard Institute. North Carolina.

H7949 Brevard Institute. Mixing concrete. North Carolina.

H7950 Brevard Institute Pruning Trees. North Carolina.
H7951 Pruning fruit trees. Brevard Institute. North Carolina.
H7952 Brevard Institute Class in Stock judging. North Carolina.

H7953 Brevard Institute How old is Maude? North Carolina.
H7954 Brevard Institute North Carolina
H7955 Brevard Institute. Class in stock judging. North Carolina.

H7956 Brevard Institute Students. North Carolina.
H7957 Brevard Institute. Students building a new workshop.
North Carolina.
H7988 Hiking across the mountains to a lumber camp. North Carolina.

H7989 Family on Pine Mountain. Tennessee.
H7990 Leaving the church in Wear's Cove Tennessee.
H7991 Part of the family. "Little Cove". Tennessee.

H7992 Terrace hillside. Dry valley north of Chattanooga. Tennessee.
H7993 Land ruined by poor farming near London Tennessee.

H7994 Splitting rails. Tennessee.
H7995 Old time hunter with muzzle loading rifle. Pigeon Forge. Tennessee.

H8005 Young women in the Athens School. Tennessee

H8006 Students and some of the buildings. Athens School. Tennessee.

H8007 On the retired list of Milling district. Cleveland, Tennessee.

H8008 A promised citizen. Ware's Valley, Tennessee.

H8009 Mountain view Methodist Episcopal Church. Dayton, Tennessee.

H8010 Circuit rider Daisy. Tennessee.

H8011 The forest turning to red, brown and gold. Racoon Mountain. Tennessee.

H8012 Going to mill. Sevier County. Tennessee.

H8013 Pan of biscuits. Tennessee.

H8014 On her way to the store.

H8058 A Smoky Mountains Creek. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8059 Teacher's Cottage at Pi Phi School. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8061 Little girls in Wear's Valley. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8060 Film of Wrecked Train. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8062 Same caption as H8061

H8063 Two school girls. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8064 Recess time. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8065 Close up of school girls. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8066 Mattie Ogle teaching her pupils a new game. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8067 Near Sevierville East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8068 Robert's School House, East Tennessee Sevier County

H8069 Copeland Creek, Tennessee Sevier County

H8070 In town for Monday's shopping. East Tennessee Sevier County.

H8071 Hand made chair. Robert's School House. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8072 Canning by "cold pack" method. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8141 A street of Sevierville East Tennessee. Sevier County

H8142 Going toward the river Sevierville East Tennessee. Sevier County

H8143 Sevierville, Tennessee.

H8144 The Restaurant. Sevierville, Tennessee.

H8145 The grocery store. East Tennessee Sevier County.

H8146 The other Grocery store. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8147 The blacksmith shop. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8148 House on Copeland Creek. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8149 Up Copeland Creek. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8150 Path from hotel to school house. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8151 Farm house at Middle Creek. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8152 Children of Mrs. Hugh.

H8153 Still playing at pioneer. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8154 Pioneer instincts. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8155 Playing Indian. East Tennessee

H8156 Typical mountain homes. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8157 The new cabin with the window. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8158 Wash day up Baskins' Creek. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8159 Cabin in which people once lived. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8160 A house with a road-side spring. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8161 Fashions in hair cut. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8162 A mountain creek. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8163 Vain(?) regrets. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8164 A valley farm under the blue wall. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8165 "What's that air box?" East Tennessee Sevier County

H8166 Murphy College. The Methodist School. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8167 Home of one Soldier lad. East Tennessee Sevier County

H8168 Service flag for a sailor. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8169 Typical mountain wagon. East Tennessee. Sevier County

H8170 Swinging. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8171 Methodist Episcopal Church Sevierville. Tennessee.

H8172 Typical East Tennessee Valley.

H8173 Home protection. East Tennessee Sevier County.

H8174 Where the trail ends. East Tennessee. Sevier County

H8175 Ridin' adown the creek to town. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8176 The early morning fire. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8177 General washing and the great unwashed. East Tennessee. Sevier County.

H8267 The old class leader used in Life Story of J.H. Copeland, "Among Lincoln's Talks." This is George Hartman class leader over 40 years. Tennessee.

H8268 The old class leader used in Life Story of J.H. Copeland, "Among Lincoln's Talks." This is George Hartman class leader over 40 years. Tennessee.

H8269 Shining shoes. Tennessee.

H8270 Boyhood home of the young minister mentioned near the close of "Southern Mountains." Tennessee.

H8271 Modern school building North St. Elmo Grammar School. Tennessee.

H8272 Mountain congregation. Tennessee.

H8273 Eating watermelon. Tennessee.

H8274 Moonshine distillery Tennessee mountains.

H8276 Ritter Industrial Home. Athens School. Tennessee.

H8275 Falling water. Cumberland Mountains. Tennessee.

H8419 A "holy Roller's" Church. Cleveland, Tennessee.

H8420 A country graveyard. Tennessee.

H8421 Drying fruit jars before refilling. Blount?) County, Tennessee.

H8422 One of the younger business men among the Tennessee Hills. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H8423 A young gentleman of Georgia.

H8424 Falling Water Church school house. Tennessee.

H8425 On their way to the store. South of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

H8426 An alley in the Milling District, Cleveland, Tennessee.

H3947 Interior of a frame house, shows a homemade chair bottomed with cords and the wall papered with current newspapers, but the floor is bare of carpet. Two pictures in a frame, showing two old people, probably the father and mother adorn the wall. This is what we would call a well kept house. Tennessee.

H3948 Exterior of a frame house, one of the humbler frame houses. The universal chimney stands at the end, for heating purposes, while part of the porch has been utilized with water and is filled from the trough under the eaves of the lean-to. Tennessee.

H3949 Log cabin house near Hixon, Tennessee.

H3950 Log cabin typical of poorer kind. Hamilton County, twelve miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H7017 Returning from the chase after having bagged a black bear. Tennessee.

H7018 Mountain peaks above the clouds. Tennessee.

H7066 View from Point Lookout near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

H7500 Watching mother card the wool. Tennessee.

H7501 Carding wool for spinning on hand wheel. Tennessee.

H7502 Making molasses.

H4570 Carrying straw bed home on woman's head.

H4571 Filling bed with straw to take the place of mattress on bed.

H4572 "Dentist" who pulls teeth. No filling or "tinkering" - out they come.

H4573 This is the doctor for sore mouth in infants. Her charm was given her by a man and he lost his power at once. She also stops blood.

H4562 On their honeymoon, both using tobacco, he in a pipe and she with snuff.

H4563 Community corn mill. The miller grinds for a toll of 1/8.

H4564 Using peach tree or drod wood stick to locate water underground and tell its depth.

H4565 Drawing out fire by charm.

H7929 An old mountaineer. North Carolina.

H7930 An old mountaineer. North Carolina..

H7931 An old mountaineer. North Carolina.

H7932 Mountaineers. North Carolina.

H7933 Girl with children. North Carolina.

H7936 Boy with dog. North Carolina.

H8429 A mill boy. Cleveland, Tennessee

H8430 An alley in the milling District. Cleveland, Tennessee

H8432 A milk can used as a mail box. Tennessee

H8433 Having baby's picture taken. South of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

H8434 Going to Mill Creek. Sevier County, Tennessee

H8436 Young people in God's "out of doors", Tennessee

H8438 Crab Orchard Inn, Tennessee

H8441 A gorge in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

H8442 An impoverished fruit stand. Blanut {Blount?] County, Tennessee

H8443 A Honey Locust tree. Hamilton County, Tennessee

H8444 Young wood choppers. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

H8445 Hauling corn on sled pulled by an ox. Little Cover, Sevier County, Tennessee

H8446 Pan of biscuits. Tennessee

H8448 The old mill, falling water near Chattanooga, Tennessee

H3858 Cows wearing yokes as penalty Tennessee

H3859 Cabin of the poor sort on Cade's Cove Mountain, Tennessee

H3860 Dead timber on Hillside Farms, Sevier County, Tennessee

H3861 Settler's cabin erected in the forest before he had made his clearing. Cade's Cove Mountain, Tennessee

H3862 Settler's cabin in the forest. Cades Cove Mountain, Tennessee

H3863 Trespass sign Tennessee

H3864 Rail fence. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H8894 Barskin School House. Tennessee

H8895 The Barskin School House. Tennessee

10700 Mountain Baseball Team. Burnsville, North Carolina

H11817 Sugar making. Tennessee

H13180 Harriman, Tennessee. Old Grist Mill near Harriman.

H13368 On the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

H13369 In the haunts of bear on a ridge on the Smokies. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13370 Rhododendron bush. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13371 A typical mountain cabin. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13372 Showing the method of building with rough hewn logs. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13373 A pile of walnut wood of very great value, but possibly for use as fire wood. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13374 A primitive method of making soap. Smokey Mountain, Tennessee

H13375 A primitive method of making soap. Smokey Mountain, Tennessee

H13376 Wash day in the mountains. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13377 A typical mountain home of the better class. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13378 The primitive machinery used in crushing sugar cane in preparation of "sweetening." Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13379 The toll gate keeper who collects from the traveler on a privately constructed road. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13380 A steep up-hill grade. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13381 Traveling in the Southern Highlands mean a heavy pull on the horses. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13382 A mountain youth who was called in the draft. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

H13383 A mountain girl. Smoky Mountain, Tennessee. (Unconscious of the fact her picture is being taken)

H13410 A mountain Madonna child. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13411 A typical cabin on the hill side. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13412 The interior of a primitive corn mill. Trent County, Tennessee

H13413 The interior of a primitive corn mill. Trent County, Tennessee

H13414 The shy creatures of the mountains. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13418 A mountain child. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13415 A girl of the mountains. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13416 A little Appalachian Lord Chesterfield. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13417 A mountain girl. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13419 A little mountain girl. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13420 This little girl bolted like a rabbit when the camera was turned on her. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13421 Toll Gate. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13422 Toll Gate on private road with razorback hog in the foreground. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13423 A toll gate on a private road with a typical razor back hog in the foreground. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13427 A mountain girl. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13424 A little son of the toll gate keeper. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13425 A little son of the toll gate keeper. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13426 A mountain girl and baby. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13428 A little mountain girl. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13429 A typical mountain road. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13431 A typical mountain road. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13430 Many of the houses are built on the slope of the hill. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13432 Showing the great boulders and rocks that obstruct traffic in even the best roads in the mountains. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13434 A little Madonna of the hills. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13435 All dressed up on Sunday morning in expectation of a visit from the presiding elder. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13433 Showing the great boulders and rocks that obstruct traffic in even the best roads in the mountain. Blunt County, Tennessee

H13436 Mountain men on the way to church fording a stream that crosses the road. Sevier County Tennessee.

H13437 Methodist preachers fording Pigeon Creek. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13439 Sometimes the only road is the bed of a river Sevier County, Tennessee

H13438 Rhododendron called Laurel in the Mountains abundantly plentiful. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13440 A panorama in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13442 A house reputed to be 200 years old. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13441 A better type of log cabin. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13443 The hound dog has often more privileges than children. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13444 A mountain youth who has never ad the advantage of education. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13445 Two little mountain boys. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13446 The only evidence of progressiveness. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13447 One of the newer type of progressive mountain Methodist preachers. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13448 The new and the old. Building a modern wing on the cabin. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13449 A modern wing being added to the old homestead. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13450 A group of district superintendents. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13451 Hollow gourds on a pole plant as nest for the martin birds. Sevier County, Tennessee.

H13452 The district superintendents fording a river on the trail of Asbury. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13453 Despoiled trees making way for the crop of corn. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13454 Showing how the corn is planted on the hillsides. Sevier County, Tennessee

H13455 A local store. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13456 A family group and they are not all here. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13457 A typical log cabin with stone and mud chimney. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13458 A sign which shows evidence of the engagement of sightseers, Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13459 Quaint sign posted on a mountain tree. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13460 A tan bark gatherer with a load. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13461 A load of tan bark. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13462 A wild grape vine. The size may be seen by contrast with the man. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13463 Mountain children. Cades Cove, Tennessee

H13464 District superintendents in the mountains. A temporary breakdown. Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina

H13465 The district superintendets reach civilization. Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina.

H13466 The only means of transportation in some parts of the mountains. Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina

H13467 A group of district superintendents, Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina

H13468 A typical mountain road. Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina

H13470 One of the large mountain rivers. Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina

H13469 A bridge built of logs. Bet Fontana and Bushnell, North Carolina

H13471 An unconscious pose. Chestnut Flat, Tennessee

H13472 A very old fashioned hand loom. Chestnut Flat, Tennessee (Spinning wheel)

H13473 Old fashioned spinning wheel. Chestnut Flat, Tennessee

H13474 A group of district superintendents visiting the Appalachians. Ernests Cove Mountain, Tennessee

H13475 An old mountaineer and his wife. Everts Cove, mountain, Tennessee

H13685 Tennessee. Southern mountaineer basket weaving

H13476 A common way to prepare virgin soil for cultivation. Booger town, Tennessee

H13819 Kentucky Southern Mountaineer woman with basket

H15470 A monster mill wheel. Tennessee

H15471 A mountain mill. Tennessee

H15472 Razor back hogs. Tennessee

H15473 A mountain store. Tennessee

H15474 Children gathering blackberries, Tennessee

H15475 A Methodist mountain School. Tennessee

H15476 A mountain Methodist preacher at the county seat, Tennessee

H15477 Group of District Superintendents fording stream in the road. Tennessee

H15478 A very typical mountain cabin with stone and mud chimney. Tennessee

H13820 Baptizing in "Hell-for-sartin" Kentucky

H14242 North Carolina Mountain cabin in Cumberland Mountains

H15767 Even these log cabins are attractive. Georgia

H15768 One of the most prosperous of the mountain houses. Tennessee

H15769 One of the most prosperous of the mountain houses. Tennessee

H15771 One of the best Methodist Episcopal Churches in the Southern Mountains, Tennessee

H15770 A church closed for lack of men and money. Tennessee

H15772 Confusion in a mountain school house. Tennessee Mountains

H15776 Store in mountains. Tennessee

H15773 The mill and miller in the mountains, Tennessee

H15775 The country store in the mountains. Tennessee

H15774 Interior of store in mountains, everything in it. Tennessee

H15777 In the Tennessee mountains on the way to church

H15781 Pair of logging sheds in North Georgia Mountains

H15778 A typical family of mountaineers. Tennessee

H15780 Children berrying in the mountains. Tennessee

H15779 Children berrying in the mountains. Tennessee

H15782 Sergeant York. Taken at Crossville, Tennessee

H15783 Sergeant York. Taken at Crossville, Tennessee

H15784 Sergeant York. Taken at Crossville, Tennessee

H15786 Sergeant York, with his chief townsman at Pall mall. Crossville, Tennessee

H15785 Sergeant York with chauffeur (not his own) Crossville, Tennessee

H15787 Rear view of Bonfield Memorial Hall of the Athens School. Tennessee

H15788 Pastor , Sunday School Superintendent and one of the Sunday School children. East Athens, Tennessee

H15791 School house, East Athens, Tennessee

H15789 Pastor, Sunday School Superintendent and one of the Sunday School children. East Athens, Tennessee

H15790 Pastor and Sunday School Superintendent. East Athens, Tennessee

H15792 Corner of school house. East Athens, Tennessee

H15796 Cabin without windows. Near Athens, Tennessee

H15794 Men at the Athens School for rural pastors, playing tennis. East Athens, Tennessee

H15793 Ritter Home. Athens School. East Athens, Tennessee

H15795 Some of the men at the school for rural pastors. East Athens, Tennessee

H15797 A mountain cabin without any windows. Tennessee

H15801 Interior of Mars Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, Athens, Tennessee

H15798 Mountain children have some things. These have at least horses. Tennessee

H15799 Children of the Sunday School Superintendent. East Athens, Tennessee

H15800 Prize hogs, the Sunday School Superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Church gave his boys. East Athens, Tennessee

H15802 School house in the Cumberland plateau, a fairly good one. Tennessee

H15803 Mountaineer's family. Cumberland plateau, Tennessee

H15804 Carrying tanning bark to market in the Cumberland plateau, Tennessee

H15805 Guide and chauffeur on the Cumberland plateau, Tennessee

H15806 Crowd at church service. Little Frog Range of the Blue Ridge, Georgia

H15807 Windowless but inviting mountain cabin. Little Frog Range. North Georgia

H15808 My guide through Little Frog Range of Blue Ridge, North Georgia

H15809 Spinning one's own wool is common in the mountains. Cumberland plateau, Tennessee

H15810 Spinning one's own wool is common in the mountains. Cumberland plateau, Tennessee

H15811 Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. Claude Rogers with wife and child, Georgia

H15815 The oxen do not fret themselves over the bad roads. Georgia

H15812 Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, Georgia

H15813 First Methodist Episcopal Parsonage in Epworth, Georgia

H15814 The mill near Epworth, Georgia

H15816 Ox Team, Georgia

H16261 A southern mountaineer's sawmill. Kentucky

H16272 Typical mountain cabin.

H17489 Tree marking birthplace of Dr. Carroll Bull. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17490 Dr. Bull. Discoverer of remedy for gas-gangrene. (Gas-gangrene is rapidly spreading gangrene occurring in dirty wounds infected by bacteria that give off a foul-smelling gas.) Born in one room cabin. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17491 Home of Uncle Marion McCarter, one son has been a student in Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17492 Two story mountain cabin built by grandfather of the Priest of Murphy College. Near Sevierville, Tennessee

H17493 Sarah one time student Murphy College. She is now a fine business girl in a city of 85,000. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17494 Domestic art class room. Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17495 Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17496 Baseball team 1916. Murphy College. (boys) Sevierville, Tennessee

H17497 Girls basket ball team. 1917. Murphy College Champion of East Tennessee, Sevierville.

H17498 Boys baseball team. Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17499 Four girls. Murphy College Sevierville, Tennessee

H17500 Boys basketball team. 1916. Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17501 Girls basket ball team. 1914. Murphy College. Never lost a game. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17502 Good mountaineer types at Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17503 Group of girls at Murphy College Dormitory. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17504 Addie student who came to Murphy College, one of our Methodist Schools, from two room log cabin she had few clothes and no money. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17505 A mountain girl, former pupil in Murphy College, now teaching in one of our Methodist Schools. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17506 A graduating class. Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17507 Class of 1917. Murphy College. Bishop Bristol had just dedicated the new auditorium. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17508 "6Foot Club" in Murphy College. 21 men,in school that stand 6 feet or taller. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17509 Music graduates. Murphy College. 1915.

H17510 Group of students in Murphy College. 1915, who presented a good play. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17511 Music Students in Murphy College 1915. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17512 Domestic Science Class in Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17513 Domestic Arts Class in Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17514 A graduate of Murphy College. He studied by firelight because his people could not afford to buy oil, now Superintendent of school in South Carolina Town. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17515 College boys quartet. Murphy College. Sevierville, Tennessee

H17516 Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Tennessee

H17517 Ogle College log cabin in rear. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

H17518 Ruth, student at Murphy College, Sevierville, Tennessee

H17519 A mountain still captured in Sevier County South Mountains, Sevier County, Tennessee

H17520 Court house, here two young men were hung for $50 each they shot a man and his wife. Sevier County, Tennessee

H17521 Overhanging hillside in Tennessee Mountains

H17522 Copeland School, Sevier County, Tennessee

H18523 Southern Highlanders Country. Chimney Rock, North Carolina

H18524 Southern Highlanders Country. Chimney Rock, North Carolina

H18525 Southern Highlanders Country. Chimney Rock, North Carolina

H18526 Southern Highlanders, Country. Chimney Rock, North Carolina

H19263 Southern highlanders home and family. Northern, Alabama

H19264 Southern highlanders home and family. Northern, Alabama

H20781 Primitive ferry, Southern Mountains

H20782 Cabin, Southern Mountains

H20783 A secluded valley

H20784 Spinning.

H26358 River scene. Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

H26359 Indian reservation. J. H. Gillespie Indian missionary and district superintendent J. S. Burnett crossing river on foot bridge in Indian Reservation, Tennessee

H26360 Road building. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26361 Field of corn. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26362 Field of sugar beets for stock food near Pittman Center, Sevierville Tennessee

H26363 Field of cow peas. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26364 Methodist Episcopal parsonage. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26365 Methodist Episcopal parsonage. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26366 School and community building. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26367 Students on steps of school and community building. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26368 Group of children arriving at school. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26369 Indian school house. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26370 An Indian family. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26371 Native Indian woman. Pittman Center, Tennessee

H26372 Types of better class of Indian children. Pittman Center, Tennessee