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83778 Baldwin School for Girls. Nanchang.

83779 Shower baths provided for c***s working at Rockfeller Medical
School. Nanchang. Peking.

83780 Construction work at the Rockfeller Hospital.

83781 Shower baths provided for c***s working at Rockfeller Medical
School. Nanchang.


83782 Construction work at the Rockfeller Medical School. Nanchang.

83783 Beginning of foundation of Rockfeller Medical School. Nanchang.

83784 The boys school. Nanchang.

83785 Merchants. Nanchang.


83786 Chinese boy playing with old-time fencing sticks. Nanchang.

83787 Street scene. Foochow.

83788 Boats in upper Min River passing under bridge of Ten Thousand Ages.

83789 Boats which took Bishop's party on first part of journey. Foochow.


83790 Boy Schouts of Anglo-Chinese college. Foochow.

83791 Boy Scout company at Anglo-Chinese college. Foochow.

83792 Group of Boy Scouts at Anglo-Chinese College. Foochow.

83793 Dr. Gowdy and athletic director at Anglo-Chinese College. Foochow.


83794 Group of students at Anglo-Chinese College that have become Boy
Scouts. Foochow.

83795 Street scene. Taian Fu.

83796 C***s waiting for baggage from train. Taian Fu.

83797 C***s. Taian Fu.


837998 Advertisement for cigarettes. Taian Fu.

83799 Street restaurant. Taian Fu.

83800 Street restaurant. Taian Fu.

83801 Missionary residence. Taian Fu.


83802 Woman running from camera. Taian Fu.

83803 Mr. Leitzel making moving pictures. Taian Fu.

83804 Boys' Middle School dormitory. Taian Fu.

83805 Church services. Taian Fu.


83806 Fortune-tellers, temple-yard. Taian Fu.

83807 Fortune tellers from temple yard at foot of Tai Shan Mountain. Taian

83808 Christian type. Taian Fu.

83809 North China type.


83810 North China type, non-Christian. Taian Fu.

83811 Mother and her child. Taian Fu.

83812 Woman making shoes. Taian Fu.

83813 Non-Christian family. Taian Fu.


83814 View of water front. Ichang.

83815 One of the gateways to temple of Prince Dragon's cave. Ichang.

83816 Temple of Prince Dragon's Cave. Ichang.

83817 temple of Prince Dragon's Cave. Ichang.


83819 Trying to get pictures of woman. Ichang.

83820 Water carrier. Ichang.

83821 Chinese doctor at work. Ichang.


83822 Children of the slums. Ichang.

83823 Children watching gambling games. Ichang.

83824 Blind beggar. Ichang.

83825 West China type.


83826 One of the city gates showing Chinese cannon over two hundred years
old. Futsing.

83827 Building in which the first preaching services were held. Futsing.

83828 Jail in which the first Methodist preacher in this district was
imprisoned. Futsing.

83829 Building of Catholic missionary work in this district. Futsing.


83830 Courtyard of residence of the magistrate. Futsing.

83831 Boy at play in the street. Futsing.

83832 Children in doorway opposite mission school. Futsing.

83833 Woman and children watching the children at play in mission school.


83834 Cats hanging from tree, near mission compound. (see negative for
story). Futsing.

83835 Girls at public watering place. Futsing.

83836 Steamer belonging to North Deutsche Lloyd Co. Hankow.

83837 Ships decorated for celebration of signing of Armistice. Hankow.


83838 Junks lowering sail. Hankow.

83839 Water front. Hankow.

83840 Wharf of North Deutsche-Lloyd. Hankow.

83841 Along the Bund. Hankow.


83842 Chinese camps along the river. Hankow.

83843 Exterior of new city church. Hingwha.

83844 Exterior of new city church. Hingwha.

83845 Interior of new city church now in course of construction,
undoubtedly the largest church in China. Hingwha.


83846 Interior of new city church. Hingwha.

83847 Interior of new city church. Hingwha.

83848 Boys of Bible school playing basketball. Hingwha.

83849 Children from kindergarten cutting boxes from green paper. Hingwha.


83850 Chinese boy eating in street. Hingwha.

83851 Woman working in straw. Hingwha.

83852 Methodist Episcopal Hospital grounds. Woohu. (Wuhu)

83853 In the Wusang Gorge.


83854 In the Wusang Gorge.

83855 In the Wusang Gorge.

83856 The heart of the gorges.

83857 The Han Chow Fu gorge.


83858 Western hills--reviewing stand of the Emperor Chen Lung.

83859 Taking coal upon the Meichuan. China.

83860 Village group enroute to Lungtien. China.


83861 McTyre school for girls. Shanghai, China.

83862 McTyre school for girls. Shanghai, China.


83863 Bible class at McTyre school for girls. Shanghai, China.

83864 Associated Treasurers' office staff. Shanghai.


83865 Dr. Main and his secretary in office of Associated (Secretary)
Treasurers. Shanghai.

83866 Type from Boy's school. Taian Fu.


83867 Type from Girl's School. Taian Fu.

83868 Member of senior class. Boys' Prep School. Taian Fu.


83869 Girls' School. Soochow

83870 Girls' School, Woman's Foreign Mission Society. Methodist Episcopal
Church South. Soochow


83871 Woman's Foreign Mission Society South Hospital. Soochow.

83872 Student band at University. Soochow.


83873 Courtyard of Institutional Church in the city. Foochow.

83874 L. H. Rich making panorama of student body. Foochow.


83875 Dr. Gowdy and two graduates. Foochow.

83876 Chien Nien gate. Peking.

83877 New summer palace temple. Peking.


83878 Audience chamber in inner courtyard of Forbidden City. Peking.

83879 A god in Daha Fusu temple. Peking.


83880 Gods of war, temple of the eastern hills. Peking.

83881 Goddess of mercy and four gods of the Red Temple.

83882 Goddess in Pai Hai section of Forbidden City. Peking.


83883 Lotus lake in the zoological gardens. Peking.

83884 Attendant maid of Goddess of Long Life at Daha Fusu Temple. Peking.

83885 One-horse cart with extra heavy load. Peking.

C10521 Rev. E. T. Albertson

C10522 Rev. Philip S. Watters

C10533 Mary Reed

C10534 Rev. Timothy Ting Fang Liu

C10535 Mr. John Edgar Hoover

C10536 Mr. Cesar M. Benitez

C10537 Doctor Harold Paul Sloan

C10538 Dr. Walter S. Athern

C10539 Miss Thelma Heath

C10540 Miss Ella B. Baker

C10541 Miss Edna Pothoff

C10542 Miss Catherine Ferguson

C10543 Miss Anne Devows

C10544 Miss May Coburn

C10545 Miss Martha Robinson

C10546 Miss Elsie Keyser

C10547 Miss Ione Clay

C10548 Miss Dora Ingrum

C10549 (See C11162) Reverend Karl Quimly

C10550 Mr. Richard T. Baker

C10558 Mr. Courtenay Dinwiddie, General Secretary National, Child Labor Committee

C10559 Doctor Issac Foot

C10560 Mrs. R. M. Morrell

C10561 Miss Amy Ogden Welcher

C10562 Rev. Charles L. Siven

C10563 Rev. Henry Sloane Coffin

C10564 Miss Ruth Leitzel

C10565 Rev. Paul Wiant

C10566 Jermiah Daniel

C10567 Bishop Z. T. Kaung

C10568 Bishop S. R. Mondol

C10569 Bishop E. C. Balloch

C10570 Miss Ruth Ranson

C10571 Doctor Mark Dauber

C10572 Doctor Mark Dauber

C10573 Dr. W. R. Johnson

C10575 Reverend W. B. Lewis and family

C10576 Rev. William B. Lewis

C10577 Mrs. William B. Lewis

C10578 Lieutenant Grace E. Alt

C10579 Kumar Nava Gopal Deb. Joarder

C10580 Whole group of Commissional Candidates

C10581 Candidates of the Woman's Division of Christian Service of the Board of Missions and Church Extension

C10582 Miss Marguerite Brightman

C10583 Miss Grace Butler

C10584 Miss Barbara Dunker

C10585 Miss Bessie Estep

C10586 Miss Evelyn Evans

C10587 Miss Jennie Flood

C10588 Miss Margaret Gregory

C10589 Miss Lillian Kelly

C10590 Miss Lola McKinney

C10591 Miss Mary McNicholl

C10592 Miss Faustina Moreno

C10593 Miss Maude Pomeroy

C10594 Miss Martha E. Prescott

C10595 Miss Elizabeth Pryor

C10596 Miss Mary Lou Reynolds

C10597 Miss Amy Sherman

C10598 Miss Vivian Stallworth

C10599 Miss Eunice Stockton

C10600 Miss Virginia Tague

C10601 Miss Arlene Tyler

C10602 Miss Dorothy Woolverton

C10603 Miss Mary L. Dickson

C10604 Miss Virginia Echols

C10605 Mr. Merlin Asa Bishop

C10606 Mrs. Merlin Asa Bishop

C10607 Mr. J. Wesley Day

C10608 Mrs. J. Wesley Day

C10609 Dr. Clyde Ewing Miller, Jr.

C10610 Mrs. Clyde Ewing Miller, Jr.

C10611 Miss Ruth Piper

C10612 Dr. Anton H. Ridgway

C10613 Reverend and Mrs. F. O. Stockwelll and son

C10614 Bishop John Gowdy

C10615 Doctor Wu Yi Fang

C10616 Miss Marion L. Conrow

C10617 Rev. Murray Titus and family

C10618 Mr. and Mrs. Thoburn Legg and children

C10629 Reverend and Mrs. Paul Hamelrycks and son Jackie

C10630 Miss Florence Jones

C10631 Miss Frances Keiffer

C10632 Doctor Wu Yi Fang

C10635 Doctor E. A. Love

C10636 Dr. Frank S. Beck and Vice President Wallace.

C10639 DR. Benson Y. Landis

C10637 Dr. A. W. Martin

C10638 Dr. M. J. Murphree

C10640 Reverend Wesley M. Smith

C10641 Dr. J. R. Joy in his library

C10642 Dr. J. R. Joy in his library

C10643 Dr. William Paton

C10644 Missionary candidates Commissioned, December, 1940

C10652 Miss Hyla C. Stuntz

C10653 Reverend Arthur E. Morgan

C1655 Miss Muriel McCall

C10656 Miss Eleanor Neff

C10657 Reverend Bradford Abernethy

C10659 Dr. Walter J. Noble

C10660 Dr. W. G. Cram

C10681 Reverend H. A. Townsley

C10680 Reverend W. B. Burke

C10682 Bishop W. Y. Chen

C9440 Bishop J. W. Pickett

C10685 Dr. Frank H. Smith

C10686 Reverend Orville L. Davis

C10687 Reverend G. V. Summers

C10688 Chaplain Norris L. Husted

C10689 Chaplain Husted in Chapel

C10691 Rev. Jesse R. Wilson

C10692 Dr. Robert E. Speer

C10693 Rev. F. Ernest Johnson

C10694 Mrs. Grace L. Elliott

C10695 Bishop John M. Moore

C10697 Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Lewis

C10698 Rev. John M. Norris

C10699 Mrs. John M. Norris

C10700 Rev. Barney Thompson

C10701 Miss Frances Johnson

C10702 Reverend Hoke Smith Chaplain killed in action

C10703 Dr. George T. Sutherland

C10704 Miss Johnsie Blackburn

C10705 Dr. Floyd Shacklock

C10706 Bishop J. W. Pickett

C10707 Miss Mildred Simonds

C10708 Reverend Arthur B. Coole

C10709 Mrs. Ella Frances E. Coole (Mrs. Arthur B. Coole)

C10710 Mrs. Ada Lee

C10711 Reverend and Mrs. Inman Townsley

C10712 Doctor R. E. Diffendorfer

C10713 Miss Dorothy McConnell

C10714 Reverend Lindwood Blackburn

C10715 Mrs. Lindwood Blackburn

C10716 Miss Mary Reed

C10717 Miss Mary Reed

C10718 Rev. D. L. Sherertz

C10719 Miss Ruth Lawrence

C10720 Dr. L. G. Kilborn

C10721 Bishop J. W. Pickett

C10722 Rev. A. J. Walton

C10723 Rev. Donald F. Ebright

C10724 Rev. George Butler

C10725 Rev. W. G. Griffith

C10727 Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Smith

C10728 Rev. H. G. Conger

C10729 Reverend Paul E. Wagner

C10730 Reverend Paul E. Wagner

C10731 Bishop Isaac W. Joyce

C10732 Bishop J. N. Fitzgerald

C10733 Bishop Berggrav

C10734 Bishop Carleton Lacy

C10735 Mr. Angel Fernandez

C10736 Missionary Candidates at the Commissioning Service, 1944.

C10737 Missionary Candidates at the Commissioning Service, 1944.

C10738 Miss Chang Shu--Yi

C10739 Rev. John S. Bonnella

C10740 Rev. Fred Atkins Moore

C10741 Miss Zillah Soule

C10742 Rev. and Mrs. Halsey Dewey and daughter

C10743 Mr. and Mrs Hank Lacy

C10744 Rev. J. R. Saunders

C10745 Bishop Fred P. Carson

C10746 Bishop W. Earl Ledden

C10747 Rev. F. A. Jones

C10748 Bishop Paul N. Garber

C10749 Dr. Channing H. Tobias

C10750 Bishop Costen J. Harrell

C10751 Bishop Charles W. Brashares

C10752 Bishop Robert N. Brooks

C10753 Dr. Marion K. Doug

C10754 Bishop Schuyler E. Garth

C10755 Dr. Ida S. Scudder

C10756 Bishop Willis King

C10757 Mrs. Lenore Porter

C10758 Bishop W. Angie Smith

C10759 Reverend J. H. H. Berckman

C10760 Bishop Paul E. Martin

C10761 Robert Murray Hanson

C10762 Robert Murray Hanson

C10763 Mrs. LeRoy Stiffler

C10765 Miss Hazel Best

C10766 Miss Henrietta Gibson

C10769 Rev. and Mrs. Omar Hartzler

C10770 Rev. Ernest E. O'Neal

C10771 Mrs. Ernest E. O'Neal

C10772 Miss Mary Helen Wood

C10773 Miss Ruth Longstaff

C10774 Miss Lucille Webster

C10775 Rev. E. M. Culver

C10776 Mrs. E. M. Culver

C10777 Miss Ruth Emory

C10778 Miss Mary E. Ferguson

C10779 Rev. Royal Bisbee

C10780 Rev. Maurice A. Clare

C10781 Dr. and Mrs. Harold N. Brewster

C10782 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Morgado

C10783 Rev. Clyde B. Stuntz

C10784 Mrs. Clyde B. Stuntz

C10785 Rev. Frank C. Laubach

C10786 Miss Margaret T. Applegarth

C10790 North China missionaries who returned on the Gripsholm.

C10791 North China missionaries who returned on the Gripholm.

C10792 Miss Margaret Dodd

C10798 Rev. G. Edward Knight

C10799 Rev. Richard Hanson

C10801 Miss Mary E. Shannon

C10818 Professor Newton Chiang

C10847 Dr. Paul Hutchinson

C10832 Miss Mary Lou Barnwell

C10833 Dr. Oscar Thomas Olson

C10842 Miss Glora Wysner

C10848 Dr. C. Clifford Bacon

C10850 Dr. and Mrs. F J. Kellar

C10851 Rev. Murray S. Dickson

C10852 Mrs. Nova B. Dickson (Mrs. Murray S.)

C10854 Trustees of the Duncan Trust Metlakahtla Mission, Alaska, Dr. E. D. Kohlstedt, F. A. Wright and Dr. B. L. Meyers

C10855 Trustees of the Duncan Trust Metlakahtla Mission, Alaska.

C10856 Miss Alice Murdock

C10857 Rev. and Mrs. John Allen Pilley

C10858 Bishop Paul B. Kern

C10859 Mrs. W. F. Pledger

C10860 Miss Joy Comstock

C10861 Reverend and Mrs. Louis Dennis

C10862 Reverend Edward J. Winans

C10863 Mrs. Josephine F. Winans (Mrs. Edward J)

C10877 The Staff of the Home Division

C10878 The staff of the Home Division

C10879 Miss Oscie Sanders

C10887 Dr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Weiss and child.

C11010 Generalissimo Chiang Kai--Shek

C11011 Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

C11035 Early Missionaries at Inhambane, Africa

C11036 Dr. W. Vernon Middleton

C11038 Dr. Earl R. Brown

C11039 Doctor C. W. Lokey

C11040 Rev. M. J. Murphree and family

C11049 Mrs. M. J. Murphree

C11045 Rev. J. Wesley Day

C11050 Pvt. Phillis D. Olewine

C11051 Bishop Newell Booth

C11056 Bishop W. Y. Chen and Rev. Frank T. Cartwright

C11057 Rev. J. Adolph Halmhuber, D. D., Executive Secretary Methodist Union of Greater Detroit

C11058 Miss Margaret Forsyth

C11059 Miss Ruth Brooks

C11060 Miss Lois Mary Davidson

C11061 Mr. Wallace O. Heistad

C11062 Miss Eleanor Elizabeth Hickok

C11063 Miss L. Darleen Johnson

C11064 Miss Harriet Luter

C11065 Miss Marietta Mansfield

C11066 Rev. Walter Fred Mason

C11067 Mrs. Walter Fred Mason

C11068 Miss Iva McCarter

C11069 Miss Orlene McKimmey

C11070 Miss Margaret Lucille Miller

C11071 Mrs. Mary Mildred Shacklette

C11074 Miss Helen Louise Wildermuth

C11072 Miss Pauline Stone

C11073 Miss Leola Wedell

C11075 Madame Chaing Kai-Shek, Madame H. H. Kung, Generalissimo Chiang Kai--Shek, and Madame Sun Yat Sen.

C11076 Rev. John E. Brastrup

C11080 Rev. Leonard T. Wolcott

C11087 Dr. R. L. Archer

C11088 Mrs. R. L. Archer

C11094 Rev. F. E. Manton

C11093 Rev. Ralph H. Jones

C11098 Rev. Leslie D. Weatherhead

C11110 Rev. Charles W. Turner

C11112 Bishop Bruce R. Baxter

C11113 Bishop Eleazar Guerra, Mexico

C11116 Rev. A. J. Walton

C11117 Bishop Arthur F. Wesley

C11118 Rev. Albert E. Beebe

C11123 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer and Dr. E. R. Brown

C11124 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer and Dr. E. R. Brown

C11125 Rev. and Mrs. Lynn Pauchty

C11126 Rev. and Mrs. Lynn Pauchty

C11127 Rev. Edmund E. Chambers

C11128 Missionary Candidates commissioned at Buck Hill Falls, December, 1944

C11129 Rev. Ivan H. Northdurft

C11130 Mrs. Northdurft

C11131 Rev. Carl Patton, Jr.

C11132 Rev. Robert V. Marble

C11133 Rev. Richard W. Moore

C11134 Miss Elizabeth Ruth Bromley

C11135 Miss Rebecca Sue Craig

C11136 Miss Elizabeth Sterling

C11137 Dr. Robert Z. Tyler

C11160 John Subham

C11161 Rev. John C. Hawks

C11162 Rev. Karl Quimby (Blackstone Studios)

C11163 Rev. W. Vernon Middleton

C11164 Rev. Horace E. Dewey

C11165 Rev. F. E. C. Williams

C11167 Dr. E. Stanley Jones

C11179 Miss Hermina E. Browne

C11180 Dr. Sherwood Hall

C11181 Rev. E. M. Moffett

C11182 Rev. Roy S. Smyers

C11293 Miss Sarah Chakko

C11295 Mrs. A. E. Beebe

C11296 Dr. C. K. Vliet

C 11297 Rev. George B. Ahn, Jr

C11298 Bishop Paul Neff Garber

C11299 Miss Sarah E. Evans

C11300 Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

C11301 Rev. Emory Ross

C11313 Miss Kathryn Stasek

C11314 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam

C11315 Dr. John A. Siebhan

C11317 Bishop-elect Siebhan just before consecration.

C11321 Rev. Robert McFarland

C11322 Rev. Arthur W. Howard

C11332 Rev. Richard Wallace Moore

C11338 Rev. John W. Burton

C11349 Miss Minnie Huibregtse, Bidor,
S. India

C11553 Rev. Harry W. Worley

C11554 Captain J. C. Thoroughman

C11572 Bishop W. Y. Chen

C11573 Bishop Arthur F. Wesley

C11574 Dr. Morris W. Ehnes

C11577 Rev. Paul Wagner

C11578 Rev. Caxton Doggett

C11579 Rev. Edwin Merton McBrier

C11580 Rev. Don W. Holter

C11582 Rev. Ivan H. Nothdruft

C11584 Bishop Brenton Thoburn Badley

C11585 Rev. Alfred S. Akamatsu

C11586 Rev. Perry C. Hanson

C11587 Rev. Dwight Lamar Sherertz

C11589 Rev. Herbert J. Riley

C11599 Rev. J. W. Nove

C11600 Mrs. J. W. Nove

C11601 Dr. Ernest Tuck

C11603 Rev. Howard Brinton

C11604 Mrs. Howard Brinton

C11605 Miss Carol Gibby

C11606 Mr. Carl Huie

C11607 Mrs. Carl Huie

C11608 Miss Alverna Koch

C11609 Miss Casrol Moe

C11610 Miss Mae Morris

C11611 Miss Elizabeth Overly

C11612 Rev. Emery Roberts

C11613 Mrs. Emery Roberts

C11614 Rev. Everett Woodcock

C11615 Mrs. Everett Woodcock

C11616 Rev. William H. Owens

C11617 Commissioned June, 1945

C11618 Commissioned June, 1945

C11619 Dr. Eddy Asirvatham

C11620 Miss Lucille Pierce

C11621 Rev. And Mrs. E. R. Bartlett

C11625 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam

C11628 Miss Mary Cutler White debugging wheat in a Japanese internment camp. Shanghai, China

C11627 Rev. Arthur C. Kennedy

C11629 Pastor and Mrs. Yu and family, Shanghai, China

C11630 Dr. R. Morris Paty, Jr.

C11631 Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Lovell

C116323 Miss Mellony Turner

C11633 Miss Marie Adams

C11636 Rev. Gaither P. Warfield

C11670 Rev. Doo Wha Lim

C11671 Bishop Newell S. Booth

C11672 Rev. A. Stanley Trickett

C11673 Miss Yoshi Tokunaga

C11674 Miss Hester Bruce

C11675 Rev. Herbert J. Riley

C11676 Rev. Frederick A. Shippey

C11677 Home Missionaries, Buck Hill Falls December, 1945

C11678 Home Missionaries. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1945.

C11679 Missionary Candidates for India

C11680 Bishop Booth and African Missionaries at Buck Hill Falls. December, 1945.

C11681 Bishop Booth with 2 African Missionaries. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1945.

C11682 Miss Lilla Mills

C11683 Secretaries of the Home Dept. of the Woman's Division of Christian Service

C11684 Secretaries of the Home Dept. of the Woman's Division of Christian Service.

C11685 Foreign Division Staff - 150. Fifth Avenue.

C11686 Rev. H. T. Wheeler

C11687 Foreign Division Secretaries. Woman's Division of Christian Service.

C11688 Rev. A. Stanley Trickett

C11709 Ganjo Kosaka

C11710 Paul Ozaki

C11711 Mrs. Paul Ozaki

C11731 Miss Elizabeth Kilburn

C11733 Rev. Mitsuru Tomita

C11734 Soichi Saito

C11735 Mrs. Tamaki Uemura

C11736 Miss Shizue Hikaru

C11737 Tsunetaro Miyakoda

C11738 Chaplain Takaharu Takamatsu

C11739 Mr. & Mrs. Masatake J. Fujita

C11741 Tokujiro Yamasaki

C11748 Mrs. Michiko Ishikawa

C11758 Koji Narita

C11764 Mrs. Ochimi Kubushiro

C11765 Vincent Tubbs

C11766 Dr. Edmund Rice

C11767 Mrs. Edmund Rice

C11768 Rev. and Mrs. C. Calhoun & family

C11770 Miss Eleanor Neff

C11771 Dr. Frank T. Cartwright disembarking in India on way to China

C11772 City Missionary Society Workers

H43711 Dr. Earl R. Brown

C11773 Mrs. J. D. Bragg

C11774 Miss Mildred Anne Paine

C11780 Dr. Helen Kim

C11781 Rev. and Mrs. Robert Eaker

C11822 Dr. John C. Harmon

C11854 Koichi Yoshida

C11857 Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa

C11858 Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa

C11859 Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa

C11860 Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa

C11874 Kiichi Kanzaki of Kwansei Gakuin

C11880 K. Motoyoshi veteran teacher at Hiroshima Girls School

C11907 Constance Prem Noth Dass

C11933 Dr. A. Stanley Trickett

C11939 Miss Florence Fay Masters

C11940 Dr. Walter Van Kirk

C11941 Dr. Walter Van Kirk

C11942 Rev. Tyler Thompson

C11946 Ku-Cha-Ok

C11955 Rev. J. S. Ryang

C11956 Rev. J. S. Ryang

C11957 Rev. Yi Kyukap

C11979 Miss Yoshi Tokunaga

C11982 Dr. Minoru Toyoda

C11983 Dr. Minoru Toyoda

C12001 Rev. and Mrs. Charles Alexander Long

C12002 Miss Sallie Lou Mackinnon

C12003 Dr. Alva Roy Hutchinson

C12005 Dr. Helen Kim

C12004 Dr. Helen Kim, President Ewha College with Ewha College Committee.

C12006 Dr. Helen Kim

C12012 Bishop Ralph A Ward

C12013 Dr. Helen Kim

C12014 Dr. Edmund Rice

C12015 Rev. Paul Rugg

C12016 Bishop Theodor Arvidson

C12017 Rev. Wynn C. Fairfield

C12018 Bishop Edward W. Kelly

C12019 Dr. Marshall T. Steel

C12020 Roger Baldwin

C12021 Mrs. Edward T. Andree

C12022 Mrs. Harper Sibley

C12023 Mrs. White

C12024 Rev. Elliott L. Fisher

C12031 Dr. Alberd Edward Day

C12032 Chaplain A. P. Bailey, Dr and Mrs. Toyohiko Kagawa

C12033 Methodist Commission on Chaplains

C12034 Ralph J. Bunche

C12035 Governor Frank Lausche of Ohio

C12036 Mrs. E. R. Bartlett

C12037 Miss Henrietta Gibson

C12038 Mrs. James Oldshue

C12039 Mrs. Fred A. Lamb

C12040 Mrs. Charles Mead

C12041 Bishop S. K. Mondol

C12042 Miss Mildred Anne Paine

C12043 Miss Mabel R. Nowlin

C12044 Rev. James B. Moore

C12045 Rev. Marion O. Burkholder

C12046 Mrs. Marion O. Burkholder

C12085 Dr. Eddy Asirvatham and Family

C12120 Dr. Chang Chi-wen

C12131 12131 Dr. Robert McMullen

C12152 Rev. Everett Thompson --Japan

C12153 Missionary candidates commissioned at Christ Church, June 1946.

C12154 Miss Bettie Brittingham

C12155 Miss Bettie Brittingham

C12156 Miss Evelyn Mercer

C12157 Rev. E. L. King

C12158 Oscar Machado

C12171 Rev. Charles Lipp

C12172 Mrs. F. M. Pyke

C12174 Dr. Lucy Wang

C12175 Miss Mable Ruth Nowlin

C12178 Bishop Willis J. King

C12179 Rev. E. Hoyt Smith

C12184 Rev. C. E. Fuller

C12186 Rev. F. V. Cabotaje

C12187 Mrs. F. V. Cabotaje

C12201 Dr. Morris Ehnes

C12202 Rev. C. C. Herrmann

C12203 Rev. Richard G. Milk

C12204 Mrs. Richard G. Milk

C12205 Rev. August Klebsottel

C12206 Rev. Hobort B. Amstutz

C12207 Miss Lena Knapp

C12208 Dr. Richard Baker

C12210 Miss Dorothy Bearden

C12211 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hobbs

C122212 Cornelis M. Ferrer

C12213 Professsor Nirmal Kumar Mundle Lucknow Christian College

C12214 J. E. Aggrey of Africa

C122215 Mrs. Emily Rattenburg United Council of Church Women

C122216 Mrs. Eloise A. Wooleven

C122217 Frederick M. Pyke China

C12218 John H. McCombe

C12219 Rev. Sunderraj S. Raichbeer Baroda, India

C12220 Rev. Randall Crawford

C12221 Miss Elda Mae Barry, R. N. Delhi Conference India

C12222 Mrs. W. M. Alexander Women's Society of Christian Service

C12223 Mr. Jay S. Stowell

C12224 Dr. Sutherland giving a check to Dr. Beebe

C12227 Jurisdictional Officers,Women's Society of Christian Service. Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12226 Jurisdictional and field Officers,Women's Society of Christian Service. Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12228 Rev. E. W. Anderson M. D. Korea

C12229 Ruth R. Berckman (Mrs. J. H. H. Berckman) China

C12230 Missionaries of Woman's Division Commissioned at Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12231 Miss Gertrude Hanks, Missionary to Lima, Peru, talking to Miss Gaves assigned to Lima.

C12232 Mrs. Eddie Avirwatham

C12233 Missionary candidates commissioned at Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12234 Missionary candidates commissioned at Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12235 Dr. Diffendorfer and Dr. Sutherland, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12236 General Fend, the Christian General speaking at Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12237 Bishop Arthur Moore, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12240 Platform at Foreign Missions Presentation, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12238 Dr. Sutherland, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12239 Bishop Frank Smith presenting letters and check to Channing Richardson.

C12242 The Commissioning Service Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12243 Commissioning Service, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12244 Bishop Arthur Moore, Commissioning Service, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12245 Miss Alpharetta Leeper Deaconess, Commissioning Service, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12246 Dr. Ralph Diffendorfer, Gerenal Feng Hii Hsiang, Mr. Bertram Roppa, Chinese aide, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12247 Dr. Ralph Diffendorfer, Gerenal Feng Hii Hsiang, Mr. Bertram Roppa, Chinese aide, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12248 Dr. James R. Houghton, Annual Meeting Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12249 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer reporting to the Board at Annual meeting, Buck Hall Falls, 1946.

C12250 Dr. Diffendorfer presenting testimonial letters to retiring Treasurer Dr. George T. Sutherland. Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12251 Dr. George Sutherland Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, Board Meeting, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12252 Dr. George Sutherland giving Collins Estate check to new Treasurer, Dr. A. E. Beebe, Board Meeting, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12253 Dr. George Sutherland making Treasurers Report Annual Meeting, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12254 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam presenting testimonial check to Dr. George Sutherland, Retiring Treasurer, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12255 Dr. Fred Pyke, General Feng Yii Hsiaung, Annual Meeting Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12256 Dr. Fred Pyke, General Feng Yii Hsiaung, Annual Meeting Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12257 Mr. Paul Sturtivant reading testimonial resolution to Dr. George Sutherland, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12258 Bishop A. Frank Smith Board Meeting Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12259 Bishop A. Frank Smith presenting testimonial letters to Dr. Channing Richardson, retiring Board meeting, Buck Hill Falls, 1946.

C12260 John S. Finch, preacher India.

C12285 Mary Helen Games

C12286 Mary Frances Reed

C12287 Mrs. Walter B. Foley

C12288 Rev. Ragner Alm --Sumatra

C12289 Miss Bernice Burrows

C12290 Mr. J. K. Matthews

C12291 Rev. Benjamin Guansing Pastor Methodist Church Philippines.

C12302 Mr. D. L. Sheretz, Soochow, China.

C12303 Dr. Alexander H. Kemp. Africa

C12312 Garland E. Hopkins

C12313 Miss Kathryne J. Bieri

C12315 Earl E. Harvey

C12316 Mr. and Mrs. Creighton Lacy, China

C12317 Mr. and Mrs. Creighton Lacy, China

C12318 Mr. Creighton Lacy, China

C12319 Mrs. Creighton Lacy, China

C12321 Bishop Subhan India.

C12322 Miss Lucille Colony

C12323 Rev.A. S. Amrein India

C12325 Bishop John A. Subhan India

C12326 Bishop John A. Subhan India

C12366 Miss Marjorie Minkler Executive Secretary Town and Country Woman's Division.

C12367 Miss Marjorie Minkler Executive Secretary Town and Country Woman's Division.

C12361 Rev. Frederick L. Pederson, Alaska

C12364 Bishop Eleazar Guerra, Mexico

C12365 Alberto Rembao (left), Dr. Wasson and Bishop Guerra.

C12368 Dr. Lucy Wang on Hwa Nan Campuo

C12372 Miss Helen G. Moore, Japan.

c12373 Miss Alice Murdock

C12374 Miss Alice Murdock

C12379 Miss Marguerite Hawkins Assistant Treasurer Home Division

C12380 Rev. Godfrey Graeflin World Council

C12381 Bishop Welch and Dr. Treckett (See next page for C12382

C12383 Dr. Peter Y. F. Shih

C12384 Dr. Peter Y. F. Shih

C12381 Bishop Welch and Dr. Trickett

C12362 Bishop F. H. Otto Melle Oxford Conference on Life and Work. July, 1937

C12464 Widow of the Bishop of India, Bishop J. R. Chitambar

C12465 Widow of the Bishop of India, Bishop J. R. Chitambar

C12482 Rev. W. J. McLarghin, Missionary of India

C12483 Miss Van Hooser, Joint Division Women's section Executive Secretary of Children's work.

C12490 Mr. Henry A. Lacy

C12491 Mrs. Henry A. Lacy

C12514 Miss A. Walton Women's Work, Methodist Missionary Society--Great Britain.

C12515 James H. Pyke

C12516 Rev. George I. Laurenson, New Zealand

C12517 Rev. Setanki Tuilouoni, pastor of Suva-Capitol of FiJi Islands

C12518 Rev. Setanki Tuilouoni and family

C12519 W. D. MacWare "Crusade Scholar"

C12520 David Kuante Lin "Crusade Scholar"

C12521 Job Shaw "Crusade Scholar"

C12522 Chan Hsi Shiung "Crusade Scholar"

C12523 I. A. Chitambar "Crusade Scholar"

C1254 Seng Pin-Chin "Crusade Scholar"

C12527 Rev. and Mrs. Charles Germany and R. E. Diffendorfer at Greencastle, Indiana

C12532 Rev. D. R. Newton Slein

C12533 Rev. P. Harold Roberts (Secretary Eastern Section)

C12534 Rev. Dr. Wilbert S. Howard

C12325 Left: Rev. R. Harold Roberts
Right: Dr. Wilbert S. Howard

C12536 Mr. C. T. Nightingale J. P., Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Scotland

C121537 Rev. Dr. Benjamin Gregory

C12538 Dr. Arthur Hill F. R. C. S. E. (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.)

C12539 Left to right: Mr. C. T. Nightingale, Rev. Dr. Benjamin Gregory, Rev. D. R. Newton Fleua, Rev. Arthur Hill, Rev. D. Harold Roberts, Rev. Dr. Wilbert S. Howard.

C12540 Rev. Earle M. Rugg missionary to India. Principal at Raiwind Christian Institute at Raiwind, India

C12541 Rev. Robert W. Kelly, Missionary to Liberia

C12542 Mrs. Robert W. Kelly, Missionary to Liberia

C12543 Mr. David White, Missionary to Chile.

C12544 Mrs. David White, Missionary to Chile.

C12545 Mr. James L. Fieser, Committee on Christian University in Japan.

C12546 Dr. E. Stanley Jones

C12547 Dr. George P. Howard, Missionary to South America

C12548 Dr. J. W. Sommer President of the Methodist Seminary in Frankfurt, Germany

C12549 Miss M. V. Ristine, Secretary of Social Welfare Home Department Woman's Division

C12551 Rev. H. Burnham Kirkland

c12550 Harry P. Ferger M. D.

C12552 Dr. Paul Quillian, Pastor of First Methodist Church, Houston, Texas.

C12553 Dr. Lucy Wang, Diana Rizzi and the seniors of 1947 Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

C12556 Mr. Ned R. Reed and Mrs. Esther I. Reed.

C12557 Rev. Carl Judy and family

C12559 Miss Youngyi Him, "Crusade Scholar"

C12596 Bishop Welch

C18025 Herbert W. Kendall

C18026 Mrs. J. N. Rodeheaver

C18027 James Rixon

C18028 Mrs. Marcus J. Phillips

C18029 Walter C. Wampler

C18030 Bishop Fredrick Buckley Newell

C18031 Bishop Newell

C18032 Charles V. Adams

C18033 Elbert A. Smithers

C18034 E. R. Jones

C18035 Rowita C. Shaw

C18036 Harvey C. Holland

C18037 W. A. Kern

C18038 W. K. Charles

C18039 Joe T. Johnson

C18040 J. E. Williams

C18041 William E. Sander

C18042 Mrs. Julian Nave

C18049 Rev. Charles Golden

C18050 Miss Marie Nelson

C18070 George W. Harley

C18071 Bishop W Earl Ledden

C18072 Mrs. Paul Arrington Vice President of the Woman's Division of Christian Service

C18073 Mrs. Paul Arrington

C18074 Mrs. Harkin and Mrs. Tillman

C18075 Mrs. Frank G. Brooks and Mrs. Wilkins

C18076 Mrs. John M. Pearson and Mrs. W. H. Ratliff

C18077 Field workers of Woman's Division at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

C18078 Mrs. E. U. Robinson and Bishop Arthur J. Moore

C18079 Northeastern Woman's Board Members Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

C18080 Wesleyan Service Guild Committee at Board meeting Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

C18081 Mrs. Rodebeaver, Mrs. Wegner, Mrs. Reynolds and Miss Gibson

C18082 Miss H. Gibson, Mrs. Rodebeaver, Mrs. Wegner and Mrs. Reynolds

C18083 Horace Williams

C18084 Claude Singleton

C18085 Miss Eleanor Clarkson

C18086 Miss Gatewood

C18087 Mrs. Howard Selby

C18088 Mrs. J. W. Jewett

C18089 Mrs. George W. Carter, Jr.

C18090 H. C. Holland

C18091 Staff of Division of Mission Education and Cultivation at Lake Junaluska

C18092 Willis L. Perryman

C18093 A. W. Martin

C18094 Ernest Peterson

C18095 Aubrey S. Moore

C18096 John Kennedy

C18097 Ralph Dunn

C18098 Felix Logan

C18099 A. Crawford Thoburn Youth Member

C18100 Bishop A. Frank Smith

C18101 Herbert J. Smith

C18102 Littell Rust

C18103 Merrill C. Johnson

C18104 Elbert Smithers

C18105 Dr. H. C. Sprinkle

C18106 B. T. Fooks

C18107 C. W. Williams

C18108 Church Extension staff

C18109 Bishop John Branscomb

C18110 B. P. Murphy

C18111 Mr. Havighurst

C18112 Lindasy G. Fields

C18113 W. E. Bynum

C18114 Mr. Kirkland

C18115 J. B. Harris, Jr

C18116 Mr. Garlington

C18117 Leonard Cochran

C18118 Dr. E. T. Clark in his study. Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

C18119 William Broadhurst

C18134 Miss I Long, Mr. W. W. Reid and Bishop Lew

C18135 Miss I Long, Mr. W. W. Reid and Bishop Lew

C18136 Dr. Engle and Bishop Lew

C18132 Mr. Akbar Abdul Haqq and family leaving for India

C18133 Mrs. Cox bidding goodbye to Mr. Akbar Abdul-Haqq and family

C12698 Dr. E. E. Tuck

C18148 Bishop Herbert Welch

C18150 Bishop and Mrs. Angie Smith arriving from South America

C18146 Jorge N. Cintron

C18147 Miss Julia Titus, Principal, Allen H.S., Asheville, N.C. - The Rev. H. F. Titus, retired minister, Troy Conference - Miss May Titus

C18149 Miss Alphareeta Leeper

C18191 Gilbert Galloway

C18192 Joellyn Fleming

C18193 Irma Felchlia

C18194 Elizabeth Tennent

C18195 Earline Hart

C18196 Sarah DeLauder Reinecke

C18197 Mary Jones

C18198 Frances Jane Crooks

C18199 Mary Jane Ward

C18200 Wanita Trickett

C18201 Nancy Moyer

C18202 Mary Gruenewald

C18203 Mae Ann Farrell

C18204 Ruth Hatfield

C18205 Doris E. Bloomster

C18206 Frances Bearnes

C18207 Mrs. William Anderson

C18208 William Anderson

C18209 Robert S. Davis

C18210 Mrs. Marvin F. Piburn

C18212 Robert W. Rahn

C18213 Ted Kitchen

C18214 Janet W. Smith

C18215 Betty S. Swain

C18216 Mrs. David E. Walker

C18217 David Eugene Walker

C18218 Ella Jean Davis

C18219 David L. Swain

K1741 Bishop Hyunghi Lew at microphone

K1742 Bishop Hyunghi Lew at microphone

C18230 Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953 Missionaries being commissioned by Bishop Arthur J. Moore

C18231 Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953 Missionaries being commissioned by Bishop Arthur J. Moore

C18232 Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania January, 1953 Missionary Candidates commissioned

C18234 Missionaries of the Foreign Division commissioned January, 1953 Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania

C18235 Home Mission Workers Buck Hill Falls January,k 1953

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania January, 1953

C18236 Former G.I. group of commissioned missionaries

C18237 Glenn Sanford and a group of rural missionaries

C18238 M. O. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson

C18239 M. O. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson

C18240 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Smith and M. O. Williams

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania January, 1953

C18241 Missionary Candidates from Florida

C18242 Missionary Candidates from Florida

C18243 Missionary Candidates from California

C18244 Missionary Candidates from Illinois

C18245 Missionary Candidates from Illinois

C18246 Missionary Candidates from Maryland

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania January, 1953

C18247 Missionary Candidates from Michigan

C18248 Missionary Candidates from Michigan

C18249 Missionary Candidates from New York

C18250 Missionary Candidates from New York

C18251 Missionary candidates from North Carolina.

C18252 Missionary Candidates from Ohio

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18253 Missionary candidates from Ohio

C18254 Missionary Candidates from Pennsylvania

C18255 Missionary Candidates from Pennsylvania

C18256 Missionary Candidates from Virginia

C18257 Missionary Candidates from Virginia

C18258 Miss Jessie MargueriteTwinem interviewing missionary candidate

C18259 Miss Jessie MargueriteTwinem interviewing missionary candidate

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania January, 1953

C18260 Miss Dorothy Nyland and Rev. Claude Singleton

C18261 Miss Dorothy Nyland and Rev. Claude Singleton

C18262 Rev. C. Singleton and Miss Nyland with group of local directors of Methodist Student Movement

C189263 and C18264 Rev. P. John Acton

C18265 Mrs. Gertrude N. Acton

C18266 Rev. and Mrs. P. John Acton

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18267 Miss Frances Bearnes

C18268 Miss Alice Fay Boyer

C18269 Miss Frances Jane Crooks

C18270 Rev. Robert E. Dabritz

C18271 Mrs. Ruth Asay Dabritz

C18272 Miss Marjorie Dumke

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18273 Miss Mae Ann Farrell

C18274 Miss Mae Ann Farrell

C18275 Mr. Morris Dean Frazier

C18276 Miss Lila Jean Frazier

C18277 Mr. Arthur E. Gamblin

C18278 Mrs. Haruko Ohno Gamblin

C18279 Miss Maude Geraldine Goff

C18280 Rev. Charles H. Harper

C18281 Mrs. Elva Schoaff Harper

C18282 Mrs. Elva Schoaff Harper

C18283 Miss Frances Joan Hindley

C18286 Rev. Finis B. Jeffery

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18287 Mrs. Shirley Jones Jeffery

C18288 Mrs. Shirley Jones Jeffery

C18289 Rev. Randolph L. Jones

C18290 Mrs. Jean McClarin Jones

C18291 Rev. and Mrs. Randolph L. Jones

C18292 Rev. and Mrs. Randolph L. Jones

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18293 Miss Mary Juno (enlargement)

C18294 Miss Mary Juno

C18295 Miss Margery Mayer

C18296 Miss Margery Mayer

C18297 Miss Marcella Killey

C18298 Miss Marcella Killey

C18299 Miss Frances Irene Major

C18302 Mr. John I. Morrison

C18303 Mr. John I. Morrison

C18304 Miss Adair Myer

C18305 Dr. Marvin F. Piburn

C18307 Mrs. Carolyn Z. Piburn

Buck Hill Fall, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18307 Mrs. Carolyn Z. Piburn

c18308 Rev. Walter K. Reitz

C18310 Mrs. Walter K. Reitz

C18311 Rev. Edward F. Smith

c18312 Miss Elizabeth R. Tennant

C18313 Miss Elizabeth R. Tennant

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania. January, 1953

C18314 Miss Betty Jo Vaughn

C18315 Miss Mary Jane Ward

C18316 Miss Elizabeth Mae Wiggins

C18317 Mr. M. O. Williams

C18318 Mr. M. O. Williams

C18319 Miss Martha Worley

Buck Hill Fall, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, January, 1953

C18326 Rev. and Mrs. Finis B. Jeffery

C18327 Rev. and Mrs. Finis B. Jeffery

C18284 Rev. F. O. Hunt

C18285 Rev. F. O. Hunt

C18225 Elizabeth Howell

C18226 Dr. Karl Quimby

C18227 Miss Sallie Lou MacKinnon

C18228 Miss Henrietta Gibson

C18220 Rev. Stockwell reading Bible while in prison in Chungking, China

C18221 Rev. Stockwell reading Bible while in prison in Chungking, China

C18222 Rev. Stockwell's Bible and Book of Poetry, "The Music Makers."

C18223 Rev. Stockwell's Bible and Book of Poetry, "The Music Makers."

C18224 script of "Arrest and Imprisonment" by Rev. Stockwell written in margin of "The Music Makers."

C18320 Mrs. Rodeheaver and Miss Anne McKenzie-rural worker. Buck Hill Falls, 1/1953

C18321 Miss Sarah Fernandez, rural worker and Miss Lygia Rodriguez, crusade scholar. Buck Hill Falls, 1/1953

C18322 Mrs. J. N. Rodeheaver, Miss Nancy Moyer, Miss Mae Ann Farrell and Miss Alpharetta Luper. Buck Hill Falls, January, 1953

C18323 Fae L. Doves, Margaret Laughlin and Hazel Bulifant, Buck Hill Falls, January 1953

C18324 Marie Church and Bessie Hallows , Buck Hill Falls, January, 1953

C18325 Mrs. Lucille P. McMurry, Miss Louise Weeks. Buck Hill Falls, January, 1953

C18229 Bishop Arthur J. Moore

C18331 Bishop Edward W. Kelly

C18332 Bishop J. W. E. Bowen

C18333 Rev. Alexander P. Camphor, D. D.

C18334 Bishop Odd Hagen

C18335 Maurice Levit

C18336 George H. Atkinson

C18339 Dr. James Ellis

C18340 Dr. Eugene Smith

C18341 Dr. Engle and Rev. Walter J. Leppert

C18342 Dr. Engle and Rev. Walter J. Leppert

C18343 Dr. Engle and Rev. Walter J. Leppert

C18344 Rev. Walke J. Leppert

C18345 Rev. I. Hsin Liu

C18346 Robert T. Henry

C18347 Charles A. Parkin

C18348 Dr. M. Searle Bates

C18349 Carl A. Felt

C18382 Mister and Missis Paul Snead

C18383 Lawrence A. Zellers

C18387 - Bishop Gerald Kennedy

C18388 - Miss Lena Knapp

C18392 - Bertha Adkisson Smith

C18410 Dr. Jesse A. Engle

C18411 Dr. Jesse A. Engle

C18412 Miss Nellie Dyer and Dr. Olin Stockwell at furloughed missionaries conference, Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18413 Dr. Olin Stockwell June, 1953

C18414 Mrs. Olin Stockwell June, 1953

C18415 Dr. and Mrs. Olin Stockwell June, 1953

C18416 Dr. Elizabeth Balazsy, June, 1953

C18417 Crusade Scholars from India and Pakistan at Greencastle, Indiana Conference for furloughed missionaries, June, 1953

C18418 Crusade Scholars at Greencastle, Indiana Conference for Furloughed Missionaries, June, 1953

C18419 Missionaries of the Womens Division of Christian Service at Conference of Furloughed Missionaries, Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18420 Missionaries of the Womens Division of Christian Service at Furloughed Missionary Conference, Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18421 New missionaries of the Womens Division of Christian Service at Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18422 New missionaries of the Womens Division of Christian Service of Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18423 New missionaries of the Womens Division of Christian Service who were commissioned at Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18424 Missionaries of the World Division at Furloughed Missionaries Conference, Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18425 Missionaries of the World Division at Furloughed Missionaries Conference. Greencastle, Indiana June, 1953

C18426 New Missionaries of the World Division at Furloughed Missionaries Conference. Greencastle, Indiana June, 1953

C18427 New Missionaries of the World Division

C18428 Entire group of Missionaries at Furloughed Missionaries conference Greencastle, Indiana June, 1953

C18429 Entire group of Missionaries at Furloughed Missionaries conference Greencastle, Indiana June, 1953

C18430 Children of the missionaries at the Greencastle, Indiana furloughed missionaries conference, June, 1953

C18431 C18430 Children of the missionaries at the Greencastle, Indiana furloughed missionaries conference, June, 1953

C18432 Entire group of new missionaries at Greencastle, Indiana Conference. June, 1953

C18433 Entire group of new missionaries at Greencastle, Indiana Conference. June, 1953

C18434 Newly commissioned missionaries at Greencastle, Indiana. June, 1953

C18435 Miss Jessie Marguerite Twinem and newly commissioned missionaries, Greencastle, Indiana. June, 1953

C18436 Bishop Walker Earle Ledden and new commissioned missionaries, Greencastle, Indiana. June, 1953

C18437 Missionaries from Indiana at furloughed missionaries conference, Greencastle, Indiana. June, 1953

C18438 Missionaries from India Central Provinces at Greencastle, Indiana. June, 1953

C18439 Crusade Scholars from Japan with Rev. Moritaka Samejima at furloughed Missionary Conference. Greencastle, Indiana, June, 1953

C18440 Crusade Scholars from Korea at Greencastle, Indiana conference, June, 1953

C18441 Crusade Scholars from Latin America at Greencastle, Indiana Conference June, 1953

C18442 Crusade Scholars from Malaya at Greencastle, Indiana Conference June, 1953

C18443 Crusade Scholars from the Philippines at the Greencastle, Indiana Conference, June, 1953

C18444 Crusade Scholar from Sweden Mr. Carl Erick Brattemo and Mr. Lars Henry Collin at Greencastle, Indiana Conference, June, 1953

C18445 Dr. Hugh Deale and family Greencastle, Indiana Conference June, 1953

C18446 Rev. and Mrs. Morris Frazier January, 1953

C18447 Rev. and Mrs. Morris Frazier and baby January, 1953

C18449 staff and special term missionaries at Hartford seminary, July, 1953

C18450 staff and special term missionaries at Hartford Seminary July, 1953

C18451 Dr. T. T. Brumbaugh and Rev. M. Samejima with the Korea and Japan Special Term missionaries Hartford Seminary July, 1953

C18452 Staff and Special Term Missionaries at Hartford July, 1953 Latin America Group

C18453 Staff and Special Term Missionaries to Southeast Asia, at Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18454 Rev. M. Samejima with Special Term Missionaries to Japan, R. Floyd and L. Thompson, Hartford, July, 1953

C18455 Morning worship at Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18456 Morning worship at Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18457 Special Term missionaries at Bible Class Hartford, July, 1953

C18458 Special Term missionaries at Bible Class Hartford, July, 1953

C18459 Phonetics class, Special Term Missionaries, Hartford, July, 1953

C18460 Linguistic instructors at Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18462 Dr. Day preparing the shots for Special Term missionaries. Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18463 Dr. Day giving the shots to Special Term Missionaries at Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18464 Dr. Day giving the shots to Special Term Missionaries at Hartford Seminary, July, 1953

C18465 Christine Hackman

C18466 Fletcher Anderson

C18467 Ellen Atkinson

C18468 Richard Babcock

C18469 Wilson Boots

C18461 Language learning (Malay) HTFD Sem. July, 1953

C18470 Jerry Clark

C18471 Gene Dolph

C18472 Imogene Elswick

C18473 Thomas Flight

C18474 Roger Floyd

C18475 Joyce Fox

C18476 Doretta Fuhs

C18477 Martha Hessell

C18478 Marjorie Hooper

C18479 Fannie Lee Howard

C18480 John Kitchen

C18481 Jean Lewis

C18482 Carolee Little

C18483 Joy Little

C18484 Jane Miller

C18485 Jane Miller

C18486 Carol Platt

C18487 Edward Poitras

C18488 William Proett

C18489 Robert Quinlan

C18490 Emma Helen Stewart

C18491 Fred Thomas

C18492 Lawrence Thompson

C18493 Ruth Thompson

C18494 Frances Way

C18495 Emilia Weber

C18496 Katherine Wingert

C18497 Myron Yonker

C18498 Ruth Beggs

C18499 Richard Bright

C18500 Bonney Jean Dillard

C18501 Polly Ann Gimes

C18502 Velma Grier

C18503 Anne Hurd

C18504 Edith Harper

C18505 Alice McClellan

C18506 Katherine K. Peters

C18507 Dorothea Saunder

C18508 Mary Ann Wittruck

C18511 Dick Burdon

Cc18512 Dick Quinlan

C18513 U. S. 2's Scarritt College, 1953

C18514 U. S. 2's Scarritt College, 1953

C18515 Dr. Jesse A. Engle

C18516 Joan McDade

C18554 Miss Lygia Rodriguez

C18557 Mr. and Mrs. Williams B. Jones

C18558 Carl W. Judy

C18559 Dr. Elvira Baey Mendez

C18560 Dr. Ezra Cox

C18562 Carl D. Stewart

C18563 Pierre Shaumba, wife and son Tommy

C18564 John Haven

C18573 Miss Eunice Thomson

C18574 Sherwood Roberto Crusade Scholar from India 1953.

C18575 Rev. P. Lee Palmore

C18576 Burr Baughman

C18578 Miss Bertha Smith

C18582 Rev. Ross Bunce

C18583 Mrs. Ross Bunce

C18584 Paul D. Womeldorf

C18581 W. W. Reid

C18585 W. W. Reid

C18579 Mrs. George Dismukes

C18580 Bishop W. Angie Smith

C18586 Miss Marguerite Harris

C18587 Miss Elizabeth Lee

C18588 Dr. James K. Mathews

C18594 Miss Clara French

C18595 Dr. Minoru Toyoda

C18596 Dr. Reeves H. Betts

C18597 F. Olin Stockwell

C18598 Marian Derby
(Photo by Blackstone Studios)

C18599 Arthur W. Chaffee January, 1951

C18600 Mrs. A. W. Chaffee March, 1952

C18601 Robert J. Decker

C18602 Mrs. Robert J. Decker, 1948

C18603 J. W. Garrison

C18604 Mrs. J. W. Garrison

C18605 R. S. Gilchrist

C18606 Mrs. R. S. Gilchrist

C18607 Robert Johansson, January, 1953

C18608 Mrs. Robert Johansson

C18609 Dwight Kintner, 1953

C18610 Mrs. Dwight Kintner, 1953

C18611 Waltwer Mikulaschek, June 10, 1950

C18612 Mrs. Walter Mikulaschek July 31, 1950

C18613 Vincent Rutherford, 1953

C18614 Mrs. Vincent Rutherford, 1953

C18615 Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Shafer, 1948

C18616 Richard W. Taylor May, 1950

C18617 Kenneth E. Traxler

C18618 Mrs. Kenneth Traxler

C18619 Hiram Frakes

C18620 Barbara Lewis

C18621 W. W. Reid (Photo by Blackstone Studies)

C18622 H. G. Conger (Photo by Blackstone Studies)

C18623 Edward C. Brown

C18624 Mrs. Edward C. Brown

C18625 Mary L. Hind (Mrs. P. L. Palmore) 6, 1951

C18626 Mrs. Jack Moss (Hatsumi Ishii 3, 1953)

C18627 Mrs. J. Richard Allison, 1953

C18628 Marjorie Pickett 1,1952

C18629 Dr. Hyla Watters

C18630 Milton Robinson

(K2253) C18640 Commissioning Service processional Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

(K2254-5) C18632 Missionaries Commissioning Service. Buck Hill Falls, January 1954

(K2257) C18641 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Mr. Jack A. Hayes, Home missionary. Buck Hill Falls, 1/1954

(K2258) C18642 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Mr. and Mrs. John William Garrison

(K2259) C18643 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Mr. and Mrs. Peyton L. Palmore, III, the senior Palmores are present

C18644 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Shafer

(K2256) C18645 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Miss Hisako Tanji

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

(K2260) C18646 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Mr. and Mrs. Norman William Zimmerman

(K2261) C18631 Missionaries commissioned

C18647 former "term" missionaries now commissioned full-time missionaries

C18648 Three M.D.'s commissioned missionaries, talking with Dr. H. N. Brewster

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18649 Three M. D.'s commissioned missionaries with their wives and Dr. and Mrs. H. N. Brewster

C18650 Candidates of the Department of Work in Home Fields and Deconesses

C18634 Bishop Arthur J. Moore with the five "Methodists of the Years"

C18635 Bishop Arthur J. Moore presenting the award to Mr. Lawrence Zellars

C18636 Bishop Arthur J. Moore present the award to Miss Helen Rosser.

Buck Hill Falls, January 1954

C18637 Bishop Arthur J. Moore presenting "Methodist of the Year" award to Miss Nell Dyer

C18638 Bishop Arthur J. Moore presenting award to Miss Bertha A. Smith

C18639 Bishop Arthur J. Moore presenting award to Mr. A. Kristian Jensen

C18633 Editors of the Church Press interviewing Mr. A. Kristian Jensen

C18652 Miss Margaret Billingsley with the Misses, Bertha A. Smith, Nell Dyer and Helen Rosser

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18653 Rev. William E. Shaw being interviewed by the editors of the Church Press.

C18654 College student workers at a meeting

C18655 Miss Louise Robinson at the Retirement Service

C18656 Bishop Frank Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Cox at Retirement Service.

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18657 Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Cox and Dr. Earl Brown at Retirement Service

C18658 Miss Mildred Drescher speaking at Retirement service.

C18659 Miss Elizabeth Lee speaking at the Retirement Service

C18721 National College for Christian workers Group

Buck Hill Falls--January,1954

C18730 rural workers group attending Board meeting

C18660 John Richard Allison

C18661 Mrs. Margaret M. Allison

C18662 Dr. Reeves H. Betts, M. D.

C18663 Mrs. Martha Jones Betts

C18664 Rev. Edward C. Brown

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18665 Mrs. Norman S. Brown

C18666 Paul Castor

C18667 Arthur William Chaffee

C18668 Mrs. Jo Ann H. Chaffee

C18669 Robert J. Decker

C18670 Mrs. June M. Decker

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18671 Rev. John William Garrison

C18672 Mrs. Nancy M. Garrison

C18673 Robert S. Gilchrist

C18674 Mrs. Ruth W. Gilchrist

C18675 John Havea

C18676 Jack A. Hayes

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania. January, 1954

C18677 Miss Irene Heatherington

C18678 Marjorie Huskey

C18679 Rosalie V. Jenkins

C18680 Rev. Dwight L. Kintner

C18681 Mrs. Eloise B. Kintner

C18682 Dr. Thomas R. Larwood, M. D.

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18683 Mrs. Patricia F. Larwood

C18684 Dr. Walter M. Mikulasckek, M. D.

C18686 Rev. John Adams Moss

C18687 Mrs. Hotsumi I. Moss

C18688 Edgar Nesman

Buck Hill Falls--January, 1954

C18689 Mrs. Marjorie P. Nesman

C18690 Barbara Norris

C18691 Peyton L. Palmore III

C18692 Mrs. Mary Lou H. Palmore

C18693 Rev. William M. Pickard, Jr.

C18694 Mrs. Mary Ann Pickard

Buck Hill Falls, January 1954

C18695 Rev. Floyd William Price

C18696 Mrs. Ruby Ella M. Price

C18697 Rev. Vincent A. Rutherford

C18698 Mrs. Ferne C. Rutherford

C18699 Rev . Carl D. Shafer

C18700 Mrs. Bette D. Shafer

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1954

C18701 James H. Suedeker, Jr.

C18702 Miss Hisako Tanji

C18703 Rev. Richard W. Taylor

C18704 Rev. Kenneth E. Traxler

C18705 Mrs. Marjoria M. Traxler

C18706 Lois M. Young

Buck Hill Falls--January, 1954

C18707 Norman William Zimmerman

C18708 Mrs. Ruth Ann Zimmerman

C18709 William W. Reid

C18710 Barbara Lewis

C18711 David Stevens

C18712 John Pate

Buck Hill Falls, January, 1854

C18716 Rev. Homer Morgan

C18717 Joseph William Dyson

C18718 Frank T. Cartwright

C18719 Irvin Unruh

C18720 Mrs. Irvin Unruh

C18722 Dr. Ernest Weiss

C18732 Keith Johnson

C18733 Dr. Leslie Sayre

C18734 Dr. Ralph Dodge

C18735 E. C. Perkins

C18737 Bishop Shot K. Mondal

C18738 Ethelynde Ballance

C18739 Beth Callis

C18740d Lois A. Finke

C18741 Mary L. Fitzpatrick

C18742 Mary C. Foster

C18743 Lorine Guess

C18744 Marie Hil

C18745 Dorothy M. Kelley

C18746 Marian E. Kingsley

C18747 Margaret Maiden

C18748 Alta Nye

C18749 Patricia E. Richardson

C18750 Lelia Marie Robinson

C18751 Claude R. Kellogg

C18752 Rev. E. Rodman Barr, Jr.

C18753 Rev. Thomas A Harris

C18774 Dr. Elmer T. Clark

C18775 Dorothy Nyland

C18776 Rev. E. Rodman Barr, Jr.

C18777 Mrs. E. Rodman Barr, Jr

C18778 Rev. and Mrs. E. Rodman Barr, Jr and baby

C18779 Rev. and Mrs. E. Rodman Barr, Jr. and son

C18780 Mrs. Paul Arrington

C18781 Mrs. Ruth Meeker

C18784 Dr. Francis B. Sayre

C18785 Dr. Francis B. Sayre

C18786 Mrs. Mark T. Ratliff

C18787 Mr. Mark T. Ratliff

C18788 Charles G. White

C18789 Mrs. Charles G. White

C18790 Emil Paul John

C18791 Mrs. Robert E. Riggs

C18792 Robert E. Riggs

C18793 Doris M. Bennett

C18794 Nancy Blake

C18795 Betty May Blom

C18796 Mary Ellen Furbush

C18797 Marlene Harmon

C18798 Marcie Joyce Hinds

C18799 Ruth Jones

C18800 Charlotte Lewis

C18801 Mildred M. Sawyer

C18802 Mary Lou Sprague

C18803 Esther June Stoffer

C18804 Marilyn Terry

C18805 Rosa Ulsh

C18806 Emma Nell Wayland

C18807 Robert A. Griffin

C18808 Billy R. Hughes

C18809 Edward Charles Jager

C18810 Riley Konerza

C18811 Burl Gene Kreps

C18812 Russell Lindsay

C18813 Deane M. Manbeck

C18814 George Ogle

C18815 Carl Ream

C18816 Clyde Smith

C18817 Marvin S. Wolford

C18818 Greencastle, Indiana 6/1954,. Asburians at Missionary conference

C18819 Dr. and Mr. Alexander Reid and family

C18820 Donald Payne

C18821 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Payne

C18822 Rev. and Mrs. Per Hassing

C18823 Rev. and Mrs. Wallace Arms and family

C18824 Miss Elda M. Barry

C18825 Rev. and Mrs. Burr H. Baughman

C18827 Mrs. Burr Baughman

C18826 Rev. Burr Baughman

C18828 Louise Best

C18829 Mrs. Robert Blasdell

C18830 Rev. Robert A. Blasdell

C18831 Rev. and Mrs. H. Ross Bunce and family

C18832 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carey

C18833 Robert Carey

C18834 Mrs. Robert Carey

C18836 Rev. B. B. Cofield

C18837 Mrs. B. B. Cofield

C18838 Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Cook

C18839 Martha Coy

C18840 Norma B. Craven

C18841 Janette Crawford

C18842 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Decker and family

C18843 Helen Desjardins

C18844 Rev. and Mrs. Murray Dickson and family

C18845 Rev. Murray Dickson

C18847 Mr. and Mrs. Hall Duncan and family

C18848 Bernice E. Elliott

C18849 Mary Fitzpatrick

C18850 Mary Foster

C18852 Miriam Jean Gruber

C18853 Lorine Guess

C18854 Kenneth Harper

C18855 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Hartman

C18856 Dr. Gerald Hartman

C18857 Mrs. Gerald Hartman

C18858 Miss Charlie Holland

C18859 Margaret Hoover

C18860 Dr. and Mrs. Kristian Jensen

C18861 Mrs. A. Kristian Jensen

C18862 Dr. A. Kristian Jensen

C18863 Rev. and Mrs. Allen Jernigan and family

C18864 Mr. and Mrs. Drewer Johns and family

C18865 Mrs. Drewer Johns

C18866 Drewer Johns

C18867 Rev. and Mrs. George F. Kennedy and family

C18869 Mrs. George F. Kennedy

c18870 Rev. George F. Kennedy

C18872 Birdie Lawrence

C18873 Mable C. Lawrence

C18874 Mr. and Mrs. John Lockman

C18875 Martha McCutchen

C18876 Orlene McKimmey

C18877 Florence Masters

C18878 Rev. and Mrs. John A. Moss

C18879 Rev. John A. Moss

C18881 Ruth C. Northcott

C18882 Jeanette Oldfather

C18883 Mary Belle Oldridge

C18884 Emma Palm

C18885 Rev. and Mrs. Norman Parsons and son

C18886 Rev. Norman Parsons

C18887 Azalia Peet

C18888 Dr. and Mrs. Charles V. Perrill and son

C18889 Dr. Wilma Perrill

C18890 Dr. Charles V. Perrill

C18891 Mr. and Mrs. Borje Persson and family

C18892 Borge Persson

C18894 Rev. and Mrs. F. W. Price

C18895 Boyd R. Rudy

C18896 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reeve

C18898 Rev. and Mrs. Milton Robinson and family

C18899 Helen Rosser

C18900 Rev. and Mrs. Vincent Rutherford and son

C18901 Rev. and Mrs. Lee Scheuerman and family

C18902 Rev. Lee Scheuerman

C18903 Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Shaumba and son

C18904 Marion Shaw

C18905 Dr. William E. Shaw

C18906 Dr. and Mrs. William E. Shaw

C18908 Dr. John M. Sheldon (M.D.)

C18909 Dr. and Mrs. John F. Sheldon and family

C18910 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shumaker and family

C18911 Charles Shumaker

C18912 Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur K. Smith and son

C18914 Rev. and Mrs. Robert W. Smyres and family

c18915 Mrs. Robert W. Smyres

C18916 Rev. Robert W. Smyres

C18917 Rev. and Mrs. James Snedeker

C18918 Eleanor B. Stallard

C18919 Rev. and Mrs. Richard W. Taylor and family

C18920 Carolyn M. Teague

C18921 Mr. and Mrs. George L Terry and family

C18922 George L. Terry

C18923 Mrs. George L. Terry

C18924 Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Traxler and daughter

C18925 Eleanor Warne

C18926 Emma E. Warner

C18927 Dr. and Mrs. L. Elbert Wethington and family

C18930 Rev. and Mrs. Craig Wilder and family

C18931 Rev. and Mrs. Earl Smith

C18932 Rev. Earl Smith

C18933 Mrs. Earl Smith

C18934 Lois Grace Biddle

C18935 Mary Flora Foreman

C18937 Margaret Seeck

C18938 Ann Tillon

C18939 Lois Finke

C18940 Mrs. Jack Aebersold

C18941 Jack Aebersold

C18942 Margaret W. Campbell

C18943 Carroll English

C18944; Jeanette Evans

C18945 Dorothy Hubbard

C18946 Nathalee Penington

C18947 Kathleen Register

C18948 Mrs. George Sidwell

C18949 Rev. George Sidwell

C18950 Mrs. L. E. Wethington

C18951 Dr. L. E. Wethington

C18952 Mrs. Craig Wilder

C18953 Craig S. Wilder

C18954 Iris Bell

C18955 Jeanette Blakely

C18956 Anna Marie Breyfogle

C18957 Gloria Lee Brockington

C18959 Charlotte Council

C18958 Betty Lou Brown

C18960 Frances Crawford

C18961 Marianne Dowds

C18962 Linda Louise Gragg

C18963 Lois Greenwood

C18964 Margaret Gubbell

C18965 Evelyn Harden

C18966 Geraldine Hunt

C189867 Esther E. Jones

C18968 Ruth King

C18969 Polly Lossitis

C18970 Marthabel Maughlin

C18971 Veria Doris Neal

C18972 Elizabeth A. Pruitt

C18973 Beverly Rieckdoff

C18974 Julia Ann Ritch

C18975 Wilma Ryan

C18976 Rowita Shaw

C18977 Rev. and Mrs. John T. Seamands and family

C18978 Bishop J. W. Pickett

C19006 Robert Frost

C19007 Margaret Applegate

C19008 Rowita Shaw

C19009 Marion Woodward

C19213 Raymond E. Noah

C19221 Charles V. Perrill, M. D., Wilma Conger Perril, M. D. and Theodore Charles Perrill

C19222 Charles V. Perrill, M. D. and Wilma Confer Perrill, M. D.

C19212 Drewer John

C18897 Dr. Alexander J. Reid

C19216 Mrs. T. T. Brumbaugh

C19214 Willard J. McLaughlin

C19217 Mrs. Hilda Dail

C19215 Mrs. Willard J. McLaughlin

C19219 Mrs. Charles W. Mead

C19220 Marion L. Courow

C19223 Elsie Parker

C19224 Ethel Watkins

C19225 Ganjo Kosaka. President Aoyama Gakuin, Japan

C19229 Dr. H. N. Brewster and Dr. Harry L. Canright

C19230 Dr. H. N. Brewster and Dr. Harry L. Canright

C19231 Dr. Harry Lee Canright

C18907 Mrs. John F Sheldon

C19238 Elizabeth Stinson

C19244 Mrs. Raymond Valenzuela

C19245 Raymond Valenzuela

C19246 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Valenzuela

C19257 Dr. Floyd Shackblock

C19258 Ruth Lawrence

C19259 Robert Shrider

C19260 Patsy R. Alexander

C19261 Margaret Bess

C19262 Elizabeth Bland

C19263 Betty E. Bowers

C19264 Lucy Dail

C19265 Margaret Hight

C19266 Gene Maxwell

C19267 Lora Mae Mort

C19268 Dorothy O'Neal

C19269 Mary L. Piper

C19270 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam

C19272 The Hall Duncans routing their trip to the Belgian Congo

C19287 Mary E. Bozeman

C19288 Thelma Cooley

C19289 Vivien Gleddell

C19290 Marie McLain

C19291 Martha Meek

C19292 Geneva Morris

C19293 Mrs. Mona M. Bittenbender

C19294 Edwin L. Bittenbender