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C19295 Mrs. Rosa Caulfield

C19296 Robert L. Caulfield

C19297 Mary V. Collinson

C19298 Donald E. Collinson

C19299 Kenneth Cook

C19300 Mrs. Kenneth Cook

C19301 Mrs. Clara Golden

C19302 Wendell Golden

C19303 Mrs. John Mader

C19304 Mr. and Mrs. John Mader and daughter

C19305 Mrs. Bill Jack Marshall

C19306 Bill Jack Marshall

C19307 Mrs. Robert Metcalf

C19308 Robert Metcalf

C19309 Mrs. William M. Starnes

C19310 William M. Starnes

C19311 Carlos A. Welch

C19312 Dorothy Nyland

C119313 Ella V. Courtney

C19314 Buford Farris

C19315 Ruby F. Hudgins

C19316 Dr. Loris Johnson

C19317 Jane Stentz

C19318 Dana Tyson

C19319 Dr. F. T. Cartwright with Dr. W. P. Chen and Mrs. Soong

C19320 Helen Loomis

C19321 Sue Robinson

C19322 Dorothy Clark

C19323 Glenn Moore

C19324 John Skillman

C19325 Mrs. John Skillman

C18326 DR. Charles A. Parkin

C19327 Cincinnati, Ohio, January, 1955 Meeting of the Section of Education and Cultivation

C19328 Cincinnati, Ohio January, 1955 Bishop Angie Smith Chairing the meeting of the Section of Education and Cultivation

C19329 Cincinnati, Ohio January, 1955
Dr. J. A. Engle reporting at meeting of Section of Education and Cultivation

C19330 Cincinnati, Ohio. January, 1955 Dr. Dorcas Hall reporting at meeting of Section of Education and Cultivation.

C19331 Cincinnati, Ohio January, 1955
Dr. H. C. Sprinkle, Jr. reporting on his recent trip to the Far East at the meeting of the Section of Education and Cultivation.

C19332 Cincinnati, Ohio, January, 1955 Mr. W. J. Leppert reporting at meeting of Section of Education and Cultivation.

C19333 Cincinnati, Ohio, January, 1955 Miss Josephine Cabanilla of the Philippines, speaking at meeting of Section of Education and Cultivation

C19334 Cincinnati, Ohio January, 1955 Miss Glenn Moore, Dr. F. T. Cartwright and Miss Sallie Lou MacKinnon at the Retirement Service

C19335 Dr. Frank T. Cartwright speaking at the Retirement Service

C19336 Miss Glenn Moore speaking at the Retirement Service

C19337 Miss Sallie Lou MacKinnon speaking at the Retirement Service

C19338 Mr. V. Middleton and Dr. Charles Parkin delivering scroll to Dr. Elliott Fisher

C19339 Mr. V. Middleton presenting scroll to Dr. Elliott Fisher, Bishop Frank Smith and Dr. Earl Brown look on.

Cincinnati, Ohio January, 19055

C19340 Commission on Promotion and Cultivation

C19341 Public Relations and Methodist Information

C19342 Public Relations and Methodist Information

C19343 Board of Missions Exhibit

C19343 a Board of Missions Exhibit

C19344 Commissioning Service

C19347 DeLoris Johnson being commissioned by Bishop Arthur J. Moore

C19345 Bishop Moore commissioning Mr and Mrs. Wendell Golden

C19346 Bishop Moore commissioning Ruby Hudgins

C19348 Bishop Moore commissioning Robert Shrider

Cincinnati, Ohio January, 1955

C19349 Bishop Moore commissioning Mr. and Mrs. William M. Starnes

C19350 Bishop Moore commissioning Jane Stentz

C19374 Bishop Moore commissioning Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metcalf

C19382 Bishop Moore Commissioning Mr. and Mrs. George L. Sidwell, Jr

Cincinnati, Ohio January, 1955

C19385 Bishop Moore commissioning missionaries

C19351 Bishop Matthew Clair and Bishop Edgar Love with 3 missionaries of the Central Jurisdiction

C19352 Missionary Candidates of the World Division

C19353 Foreign and Home missionary Candidates of the Woman's Division

C19354 Foreign Fields missionaries of the Womans' Division

C19386 Home Fields missionaries of the Womans' Division

Cincinnati, Ohio, January, 1955

C19355 Missionaries of the Home Field commissioned

C19356 Home Missions missionaries

C19357 Deaconesses in Rural Work

C19358 missionaries commissioned

C19359 Pearl M.Bellinger

C19360 Barbara Campbell

C19361 William M. Elder

C19362 Mrs. William M. Elder

Cincinnati, Ohio January 1955

C19363 Rev. and Mrs. William M. Elder

C19364 Buford E. Farris, Jr.

C19365 Frances Colleen Gilmore

C19366 David T. Lowry

C19367 Mrs. David T. Lowry, M. D.

C19368 Rev. and Mrs. David T. Lowry

C19369 John F. Mader

C19370 Mrs. John F. Mader

C19371 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mader

C19372 Bill Jack Marshall, M. D.

C19373 Mrs. Bill Jack Marshall

C19375 Rev. Norman W. Parsons

Cincinnati, Ohio, January, 1955

C19376 Mrs. Norman W. Parsons

C19377 Rev. and Mrs. Norman W. Parsons

C19378 Cornelia Russell (see page 88 Album #9)

C19379 Rev. George L. Sidwell, Jr.

C19380 Mrs. George L. Sidwell, Jr.

C19381 Rev. and Mrs. George L. Sidwell

C19383 Ruth Stewart, R. N.

C19384 Cecil K. Tinder, Jr.

C19393 Mrs. Cecil K. Tinder

Cincinnati, Ohio, 1/1955

C19387 Bishop Santo Uberto Barbieri

C19388 Mrs. Chester B. Knapp

C19389 Honorable Rajkumari Amir Kaur (India Health Minister)

C19390 Martha Horne

C19391 Thelma Stevens
(By Blackstone)

C19392 Dorothy McConnell (By Blackstone)

C19394 Mrs. Constance Elmer, Methodist worker among the deaf in Chicago

C19397 Mrs. Richard Wehrman

C19398 Richard Wehrman

C19399 Dr. and Mrs. Karl W. Langner and daughter, Yvonne

C19501 Elizabeth Beale

C19599 Dr. Eugene L. Smith

C19600 Otis Moore

C19601 Mrs. William Butler

C19715 Rev. Ira Gillett

C19716 Emil P. John

C19717 Miss Evangeline Thillayampalam, President, Isabella Thoburn College. India

C19718 H. Leo Jackson

C19719 Arthur J. Moore, Jr.

C19720 Gilbert Whitney

C19721 Paul Wesley Young

C19722 Bishop M. W. Clair, Jr.

C19724 Russell E. Sargent

C19723 Glen W. Bruner

C19725 Mrs. Russell Sargent

C19726 Kiyoshi Tanimoto

C19727 Kiyoshi Tanimoto

C19728 E. L. Sells

C19729 Hall F. Duncan

C19730 Ethel L. Whiting

C19731 Dr. Alexander Stewart

C19732 John T. Lundy

C19733 Dr. Glenn F. Sanford

C19734 Milton S. Bain

C19735 Donald Albert Bodley

C19736 Peter Hoepner

C19737 Douglas Norris

C19738 Mike Pool

C19739 Richard R. Rowe

C19740 Lester E. Tallman

C19741 Lewis T. Well

C19742 Jean Bagwell

C19743 Betty June Barker

C19744 Mary Carolyn Barkes

C19745 Jean Beaty

C19746 Elizabeth Callis

C19747 Sybil Casbeer

C19748 Addie K. Chamberlain

C19749 Margaret P. Clark

C19750 Betty Cox

C19751 Margaret Croft

C19752 Mary Jane Curry

C19753 Audrey Frank

C19754 Rosalie Fritz

C19755 Janette Geiger

C19756 Dorothy Hickok

C19757 Beverly Jackson

C19758 Willa Dean Lindsey

C19759 Stella Theresa Lowe

C19760 Florence McKay

C19761 Dolores Madden

C19762 Sue Padgett

C19763 Vern Mae Parker

C19764 Barbara Patterson

C19765 Muriel C. Roak

C19766 Jo Ann Richardson

C19767 Chasteen Shine

C19768 Betty Snead

C19769 Jane Alice Stuntz

C19770 Aline V. Sykes

C19771 Marilyn Thompson

C19772 Alberteen Ware

C19773 Elizabeth Whyte

C19774 W. Jeanne Wintringham

C19775 Wynell Jordan

C19776 Theodore McKnight

C19777 Bertram D. Williams

C19778 Grace Spradling

CC19779 Elizabeth Marchant

C18851 Leola M. Greene

C19780 Dr. Ernest E. Tuck

C19781 Mrs. Ernest Best

C19782 Ernest Best

C19783 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metcalf and family

C19784 Robert Metcalf

C19785 Mrs. Robert Metcalf

C19786 Rev. and Mrs. John Betts and family

C19787 Mrs. John Betts

C19788 John Betts

C19789 Mrs. Arvin V. Klaus

C19790 Arvin K. Klaus

C19791 Rev. and Mrs. Marshall J. Murphree and daughter

C19792 Mrs. Marshall J. Murphree

C19793 Marshall J. Murphree, Jr.

C19794 John Mader

C19795 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wehrman

C19796 Richard Wehrman

C19797 Mrs. Richard Wehrman

C19798 Rev. and Mrs. Otis Bell

C19799 Mrs. Otis Bell, R.N.

C19800 Otis Bell

C19801 Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Floyd and family

C19802 Hubert Floyd

C19803 Mrs. Hubert Floyd

C19804 Robert Howard

C19805 Dr. and Mrs. Fred Aden

C19806 Dr. Fred Aden

C19807 Mrs. Fred Aden

C19808 Mr. and Mrs. Barnie A. Higgs

C19809 Mrs. Barnie Higgs

C19810 Barnie A. Higgs

C19811 Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Enright

C19812 Mrs. Kenneth D. Enright

C19813 Kenneth D. Enright

C19814 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Sill and family

C19815 Mrs. Maurice L. Still

C19816 Maurice L. Still

C19817 Dr. Charles White

C19818 Mary McMillan

C19819 Rev. and Mrs. Ben Sawada and family

C9820 Ben Sawada

C19821 Mrs. Ben Sawada

C19822 Rev. and Mrs. Wendell Golden and son

C19823 Mrs. Wendell Golden

C19824 Wendell Golden

C19825 Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Noah and son

C19826 Mrs. Raymond E. Noah

C19827 Mrs. A. Van Harbin

C19828 Mrs. A. Van Harbin and daughters

C19829 Mr. and Mrs. J. McRee Elrod and baby

C19830 Mrs. J. McRee Elrod

C19831 J. McRee Elrod

C19832 Rev. and Mrs. Bill Starnes

C9833 Bill Starnes

C19834 Mrs. Bill Starnes

C19835 Rev. and Mrs. Hans L. Aurbakken and family

C19836 Rev. and Mrs. Gunnar J. Teilman

C19837 Mrs. Gunnar J. Teilman

C19838 Gunnar J. Teilman

C19839 Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Aldrich

C19840 Herschel C. Aldrich M. D.

C19842 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riggs

C19843 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lundy

C19844 Mrs. John Lundy

C19845 John Lundy

C19846 Dr. and Mrs. Bill Marshall and family

C19847 Bill Marshall M.D.

C19849 Mrs. Karl Erekison

C19850 Rev. and Mrs. James C. Phillips and family

C19851 Mrs. James C. Phillips

C19854 Mrs. A. F. Schneck

C19855 Alfred F. Schneck

C19856 Rev. and Mrs. Ernest Sells

C19857 Mrs. Ernest Sells

C19858 Rev. Ernest Sells

C19859 Rev. and Mrs. F. H. Argelander and family

C19860 Mrs. F. H. Argelander

C19861 F. H. Argelander

C19862 Mr. and Mrs. Robb C. Gates

C10963 Mrs. Robb C. Gates

C19864 Robb C. Gates

C19865 Mr. and Mrs. Haniel Jones

C19866 Mrs. Haniel Jones

C19867 Haniel Jones

C19868 Mr. and Mrs. Robb Schlager

C19871 Mr. and Mrs. John Pollock

C19872 Mrs. John Pollock

C19873 John Pollock

C19874 Mr. and Mrs. Maran Garrison

C19875 Mrs. Maran Garrison

C19876 Maran Garrison

C19877 Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenson and family

C19878 Mrs. James Stevenson

C19879 James Stevenson

C19880 Mr. and Mrs. George Sidwell

C19881 Mrs. George Sidwell

C19882 George Sidwell

C19883 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Spitzkeit

C19884 Mrs. James W. Spitzkeit

C19885 James W. Spitzkeit

C19886 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vetters

C19890 Mrs. Jack Aebersold

C19889 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Aebersold

C19891 Jack Aebersold

C19892 Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bruner

C19893 Mrs. Glen Bruner

C19894 Glen Bruner

C19895 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kent

C19896 Mrs. William M. Kent

C19897 William M. Kent

C19898 Rev. and Mrs. Ira E. Gillet

C19899 Mrs. Ira E. Gillet

C19900 Rev. Ira E. Gillet

C19901 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Foster, Jr.

C19902 Mrs. William A. Foster, Jr

C19903 William A. Foster, Jr

C19904 Mrs. Tunnie Martin, Jr.

C19906 Rev. Tunnie Martin, Jr.

C19907 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Kreps and family

C19909 Leslie R. Kreps

C19910 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hunt

C19911 Mrs. John M. Hunt

C19912 John M. Hunt

C19913 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Martin

C19914 Mrs. John H. Martin

C19915 John H. Martin

C19916 Rev. Frank A. Argelander

C19917 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis and family

C19918 Mrs. Joseph M. Davis

C19919 Joseph M. Davis

C19920 Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Weiss and family

C19921 Mrs. Ernest W. Weiss, R.N.

C19922 Ernest Weiss, M.D.

C19923 Wilbur Thoburn

C19924 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fleming

C19925 Mrs. Robert L. Fleming, M. D.

C19926 Robert L. Fleming

C19928 Mr. and Mrs. Don Collinson

C19929 Mrs. Don Collinson

C19933 Marie McLain

C19934 Ruth Stewart, R.N.

C19935 Lucy Dail

C19936 Evelyn Strader

C19937 Marcella Mathys

C19938 Lulu Boles

C19939 Dana Tyson

C19940 Mary Bozeman

C19941 Dorothy O'Neal

C19942 Helen Loomis

C19943 Geneva Morris

C19944 Laura Heist

C19946 Kathleen Clancy

C19947 Jessie Pfaff

C19948 Violet Crandall

C19949 Jean L. Gale

C19950 Evelyn Wolfe

C19951 Rosalie Brown

C19952 Helen Fehr

C19955 Esther Russell

C19954 Ethel L. Whiting

C19953 Helen Z. Emmert

C19958 Ada Nelson

C19957 Edith Lacy

C19956 Lula Rawls

C19959 Colleen Gilmore

C19960 Martha Meek

C19961 M. Murdin Woods

C19962 Eula Redenbaugh

C19963 Ruth Atkins

C19964 Idabelle L. Main

C19965 Ruth McKinney

C19966 Thelma Maw

C19967 Florence Piper

C19968 Naomi Hare

C19969 Ethel Bost

C19970 Anita Harris

C19974 Florence Wright

C19975 Pauline Willingham

C19976 Vivian Gleddell

C19971 Miriam deHass

C19972 Martha Vanderberg

C19973 Elizabeth Clarke

C19977 Mary McSwain

C19978 Frances Burns

C19979 Esther Hulbert

C19980 Gladys Doyle

C19981 Annie L. Winfrey

C19982 Maurine Cavett

C19983 Anna Givens

C19833 Bill Starnes

C19834 Mrs. Bill Starnes

C19841 Mrs. H. C. Aldrich

C19848 Mrs. Bill Marshall

C19852 James C. Phillips

C19853 Rev. and Mrs. Alfred F. Schneck and family

C19869 Mrs. Robert Schlager

C19870 Robert Schlager

C19887 Mrs. Kenneth Vetters

C19888 Kenneth Vetters

C19930 Don Collinson

C19931 Bishop Raines Commissioning new missionaries, Greencastle, Indiana 6/1955

C19932 Bishop Raines Commissioning new missionaries, Greencastle, Indiana 6/1955

C19987 Missionaries from India, Greencastle Indiana, 6/1955

C19991 Miss Miriam deHass

C19994 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rutherford and family

C19995 Tracey Jones

C19997 Helen J. Denney

C19998 Beverly Chain

C19999 Ann Ragsdale

C20000 Rae Beth Parrott

C20001 Dorothy Parks

C20002 Donald Small

C20003 Gail Whitaker

C20004 Margaret Wilson

C20005 Beverly Root

C20006 Elsa Milby

C20007 Mona Belle McNutt

C20008 Jimmie Knowles

C20009 Marianne Hunsinger

C20010 Betty Jo Hill

C20011 Sally Gustafson

C20012 Theresa Terry

C20013 Lucille R. Fillmore

C20014 Carolyn Lamon

C20015 Mary Andresen

C20016 Marjorie Steel

C20017 Clara Faye Keaton

C20018 Olive Hicks

C20019 Geraldine Guptill

C20020 Cornelia D. Gray

C20021 Margaret Gamble

C20022 Leona Fredericks

C20023 Dr. Roland W. Scott

C20024 J. Harry Haines

C20025 Amanda Pleasant

C20026 Nashville, Tennessee. Scarritt College, Short term missionaries in class. Summer 1955

C20027 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries learning Spanish

C20028 Mr. And Mrs. William Elder and family

C20029 Scarritt College, United States 2's Summer, 1955

C20030 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries (3's)

Summer 1955

C20031 Scarritt College J 3's, Summer, 1955

C20032 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries

C20033 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries in class

C20035 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries from the Northwestern Jurisdiction

C20036 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries

C20037 Scarritt College, Short term missionaries from Southeastern Jurisdiction.

C20038 Scarritt College short term missionaries

C20039 Scarritt College short term missionaries from the North Central Jurisdiction

C20040 Scarritt College short term missionaries from the South Central Jurisdiction

C20041 Scarritt College United States 2 officers of 1955

C20042 Scarritt College, Jimmie Knowles (on ladder) and Stella Rowe short term missionaries.

C20043 Short term missionaries at Scarritt College.

Summer 1955

C20034 Evelyn M. Weaver

C20044 Virginia Bunn

C20045 Virginia Bunn

C20046 Victoria Lang

C20047 Scarritt College short term missionaries from the Central Jurisdiction Summer 1955

C20048 Scarritt College short term missionaries from the Central Jurisdiction Summer 1955

C20049 Joan Warneka

C20050 Roy E. Teele

C20054 Bishop A. Frank Smith

C20056 Mrs. J. S. Ryang

C20057 Mrs. J. S. Ryang

C20058 Louise Nichols

C20059 Lee R. Cooper

C20060 William Fore

C20061 Dean Schowengerdt

C20062 Thomas Harris

C20063 Vernon W. Riddle

C20067 Miss Clara French presents the Honorary Doctor of Literature degree to Miss Prudencia Fabro.

C20068 Miss Prudencia Fabro, Principal, Harris Memorial School, Philippine Island, Manila

C20069 Miss Fabro accepting degree, granted by Texas Wesleyan College. Miss French makes the presentation, Mr. W. J. Leppert looks on.

C20070 W. J. Leppert interviews a speaker in his office

c20071 Leonard Perryman, reporter in the Department of News Service.

C20074 John K. Mader

C20075 Mrs. John F. Mader

C20076 J. Victor Koilpillai, Madras, South India

C20077 Mrs. H. N. Brewster

C20161 Wang Ming-tao

C20162 Ruth Ann Bonorden

C20163 Betty Evans, R. N.

C20164 Beth McPheeters

C20165 Mrs. Jose L Valencia

C20166 Pearl Bellinger

C20167 Katherine M. Donahue

C20168 Lena May Hoerner

C20169 Susie Mayes

C20170 Etha Nagler

C20173 Barbara Kurtz

C20174 Shirley Small

C20175 Lillian Wallace

C20176 Marylin Watson

C20177 Louneta Lorah

C20078 Dr. Charles E. Klontz

C20082 John B. Cobb

C20178 LeGrand Smith

C20183 Rev. Halsey Dewey

C20184 F. Colleen Gilmore

C20185 Gloria Reed

C20186 Mary Russell

C20187 Mary E. Eads

C20189 Nina M. Stallings

C20190 Thomas Cloyd

C20191 Mrs. Thomas Cloyd

C20192 Duvon C. Corbitt, Jr

C20193 Mrs. Duvon C. Corbitt, Jr.

C20194 R. W. Goodloe, Jr.

C20195 Mrs. R. W. Goodloe, Jr.

C20196 Vincent Jones

C20197 Mrs. Vincent Jones

C20198 Dr. Edgar Miller

C20199 Mrs. Edgar Miller

C20200 M. S. Robinson

C20201 Mrs. M. S. Robinson

C20202 Elton Wattington

C20203 Mrs. Elton Wattington

C20204 Mrs. Kenneth Vetters

C20205 Suzanne Belz

C20206 Evelyn Breeden

C20207 Ruth Cunningham

C20208 Mrs. Eleanor Dormon

C20209 Dean Freudenberger

C20210 Violet Guinn

C20211 Twila Hahn

C20212 Elsie L. Kittelson

C20213 Katheryn Kubler

C20214 Jean Morgan

C20215 Edwin Odom

C20216 Robert G. Sauer

C20217 Charles C. Tucker

C20218 Miss Ione Clay

C20219 Robert Sauer

C20220 Mrs. Robert Sauer

C20221 Loraine Heath

C20222 Winifred Wrisley

C20223 Pearl E. Palmer

C20224 Jean Tarwater

C20225 Harold W. Olson

C20226 Arthur J. Stone

C20227 John Pollock

C20228 Mrs. John Pollock

C20229 Lillian Johnson

C20230 Howard Cordell

C20231 Suzanne Bely

C20315 Helen Buss

C20312 Fannie Dewar

C20232 Mrs. F. Roderick Dail (Hilda)

C20235 Ivan F. Dornon

C20234 Mrs. Ivan F. Dornon

C20233 Mr. and Mrs. Ivan F. Dornon

C20342 Gertrude Feely

C20236 Rev. and Mrs. C. Dean Freudenberger

C20237 Mrs. C. Dean Freudenberger

C20238 C. Dean Freudenberger

C20239 Mrs. Gladys Gabrielson

C20240 Alice Jefferson

C20241 Mr. and Mrs. Everett Matzigkeit

C20242 Mrs. Everett Matzigkeit

C20243 Everett Matzigkeit

C20244 Edwin E. Odom

C20340 Grace Otto

C20341 Vivian Otto

C20335 Vivian and Grace Otto

C20316 Pearl Palmer

C20245 Annie Pittman

C20246 Margaret Prentice

C20304 Richard Linde

C20305 Mrs. Richard Linde

C20303 Lewis O. Price

C20247 Mrs. Lewis O. Price

C20248 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Sauer

C20249 Mrs. Robert G. Sauer

C20250 Robert G. Sauer

C20317 May B. Seal

C20251 Ellen Sweeney

C20255 Rev. Charles C. Tucker, Jr.

C20254 Mrs. Charles C. Tucker, Jr.

C20253 Rev. and Mrs. Charles C. Tucker, Jr

C20256 Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Turnipseed

C20257 Mrs. R. L. Turnipseed

C20313 Theresa Hoover and Ethel Watkins (also C20314)

C20261 The Commissioning service, Buck Hill Falls, 1/1956

C20262 Bishop Arthur J. Moore commissioning Mr. And Mrs. Robert W. Woodloe, Jr.

C20263 Womens's Division of Christian Service, Department of Work in Home Fields candidates

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20264 Women's Division of Christian Service missionaries commissioned, Department of Foreign Fields. 1/1956

C20265 Couples who attended Scarritt College 1/1956

C20310 Scarritt College group commissioned 1/1956 (also C20346)

C20307 Division of World Missions and Women's Division of Christian Service missionaries commissioned 1/1956 (also C20308)

Buck Hill Falls

C20266 Candidates from National College, Kansas City, Missouri

C20267 Candidates from Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Connecticut

C220268 Candidates from the Wesleyan Service Guild

C20269 Candidates from Asbury College, Kentucky

Buck Hill Falls, 1/1956

C20270 Candidates from Southern Methodist University. Dallas, Texas

C20271 Candidate from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

C20272 Candidates from Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, Illinois

C20273 Candidates from Northeastern jurisdiction

C20274 Candidates from South Central and Central jurisdiction

C20275 Candidates from North Central jurisdiction

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20276 Candidates from Southeastern jurisdiction

C20277 Candidates from the Western Jurisdiction

C20278 Candidates from Michigan

C20279 Candidates from California

C20280 Candidates from Kansas

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20281 Candidate from Kentucky

C20282 Candidates from North Carolina

C20283 Candidates from Ohio

C20284 Candidates from Pennsylvania

C20285 Candidates from Tennessee

C20286 Missouri group at the annual meeting

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20287 Candidates, nurses group at meeting

C20289 Former "2's" and "3's" at annual meeting

C20290 Mr. M. O. Williams with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cloyd and Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goodloe, Jr.

C20291 Mr. Williams with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Matzigkeit

C20292 Miss Nyland and Dr. Singleton with student workers, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Dornon

C20293 Miss Nyland and Dr. Singleton with student representatives

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20294 Deaconess and missionary candidates at the meeting

C20295 The India group

C20296 Guests of the Division of National Missions

C20302 General Board Town and Country Committee

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20329 Max Norman, V. Cruz-Aedo, E. P. Matthews and Keith Loveless

C20288 group from Ames Methodist Church, Saginaw, Michigan

C20318 Mrs. P. Arrington announcing gift in tribute to Mrs. F. G. Brooks

C20260 Mrs. F. G. Brooks and Mrs. P. Arrington (see also C20319)

C20320 Mrs. Brooks and Miss Emma Burris

Buck Hill Falls, 1/1956

C20321 Mrs. Brooks receiving a check for $25,000 for World Council Building. Miss Burris makes presentation

C20323 Mrs. Ordella Stiffler and Mrs. F. G. Brooks (also C20322)

C20324 Womens Division of Christian Service Quadrennial Goals for 1952-1956

C20325 Mrs. Brooks presiding at Womens Division of Christian Service meeting.

C20263 Womens Division of Christian Service candidates for Department work in Home Fields

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20306 Division of Woman's Missionary Candidates. (also C20309)

C20326 Western Jurisdiction dinner Meeting. Womens Division of Christian Service

C20327 Mrs. Wray Andrew, Mrs. W. H. Ratliff and Mrs. Paul Arrington

C20328 Pfeiffer College Board of Trustees

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20330 Womens Division of Christian Service literature table.

C20332 Anna Cordeiro, Brazil, Julia Gibson, Liberia

C20333 Mrs. J. S. Ryang, Korea, Junko Tamura, Japan and Bong Ja Kim, Korea

C20334 Gertrude Feely, Mrs. Hilda Dail, Mary K. Russell

Buck Hill Falls, 1/1956

C20336 Lucille Haliday and Mrs. L. D. Wrintmore

C20337 Junko Tamura, Anna Cordeiro, Julia Gibson, Doris Hartman, Ruth Doi and Evelyn Keim

C20338 Carolyn Brisham, Lois Marquardt, Rosemary Nixon and Katheryn Kuhler

C20339 Violet Guinn Loraine Heath and Eleanor Hickok

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20343 Fannie Dewar, Margaret M. Prentice, Barbara Kurtz

C20344 Edward Odom, Mrs. Clara Terrell, Jean Morgan

C20345 Mrs. Rodeheaver, Edward Odom, Mrs. C. Terrell, Jean Morgan

C20229 Rev. H. G. Conger speaking at his retirement service.

Buck Hill Falls, 1/1956

C20297 Bishop Arthur J. Moore, Mrs. Brooks, Miss Gibson, H. G. Conger and Dr. J. A. Engle Retirement Service

C20298 Dr. J. A. Engle and Rev. H. G. Conger, Retirement Service

C20300 Miss H. Gibson and Mrs. F. G. Brooks Retirement Service

C20301 Miss Henrietta Gibson at her Retirement.

C20349 Victor C. Sherring

Buck Hill Falls 1/1956

C20350 John A. Larson

C20351 Commissioning of Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Simpson

C19970 Anita Harris

C20177 Louneta Lorah

C20373 William A. Brown

C20374 Dr. Harold N. Brewster

C20378 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L James and son

C20397 Mrs. Vincent L. James

C20380 Vincent L. James

C20242 Mrs. Everett M. Matzigkeit

C20243 Everett M. Matzigkeit

C20390 Horst Hanefeld

C20391 Janie Chen

C20394 William Reasonover

C20395 Marie Louise Moser

C20397 (K2588) Meeting of the Staff Executives of the Divisions of National and foreign Missions and of the Jt. Section of Education and Cultivation.


C20398 (K2589 and K2590) Secretary of Foreign Division, Dr. Eugene L. Smith, Secretary of National Division, Dr. Earl R. Brown and Secretary of Jt Sect Education and Cultivation DR. Jesse A. Engle

C20399 Secretary of Foreign Division, Dr. Eugene L. Smith, Secretary of National Division, Dr. Earl R. Brown and Secretary of Jt Sect Education and Cultivation DR. Jesse A. Engle

C20400 Jane Wu

C20401 Rev. Samuel Chieza

C20402 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fritz and Family

C20403 Mrs. Kong Beng Lee

C20404 Florence Chen

C20405 Bishop Odd Hagen

C20406 Lillian Johnson

C20407 Ragnar Horn

C20408 Dr. Tomas Rico

C20409 Rev. and Mrs. Charles Germany and Family

C20410 Bishop Newell S. Booth

C20411 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Blackburn and Family

C20412 Choo P. Kim

C20413 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Conley

C20414 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Conley and Paul Bosley

C20415 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Conley and Paul Bosley

C20416 Ben Conley

C20417 Mrs. Ben Conley

C20418 Paul Bosley

C20419 Samuel E. de la Rosa

C20420 Otto F. Volkland

C20421 Nigail Riley

C20422 Mrs. Anna B. Chaffin

C20423 Herta Wollscheiber

C19378 Cornelia Russell

C20435 Dr. J. A. Engle and Dr. Dorcas Hall

C20436 William F. Fore in the projection room of the Department of Visual Education

C20437 Leonard Perryman, Department of News Service

C20438 Arthur J. Moore, Jr. World Outlook

C20439 Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Tuck

C20443 Mrs. Juanita Shaw

C20444 Julia Gibson

C20445 Kenneth Sheffield Jones

C20446 Mrs. Kenneth Sheffield Jones

C20447 Bishop L. Wicke and Miss Betty Evans during her commissioning

C20448 ( K2548, K2549) Dr. J. A. Engle looks on as Mr. W. W. Reid Presents book of Testimonial letters to Mr. H. G. Conger at Retirement luncheon.

C20449 Rev. H. G. Conger and Dr. J. A. Engle at luncheon give for Mr. Conger

C20450 Looking at book of letters are: Mr. Conger, his son Franklin, Mr and Mrs. R. Nitchie, Jr and two of his grandchildren.

C20451 Looking at book of letters are: Mr. Conger, his son Franklin, Mr and Mrs. R. Nitchie, Jr and two of his grandchildren.

C20452 Mrs. John McCallum

C20453 John McCallum

C20454 Malcolm McVeigh

C20455 Mrs. Reginald Wheatley

C20456 Reginald Wheatley

C20457 Mrs. Theodore McKnight

C20458 Mrs. Leonard A. Williams

C20459 Leonard A. Williams

C20461 John W. Krummel

C20582 Calvin O. Beckendorf

C20583 Robert A. Clayton

C20584 Marion E. Coffey

C20585 James W. Forshey

C20586 William Funk

C20587 William Norman Hust

C20588 James Ivey

C20589 Kenneth L. Jackson

C20590 John G. McCaleb

C20591 Gene Matthews

C20592 Rev. Merlin A Sizelove

C20593 Sam L. Slack

C20594 Verna M. Bradley

C20595 Sylvia Brookshire

C20596 Ann Havens

C20597 Acka Yvonne Lewis

C20598 Bernice Ryno

C20599 Laura Ann Turner

C20600 Shirlee Moonyen Willis

C20605 Ruth Eloise Bough

C20606 Betty Campbell

C20607 Audrey J. Sowers

C20608 Carl Arthur

C20609 Walter A. Whitehurst

C20601 Joyce Burress

C20602 Alice Mae Himes

C20603 Mildred E. Jones

C20604 Nellie Glen Kennedy

C20396 Elizabeth Stinson

C20610 Thomas J. Johnson

C20611 Patricia A. Bennett

C20612 Carolyn Sue Bowen

C20613 Jean Bowman

C20614 Donna McMurray

C20615 Virginia Miller

C20616 Lillian B. Montgomery

C20617 Catherine Rea

C20618 Ruby Woo

C20619 Alta I. Griffin

C20620 Mrs. John Norris

C20621 Dr. C. J Stauffacher

C20622 Mrs. C. J. Stauffacher

C20623 Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Stauffacher

C20624 John Skillman

C20625 Mr. and Mrs. John Skillman and Family

C20626 Mrs. John Skillman

C20627 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sauer

C20628 Mrs. Robert Sauer

C20629 Robert G. Sauer

C20630 Harry Haines

C20631 Mrs. Eugene Lovell

C20632 Mrs. Eugene Lovell

Greencastle, Indiana, 6/1956

C20633 Rev. Eugene Lovell

C20634 Mrs. Ivan Nothdurft

C20635 Rev. Ivan Nothdurft, PHD

C20636 Rev. and Mrs. Ivan Nothdurft and Family

C20637 Rev. William Jones

C20638 Mrs. Robert Simpson

C20639 Robert Simpson

C20640 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simpson and Son

Greencastle, Indiana, 6/1956

C20641 Mrs. Reginald Wheatley

C20642 Rev. Reginald Wheatley

C20643 Rev. and Mrs. Reginald Wheatley and Family

C20644 Mrs. Robert Goodloe, Jr.

C20645 Dr. Robert Goodloe, Jr.

C20646 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Goodloe, Jr.

C20647 Mrs. LeGrand Smith, 2nd

C20648 Rev. LeGrand Smith, 2nd

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20649 Rev. and Mrs. LeGrand Smith, 2nd

C20650 Mrs. Halsey Dewey

C20651 Rev. Halsey Dewey

C20652 Rev. and Mrs. Halsey Dewey

C20653 Mrs. Burleigh Law

C20654 Burleigh Law

C20655 Mr. and Mrs. Burleigh Law and Family

C20656 Mrs. Oscar Quinn

C20657 Rev. Oscar Guinn

C20658 Mrs. Richard Bush

C20659 Richard Bush

C20660 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bush

C20661 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bush and Daughter

C20662 Rev. Robert Lundy

C20663 Mrs. Lewis O. Price

C20664 Lewis O. Price

C20665 Rev. and Mrs. Lewis O. Price

C20666 Mrs. Thomas Cloyd

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20667 Thomas Cloyd

C20668 Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Cloyd

C20669 John W. Cason

C20670 Mrs. Gilbert E. Bascom

C20671 Gilbert E. Bascom

C20672 Roy E. Teele, PHD

C20673 Mrs. Roy E. Teele

C20674 Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Teele and Famiy

C20675 Mrs. William A. Harrell

C20676 William A. Harrell

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20677 Mrs. Charles McFarren

C20678 Charles McFarren

C20679 Rev. and Mrs. Charles McFarren and Family

C20680 Mrs. Ragnar Alm

C20681 Rev. Ragnar Alm

C20682 Rev. and Mrs. Ragnar Alm

C20683 Mrs. Eugene Riel

C20684 Dr. Eugene Riel

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20685 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Riel

C20686 Rev. Malcolm McVeigh

C20687 Rev. Paul Wiant

C20688 Mrs. Paul Wiant

C20689 Rev. and Mrs. Paul Wiant

C20690 Rev. Ovid Stine

C20691 Mrs. Ovid Stine

C20692 Rev. and Mrs. Ovid Stine

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20693 Dr. Sidney R. Anderson

C20694 Mrs. Sidney R. Anderson

C20695 Dr. and Mrs. Sydney R. Anderson

C20696 Mrs. John McCallum

C20697 Rev. John McCallum

C20698 Rev. and Mrs. John McCallum

C20699 Susan Mitchell

C20700 Rev. Isaac Shaver

Greencastle, Indiana, 6/1956

C20701 Mrs. Isaac Shaver

C20702 Rev. and Mrs. Isaac Shaver and Daughter

C20704 Mrs. Clifford Manning

C20705 Clifford Manning

C20706 Rev. and Mrs. Clifford Manning

C20707 Dr. Immanuel Bitsh-Larsen

C20708 Mrs. Immanuel Bitsh-Larsen

C20709 Dr. and Mrs. Immanuel Bitsh-Larsen and Family

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20703 Rev. John Groves

C20710 Rev. Robinson McAden

C20711 Rev. and Mrs. John Larson and Daughter

C20712 Mrs. John Larson

C?20713 Rev. John Larson

C20714 Mrs. Edward Barber

C20715 Edward Barber

C20716 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barber and Daughter

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20717 Rev. Arnold Lewis

C20718 Mrs. Arnold Lewis

C20719 Rev. and Mrs. Arnold Lewis and Family

C20720 Rev. and Mrs. Arnold Lewis and Family

C20721 Rev. Dan Allen

C20722 Mrs. Dan Allen

C20723 Rev. and Mrs. Dan Allen and Family

C20724 Dr. Marian Hall

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20725 Dr. Sherwood Hall

C20726 Dr and Mrs. Sherwood Hall

C20727 Dr. Walter Griffiths

C20728 Mrs. W. Griffiths

C20729 Dr. and Mrs. Walter Griffiths

C20730 Parke Renshaw

C20731 Mrs. Parke Renshaw

C20732 Mr. and Mrs. Parke Renshaw

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20733 Rev. Thomas Lung

C20734 Ralph Miller

C20735 Mrs. Ralph Miller

C20737 Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Miller and Family
(also C20736)

C20738 Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Smalley

C20739 Ray L. Smalley

C20740 Mrs. Ray L. Smalley

C20741 Rev. and Mrs. John Shappell

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20742 Mrs. John Shappell

C20743 Mrs. John Shappell

C20744 Mr. And Mrs. George Parrott

C20745 Mrs. George Parrott

C20746 George Parrott

C20747 Mildred Black

C20748 Mr. And Mrs. U. S. Gray and Family

C20749 Mrs. U. S. Gray

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20750 Rev. U. S. Gray

C20751 Rev. Byron Clark

C20752 Mrs. Byron Clark

C200753 Rev. and Mrs. Byron Clark

C20754 Mrs. Emmett Steele

C20755 Emmett Steel

C20756 Mr. And Mrs. Emmett Steel

C20757 Rev. Oscar Rees

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20758 Mrs. Oscar Rees

C20759 Rev. and Mrs. Oscar Rees

C20760 Dale Shires

C20761 Roy S. Smyres (also C20762-3)

C20764 Kenneth Slade

C20765 Mrs. Kenneth Slade

C20766 Mr. And Mrs. Kenneth Slade and Family

C20769 Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones and Family

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20770 Everett Matzigkeit

C20771 Mrs. Everett Matzigkeit

C20773 Mr. and Mrs. Matzigkeit (also C20772)

C20774 Marie Corner 6/1956

C20775 Ruth Cox

C20776 Nellie West

C20778 Gilbert Galloway (also C20777)

C20779 Mrs.Earl Stevick

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20780 Dr. Earl Stevick

C20782 Dr. and Mrs. Earl Stevick and Family (also C20781)

C20783 Mrs. Tage Adolfsson

C20784 Tage Adolfsson

C20785 Mr. and Mrs. Tage Adolfsson and Family

C20786 Rev. Donald Moore

C20787 Rev. and Mrs. Donald Moore and Daughter

C20788 Mrs. Ivar Wang Jansen

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20789 Mr. and Mrs. Ivar W. Jansen and Family

C20790 Rev. Keith Hamilton

C20791 Mrs. Keith Hamilton

C20792 Vivian Otto

C20793 Grace Otto

C20794 Emma Rexroth

C20795 Mrs. Richard Linde

C20796 Richard Linde

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20797 Mr. And Mrs. Richard Linde

C20798 Margaret Prentice

C20799 Rev. Edgar Cooper

C20800 Rev. and Mrs. Edgar Cooper

C20801 Rev. and Mrs. Edgar Cooper and Daughter

C20802 Rev. and mrs. Max K. Lowdermilk

C20803 Mrs. Max K. Lowdermilk

C20804 Max K. Lowdermilk

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20805 Mrs. E. E. LeMaster

C20806 Rev. E. E. LeMaster

C20807 Rev. and Mrs. E. E. LeMaster

C20808 Wanda Stahley

C20809 Harriett Morris

C20810 Marie Adams

C20811 Bruce Hulse

C20812 Ruth Gish

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20813 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. McKnight

C20814 Mrs. Theodore P. McKnight

C20815 Theodore P. McKnight

C20816 Roberta Rice, M. D.

C20817 Ava Hunt

c20818 Gertrude Feely

C20819 Lois Cooper

C20820 Emma W. Wilson

C20821 Buelah H. Reitz

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20823 Mrs. Paul Sundar

C20824 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sundar and Family

C20825 Rev. and Mrs. Juel Nordby and Family

C20826 Mrs. Juel Nordby

C20827 Rev. Juel Nordby

C20828 Ethel M. Calkins

C20829 Irene Nixon (also C20830)

C20831 Mrs. Keith Leach

C20832 Keith Leach

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20834 Rev. and Mrs. Keith Leach

C20833 Helen Buss

C20835 Dr. Esther Shoemaker

C20836 Borghild Sorenson

C20837 Mrs. Gerhard Johnson (also 20838)

C20839 Gerhard Johnson

C20840 Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Johnson and Daughter

C20841 Mrs. G. W. Harley

C208422 Dr. George W. Harley

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20843 Dr. and Mrs. George W. Harley

C20845 Elizabeth Earnest (C20844 also)

C20846 M. Olin Burkholder

C20847 Mr. M. Olin Burkholder

C20848 Rev. and Mrs. Olin Burkholder and Son

C20849 Alice Jefferson

C20850 Carol Sibert, R. N.

C20851 Norene Rabkin

C20852 Marian Warner

C20853 Emma Stewart

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20854 Sadie Maude Moore

C20855 Lucy Blanton

C20856 John Schevenins

C20857 Mrs. John Schevenins

C20858 Mr. and Mrs. John Schevenins and Family (also 20859)

C20860 Manie Towson

C20861 Manie Towson

C20862 Dorothy Gilbert

C20863 Mrs. and Mrs. Leonard Williams and Son

C20864 Mrs. Leonard Williams

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20865 Leonard Williams

C20866 Chlora Dean

C20867 Ovidia Hansing

C20868 Mabel R. Nowlin (also C200869)

C20870 Anne Pittman

C20871 Jennie Blasdell

C0872 Edith E. Martin

C20873 Helen Boyles

C20874 Doris Welles

C20875 Joy Comstock (also C20876)

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

C20877 Barbara Hartman (also 20878)

C20767 Rev. Kenneth Jones

C20768 Mrs. Kenneth Jones

C20879 Concert Choir at Furloughed Missionaries Conference, Greencastle, Indiana, 6/1956

F4690-F4691 (C20880) Newly commissioned missionaries

F4693 F4694 F4692 (C20881) Womens Division of Christian Service missionaries at conference

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

F4695 F4696 (C20882) Division of World Missions Missionaries

F4697 (C20883) The entire group of missionaries at the conference

F4702 (C20884) Commissioning Service Bishop Raines commissioning

F4703 (C20885) Bishop Raines with missionary candidates

Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956

F4704 (C20887) Bishop R. C. Raines with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Slade, Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956
(also C20886)

F4698 F4699 F4700 (C20888) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Slade with Miss Jeanette Ponder, Greencastle, Indiana 6/1956
(also C20889 and C20890)

C20891 Chrystal Sue Baker

C20892 Peggy LaVonne Brooks

C20893 Barbara Anne Smith

C20894 Loris Swartzendruher

C20895 Dorothy Marie Nelson

C20896 Winnie Jai Singh

C20897 Richard J. Johnson

C20189 Nina M. Stallings

C20898 Ruth E. Nelson

C20899 Patricia Riddell

C20900 Sara Rodes

C20901 Claribell Gallivan

C20902 Doris Detweiler

C20903 Don Smith

C20904 James H. Jones, Jr.

C20905 Wilma J. Roberts

C20906 Mark E. Reames

C20907 Lynn D. Tiller

C20909 Jack Theis

C20910 Wesley Strong

C20911 Susan H. Harris

C20912 Bobbie Mae Mathews

C20913 JoAnne Barker

C20914 Sherman Hugh Janke

C20915 Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix Townsley and Family

C20916 Ruth Velma Clark

C20917 Mrs. John M. Pearson

C10918 Dr. Theodore Wilkinson

C20920 1956 United States 2's, Kansas City, Missouri

C20921 Exhibit at United States 2 Training Program. Kansas City, Missouri

C20922 Ashton A. Almand

C20923 Mabel Michel

C20924 Barbara H. Beecher

C20925 Gusta Robinett

C209026 Dr. Ralph Dodge

C20927 Dr. Ralph Dodge

C20928 Mrs. William T. Anderson

C20929 Robert C. Armstrong


C20930 Wilford V. Bane

C20931 Mrs. W. H. Beckham

C20932 M.C. Cleveland

C20933 Mrs. C. C. Coffee

C20934 S. Walton Cole

C20935 T. W. Collins

C20936 Mrs. C.L. Cooper

C20937 Dr. M. L. Ellis

C20938 Martin Essex

C20939 Jesse W. Fox

C20940 Mrs. F. Greathouse

C20941 Dr. M. A. Groves


C20942 Mrs. A. O. Gunnerud

C20943 Mrs. L. F. Hemenway

C20944 Mrs. J. R. Henderson

C20945 J. W. Hale

C20946 H. C. Holland

C20947 Mrs. J. Hoyle, Jr.


C20948 Rev. H. H. Hughes

C20949 Mrs. L. L. Jackson

C20950 Mrs. G.Laskey

C20951 Mrs. B. R. Lewis

c20952 William Loach

C20953 J. A. B. Lowry, M.D.


C20954 Mrs. F. L. McDaniel

C20955 Mrs. P. G. Masters

C20956 Ernest V. May

C20957 Mrs. T. Otto Nall

C20958 G. W. Oliver, Sr.

C20959 Grover W. Ray

C20960 Mrs. W. N. Rivers

C20961 William E. Sander

C10962 H. D. Smith

C10963 Dr. L. Spear

C20964 Mrs. R. Streeter

C20965 Mrs. J. F. Tillman


C20966 J. S. Wilkes

C20967 Mrs. Donald Gibbs

C20968 DR. Aura Severinghaus

C20970 Mrs. A. R. Henry

C20971 Dr. J. H. Calvert

C20972 Mrs. B. F. Russell

C20973 R. W. Fair

C20974 Mrs. W. L. Perryman

C20975 H. S. Vincent

C20976 Benjamin Weir

C20977 David Mitchell

C20978 Dorothy Zia

C20979 Winona Campbell

C20980 James L. Ivey

C10981 Phoebe Reynolds

C20982 Lois Schwarze

C10983 Rose Williams

C10984 Mrs. A. H. Lowther

C20985 Dr. Roy A. Sturm

C20986 Wilson T. Boots

C20987 Wandell M. Mooney

C20988 Mrs. H. F. Brandt

C20990 Mrs. J. E. Wilkins

C20991 Ruth Roe Mounty


C20992 Mrs. H. B. Trimble

C20810 Marie Adams

C20874 Doris Welles

C20989 Mrs. C. P. Hardin

C20993 Allen B. Rice

C20994 Bishop Hobart Amstutz

C21020 Leonard Perryman

C20060 William F. Fore

C20995 Mrs. Walter A. Eichinger

C20996 Mrs. H. M. Baker

C20997 Dr. Charles Golden

C20998 Mrs. C. P. Hardin


C20999 Mrs. F. I. Hollingsworth

C21000 Mrs. James P. Howell

C21001 Bishop Edgar A. Love

C21002 Mrs. W. H. McCallum

C21003 Bishop F. B. Newell

C21004 Bishop H. C. Northcott

C21005 Rev. C. P. Payne

C21006 Mrs. E. U. Robinson

C21007 J. J. Schoellkopt

C21008 Dr. R. C. Singleton

C21011 Bishop R. A. Ward

C21012 Mrs. J. E. Wilkins


C21013 Rev. G. R. Williams

C21015 Division of Home Missions of the Board of Missions, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, 9/1956

C21016 Newly Elected national officers of the Womens Division of Christian Service

C21017 Miss M. Harris with the newly elected officers of the Womens Division of Christian Service.


C21018 Miss M. Harris with the newly elected National officers of the Womens Division of Christian Service.

C21019 Charles L. Wheeler

C21024 Mrs. H. L. Soulen

C21028 Mrs. J. W. Warren

C21029 Mrs. C. A. Dahlquist

C21030 Ralph Dunn


C21031 Harriett Seibert

C21032 Ernesto Vasseur

C21037 Jane C. Stentz

C21038 Dr. Harold N. Brewster interviewing couple.

C21039 Elia Peter

C21040 Shelby Southard


C21041 Bishops Odd Hagen and Theodore Arvidson

C21042 Penelope Alailima

C21043 Gasper de Almeida

C21044 Dr. Eugene Smith, Mrs. and Bishop Ralph Dodge at reception in Bishop Dodge's honor.

C21045 Edward E. Dixon


C21047 Mrs. Edwin Ingham

C21048 Rev. and Mrs. Emery Roberts and Family

C21051 Consecration of Bishop Ralph E. Dodge in Africa. 10/1956

C21052 Laying of hands during the consecration of Bishop Ralph E. Dodge. 10/1956. Africa

c21054 Miss Edna Robertson

C21055 Dr. Hugh C. Tucker


C21056 Eunice Castillo

C21057 Rev. Leon Blackman, 1955

C21058 Grant Dunlap, 1955

C21059 H. E. Floyd, 1955

C21060 Alton Lowe, 1955

C21061 William Matthews, 1955


C21062 William Miller, 1955

C21063 John Saltman, 1955

C21064 A. L. Stevenson, 1955

C21065 Glen Trembatch, 1955

C21066 Virgin Turner, 1955

C21067 Bishop Gabriel Sundaram


C21068 Kerstin Persson, 2/1954

C21069 Kiyoe Nagata and Teruko Matsumo

F4701 Greencastle, Indiana. 5/1956 Congregation leaving church.

F4705 Greencastle, Indiana. 5/1956 Congregation leaving church.

F4706 Bishop R. C. Raines commissioning Rev. and Mrs. Leonard Williams, 6/1956

F4707 Mr and Mrs. Hendrix Townsley and Daughter. 6/1956

F4708 Mrs. Hendrix Townsley and daughter, Misses Margis Paul, Jeanette Ponder and Aley Thomas. 6/1956


F4709 The Misses Aley Thomas and Nargis Paul of India, 6/1956

F4710 The Misses Aley Thomas and Nargis Paul of India, 6/1956

C21053 Mrs. Esther W. Dixon, 1956

C21070 Pearl Palmer, 11/1956

C21071 May Bel Thompson, 1950

C21072 Bishop Mangal Singh, 2/1056

C21073 Wallace Henk, 8/1950

C21074 John A. Pilley

C21075 Mary McSwain, 1956

C21076 Donald Chang

C21077 Dr. E. D. C. Brewer

C21091 Dr. C. E. Sommer, 1956

C21092 Mr. Leonard Perryman and Dr. C. E. Sommer, 1956

C21093 Robert Lundy and Verna Bradley, A "3" for 1956

C21094 Dr. James Ellis and Claribell Gallivan, 1956 "3"

C21095 Korean student 1956 "3" and Jack Theis

C21098 Dr. James Ellis and Sherman Janke, 1956 "3"

C21100 Sally Rodes and Susan Harris, 1956 "3's"

C21102 Mrs. G. L. K. Beng and Donald Smith, 1956, "3's"

C21096 Mrs. S. Array and Betty Campbell, 1956 "3"

C21099 Mrs. S. Array and Donna Mac Murray, 1956 "3"

C21101 Carolyn Sue Bowen and mark Reaves, 1956 "3"

C21103 Selma Reynolds, Susan Harris and Patricia Riddell, 1956 "3's"

C21104 Susan Harris, Mrs. S. Arrayo, K. Jackson and Mrs. Beng, 1956 "3's"

C21105 Rev. Robert Lundy with group of 1956 "3's"

C21106 Carolyn S. Bowen and Rev. Paul Yount

C21107 R. Clayton, Bill Funk and J. Forshey, 1956, "3's"

C21108 J. Krummel, M. Sizelove, W. Whitehurst and W. Strong, 1956 "3's"

C21109 K. Jackson, M. L. Tiller, C. Arthur, J. McCaleb, 1956, "3's"

C21110 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21111 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21112 Sam Slack and Junko Tamara, 1956 "3's"

C21113 W. Whitehurst and B. A. Smith 1956, "3's"

C21114 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21115 John McCaleb and Junko Tamara, 1956 "3's"

C21116 Bill Funk and Mrs. Beng, 1956 "3's"

C21117 Rev. Robert Lundy and Jo Anne Barker, 1956 "3"

C21118 Dr. James Ellis and M Coffey, 1956 "3"

C21119 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21120 Canadian "3" and Junko Tamara, 1956 "3's"

C21121 J. Forshey and B. Campell, 1956 "3's"

C21122 G. Mathews and Mrs. A. B. Chaffin

C21123 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21124 Junko Tamara with Richard and Thomas Johnson, 1956, "3's"

C21125 Canadian "3" and Miss V. Cavallero

C21126 K. Jackson and J. Tamara, 1956 "3's"

C21127 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21128 W. Strong, C. Arthur and Robert Clayton. 1956 "3's"

C21129 Canadian "3" and Junko Tamara

C21130 Group of Canadian 3 year missionaries.

C21131 J. Tamara and John Krummel. 1956 "3's"

C21132 Dr. J. Ellis and James Forshey, 1956 "3"

C21133 Dr. J. Ellis and James Jones, 1956 "3"

C21134 Canadian "3" and Mrs. A. B. Chaffin

C21135 R. Blakney and Mrs. Beng, 1956 "3's"

C21137 A. Sowers and Mrs. S. Arraya

C21138 Canadian "3" and Mrs. Chaffin

C21139 C. S. Bowen, M. Reaves and P. Brooks, 1956 "3's"

C21140 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21141 L. Montgomery and Mrs. A. B. Chaffin

C21142 G. Matthews and Sherman Janke, 1956 "3's"

C21143 P. Riddell and J. Theis, 1956 "3's"

C21144 G. Matthews and S. Janke

C21145 Group of 1956 "3's"

C21146 Selma Fay Reynolds

C21150 Doris Darnell

C21147 Rev. Max Lowdermilk

C21148 Mrs. Max Lowdermilk

C21151 Dale Shires, 1956

C21152 Eva Damon, 1956

C21153 Alice Willits, 1956

C21154 Rev. Mae Phelps

C21155 Anne Metz

C21156 Dr. Naomi Dalton

C21157 Emil Paul John, basketball player in Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

C21159 Cartoon which appeared in Providence, Rhode Island, Journal

C21160 Dr. Charles Iglehart, 12/1956

C21161 Doris Alexander

C21162 Frances Allen

C21163 Mary E. Ice

C21164 Celia E. Wade

C21165 Kjill Knutsen

C21166 William Davis

C21167 Victor Rankin

C21168 Isabel Kennedy

C21169 Helen Hill

C21170 Warren Jackson

C21171 Mrs. Warren Jackson

C21172 Ernestine Harman

C21173 Dr. Dorcas Hall

C21174 Walter J. Leppert,

C21176 Christine Brewer


C21175 Iris Bell

C21177 Elwin Matthews

C21178 Carl M. Wheeless

C21179 Mrs. C. R. Heath

C21180 Ellen L. Barnette, 7/1954

C21181 Ortha May Lane, 2/1956

C21182 Rev. Richard G. Belchen

C21183 Betty Lou Brown

C21184 Marie Fulton

C21185 Mary J. Johnson

C21186 Mona Millikan

C21187 Elsie G. Swigart

C21188 Clifford R. Tribble

C21189 Martha Wagner

C21190 Margaret Watson

C21191 D. Anne Wilkinson

C21192 Carolyn Thorne

C21193 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Watson

C21194 Donald Sarsom

C21195 Mrs. Donald Sarsom

C21196 Helen Brown

C21197 Grace Estel

C21198 Theresa C. Hung

C21199 Rev. James Long

C21200 Mrs. James Long

C21201 Beverly C. Berry, 4/1955

C21202 Wayne A. Culp

C21203 Mrs. Wayne A. Culp

C21204 Dallas L. Browning

C21205 Marion Baumgardner, 8/1956

C21206 Mrs. M Baumgardner, 8/1956

C21207 Carol Bolton

C21208 Gordon A. Christensen

C21209 Mrs. Gordon A. Christensen

C21210 Wayne A. Culp

C21211 Richard Heath

C21212 William A. Jones

C21213 James B. Long , 6/1955

C21214 Doris Long, 9/1954

C21215 Donald S. Moore, 12/1955

C21216 Mrs. Donald S. Moore, 12/1955

C21217 Raymond Russell

C21218 Mrs. R. Russell 4/52

C21219 John Schevenius

C21220 Mrs. John Schevenius

C21221 Dwayne Suter '54

C21222 Robert B. White

C21223 Mrs. Robert B. White

C21224 Mrs. C. M. Wheeless 7/1956

C21225 Herbert H. Peterson

C21227 John Shryock

C21228 Mrs. John Shryock

C21229 Iris Bell

C21230 L. E. Griffith, Jr. 1956

C21235 Nargis L. Paul

C21236 George Garden

C21237 Louis Dennis

C21238 Former 2's and 3's who were commissioned full time missionaries.

C21239 Candidates of the Wesleyan Service Guild.

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/1957

C21240 Missionary candidates from Asbury College. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21241 Candidates from the Asbury College Seminary. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21242 Dr. P. Singleton and Miss D. Nyland with student workers at the annual meeting. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21243 Dr. P. Singleton and Miss D. Nyland with student workers at the annual meeting. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21244 Foreign Missionary Candidates of the Woman's Division. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21245 Woman's Division Candidates for Home Missions. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21246 Home and Foreign Fields Candidates of the Woman's Division. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21247 Candidates from Scarritt College. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21248 National College Missionary Candidates

C21249 Retirement Service, Dr. E. Smith,
Dr. E. E. Tuck, Bishop Arthur J. Moore, Dr. E. Brown and Dr. V. Middleton

C21250 Dr. E. E. Tuck and Dr. Earl Brown retiring 1957.

C21251 Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Tuck and Dr. Eugene Smith.

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/1957 - by: Rickarby

C21251 Dr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Tuck and Dr. Eugene Smith

C21252 Dr. V. Middleton making presentation to Dr. and Mrs. Earl Brown.

C21253 Retirement Service

C21254 Iris Allum

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/1957

C21262 Lolomilo Kanue

C21264 Commissioning Service of Board of Missions Candidates. Annual Meeting of the board of Missions of the Methodist Church. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21265 Richard Belcher 1/57

C21267 Mary Bowden 1/57

C21268 Sarah Frances Bowden, 1/57

C21269 Sarah Frances, Jolmer Bowden (their father) and Mary Bowden, 1/57

C21255 Saltyama Butchiah, 5/53

C21256 Dr. James K. Mathews, '57

C21257 Shuichi Fujishiro

C21258 Gerhard Kroener, 11/55

C21259 Paul L. A. Granadosin

C21260 Priscilla Podalina

C21270 Ruth Byerly

C21271 Martha Graf

C21272 Ethel Homefeldt

C21273 Merrill Johnson

C21274 Barbara Lewis and Mrs. Greathouse portraying, Barbara Heck andd Sister Leadbetter in skit, "Organizing the First Ladies Aid Society. Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania. 1/57

C21285 Skit,Sister Leadbetter, Barbara Heck and Sister Ernest (Mrs. Pfeiffer)

C21286 Skit Belle Bennett (Mrs. W. Perryman)

C21275 Pearle McCain,
C21276 J. Kenneth Murray

C21277 Sarah Parrott

Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/1957 by: Rickarby

C21278 Maude Parsons, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21279 Frances Smith, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21280 Zula Terry, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21281 Annimae White, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21282 George R. Williams, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21283 Laura Williams, Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, 1/57

C21284 Hazel Winslow, 1/57

C21287 Robert V. Marble, '57

C21288 M. V. Middleton

C21289 Mr and Mrs. Wallace Kinyon and Family, '57

C21290 John Chang

C21291 Yolanda Periera

C21292 Peggy Billings, '57

C21293 Buck Hill Falls, 1/57 Bishop E. Ledden, Bishop M. Reed, Dr. Robert McKibben and Bishop G. R. Phillips

C21298 Mr and Mrs Milton Robinson and Family, '57

C21299 Mr. and Mrs. Milton Robinson and Bishop H. Welch and Dr. Robert Henry

C21300 Bishop H. Welch commissioning Mrs. Milton Robinson, 1/57

C21301 Marion B. Shaw

C21327 Mr. and Mrs. Ingram Yoder, 3/57

C21328 Mr. and Mrs. Ingram Yoger, 3/57

C21334 Matthews A. Griffith, '57

C21335 Miss Elizabeth Lee, '57

C21329 Mr. H. B. Kirkland

C21337 Robert P. McCullagh

C21338 Rev. Marvin Harper and Dr. George Sahai, Jabalpur, India

C21333 Beulah H. Reitz, 1957

C21336 Bishop P. A. Taylor, Jr

C21340 Ellen L. Barnette

F5064 Bishop J. W. Pickett at Ingraham Institute, Ghaziabad, India

C21342 Bishop Julio Manuel Sabanes

C21461 Kaz Kawata

C21479 Rev. and Mrs. Gerbard Schreck

C21480 Mrs. Gerbard Schreck

C21481 Rev. Gerhard Schreck

C21482 Mrs. Hobart B. Amstutz

C21491 Miss Mona Kewish

C21492 Marian Bayless

C21439 Imogene Joyner

C21494 Mario C. Barberi

C21495 Rev. Carlton Young

C21496 Rev. W. Bernard Grossman

C21497 Ruth E. Suse

C21498 Rosella Bonorden

C21499 Paul E. Van Buren

C21500 Richard Schwenk

C21501 Janet Porcelli

C21502 Patricia J. Patterson

C21503 Stanley Moore

C21504 Stanley Maughlin

C21505 Joyce M. Haberman

C21506 J. Andy Fowler

C21507 Peggy Campbell

C211508 Wendell Caldwell

C21509 Judith Joan Bish

C21510 Dr. and Mrs. Golden

C21511 Fred K. Kirchner

C21512 LeLand Agenbroad

C21513 Jayne Anker

C21514 James Brewster

C21515 Arlene Petersen

C21516 Rose C. Thomas

C21520 Mary Lois Jonston

C21521 Marjorie F. Yarborough

C21632 Carroll G. French

C21633 Robert L. Gell

C21634 June L Green

C21635 Donna Lou Nelson

C21636 Hoyt Oliver

C21637 James M. Robertson

C21638 Dale Sherrod

C21639 Wendy Sutton

C21708 Emma Rogers

C21709 Eunice Kirkholm

C21710 Lewis Archer

C21341 Rev. Hiram G. Conger

C21802 Lynn A. DeMoss

C21640 Margaret Toothman

C21641 Pharis Harvey

C21642 Helene Russell

C21796 Mrs. G. F. Dyson

C21522 Sallie Carroll, Greencastle, 6/57

C21523 Mr and Mrs Douglas Pickett, Greencastle, 6/57

C21524 Douglas Pickett, Greencastle, 6/57

C1525 Mrs. Douglas Pickett, Greencastle, 6/57

C21526 Dr. Walter H. Moore, Greencastle, 6/57

C21527 Mrs. Walter H. Moore, Greencastle, 6/57

C21550 Rev and Mrs. George, Garden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21551 George Garden, Garden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21552 Mrs. George Garden, Garden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21553 Rev and Mrs. Delbert Asay and Family, Garden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21554 Delbert Asay, Garden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21555 Mrs. Delbert Asay, Garden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21556 Elizabeth Miller, Greencastle, 6/57

C21557 Mr and Mrs Warren Wofford, Greencastle, 6/57

C21558 Warren Wofford, Greencastle, 6/57

C21559 Mrs. Warren Wofford, Greencastle, 6/57

C21560 Max Kemling, Greencastle, 6/57

C 21561 Mrs. Max Kemling, Greencastle, 6/57

C21562 Sylvia Aldrich, Greencastle, 6/57

C21563 Myrtle Zicafoose, Greencastle, 6/57

C21564 Helen Barns, Greencastle, 6/57

C21565 Margaret Boss, Greencastle, 6/57

C21566 Kate Cooper, Greencastle, 6/57

C21567 Sallie L. Browne, Greencastle, 6/57

C21568 Maxine Coleman, Greencastle, 6/57

C21569 Caroline Plank, Greencastle, 6/57

C21570 Ella Greve, Greencastle, 6/57

C21571 Carolyn Schaefer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21573 Ruth Suse, Greencastle, 6/57

C21574 Betty Penn, Greencastle, 6/57

C21575 Mollie Townsend, Greencastle, 6/57

C21576 David Stubbs, Greencastle, 6/57

C21577 Dr and Mrs. C. S. Trimmer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21578 Dr. C. S. Trimmer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21579 Mrs. C. S. Trimmer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21580 Rev and Mrs. Joseph Maw, Greencastle, 6/57

C21581 Joseph Maw, Greencastle, 6/57

C21582 Mrs. Joseph Maw, Greencastle, 6/57

C21583 Rev and Mrs. James Goodwin, Greencastle, 6/57

C21584 James Goodwin, Greencastle, 6/57

C21585 Mrs. James Goodwin, Greencastle, 6/57

C21586 Avery Manchester, Greencastle, 6/57

C21587 Marcia Ball, Greencastle, 6/57

C21589 Marion Baumgardner, Greencastle, 6/57

C21590 Mrs. Marion Baumgardner, Greencastle, 6/57

C21591 Pearl Precise, Greencastle, 6/57

C21592 Rev and Mrs. Eugene McGraw, Greencastle, 6/57

C21593 Eugene McGraw, Greencastle, 6/57

C21594 Mrs. Eugene McGraw, Greencastle, 6/57

C21595 Rev and Mrs. Frank A. Argelander, Greencastle, 6/57

C21597 Mrs. Frank A. Argelander, Greencastle, 6/57

C21598 Pearl and Myrtle Precise, Greencastle, 6/57

C21599 Myrtle Precise, Greencastle, 6/57

C21600 Mr and Mrs. Bennett Horton, Greencastle, 6/57

C21601 Bennett Horton, Greencastle, 6/57

C21602 Mrs. Bennett Horton, Greencastle, 6/57

C21603 Rev and Mrs. William DeRuiter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21604 William DeRuiter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21605 Mrs. William DeRuiter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21606 Rev and Mrs. Louis C. Johnson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21607 Louis C. Johnson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21608 Mrs. Louis C. Johnson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21609 Herbert Tavenner, Greencastle, 6/57

C21611 Rev and Mrs. C. L. Spottswood and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21612 Imogene Joyner, Greencastle, 6/57

C21613 Elizabeth Hobart, Greencastle, 6/57

C21614 Maren Tirsgaard, Greencastle, 6/57

C21615 Anne Metz, Greencastle, 6/57

C21616 Rev and Mrs. Harry Andreassen and family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21617 Harry Andreassen, Greencastle, 6/57

C21618 Mrs. Harry Andreassen, Greencastle, 6/57

C21619 Rev and Mrs. Edwin Tims, Greencastle, 6/57

C21620 Edwin Tims, Greencastle, 6/57

C21621 Mrs. Edwin Tims, Greencastle, 6/57

C21622 Mary Eide, Greencastle, 6/57

C21623 Mabel Lorah, Greencastle, 6/57

C21624 Alverna Koch, Greencastle, 6/57

C21625 Lorena Foster, Greencastle, 6/57

C21626 Ann Harder, Greencastle, 6/57

C21627 Marion Holmes, Greencastle, 6/57

C21628 Clara Howard, Greencastle, 6/57

C21629 Ruth O'Toole, Greencastle, 6/57

C21630 Elizabeth Overby, Greencastle, 6/57

C21631 Mary Finch, Greencastle, 6/57

C21643 Rev. and Mrs. Inman Townsley and Son, Greencastle, 6/57

C21644 Inman Townsley, Greencastle, 6/57

C21645 Mrs. Inman Townsley, Greencastle, 6/57

C21646 Ada Mae Bookman, Greencastle, 6/57

C21647 Mr and Mrs. Elbert E. Reed, Greencastle, 6/57

C21648 Elbert E. Reed, Greencastle, 6/57

C21649 Mrs. E. E. Reed, Greencastle, 6/57

C21650 Anna Belle Dyck, Greencastle, 6/57

C21651 Rev. and Mrs. Robert McWilliams and family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21652 Robert McWilliams, Greencastle, 6/57

C21653 Mrs. Robert McWilliams, Greencastle, 6/57

C21654 Frances Goby, Greencastle, 6/57

C21655 Mattie Lou Neal, Greencastle, 6/57

C21656 Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Stuntz, Greencastle, 6/57

C21657 Dr. Clyde Stuntz, Greencastle, 6/57

C21658 Mrs. Clyde Stuntz, Greencastle, 6/57

C21659 Mr. and Mrs. John Shryock, Greencastle, 6/57

C21660 John Shryock, Greencastle, 6/57

C21661 Mrs. J. Shryock, Greencastle, 6/57

C21662 Evelyn Mercer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21663 Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Culp, Greencastle, 6/57

C21664 Wayne Culp, Greencastle, 6/57

C21665 Mrs. Wayne Culp, Greencastle, 6/57

C21666 Rev. and Mrs. William D. Davis, Greencastle, 6/57

C21667 William D. Davis, Greencastle, 6/57

C21668 Mrs. William D. Davis, Greencastle, 6/57

C21669 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Watson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21670 Raymond Watson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21671 Mrs. Raymond Watson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21672 Rev. and Mrs. Hunter Griffin, Greencastle, 6/57

C21673 Hunter Griffin, Greencastle, 6/57

C21674 Mr. Hunter Griffin, Greencastle, 6/57

C21675 Vera Parks, Greencastle, 6/57

C21676 Lilly Swords, Greencastle, 6/57

C21677 Rev. and Mrs. Harold Rickard and family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21678 Harold Rickard, Greencastle, 6/57

C21679 Mrs. H. Rickard, Greencastle, 6/57

C21680 Rev. and Mrs. Earl Perry, and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21681 Earl Perry, Greencastle, 6/57

C21682 Mrs. Earl Perry, Greencastle, 6/57

C21683 Rev. and Mrs. Marvin A. Keislar and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21684 Marvin A. Keislar, Greencastle, 6/57

C21685 Mrs. M. A. Keislar, Greencastle, 6/57

C21686 Rev. and Mrs. Gordon A. Christensen and Daughter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21687 Gordon A. Christensen, Greencastle, 6/57

C21688 Mrs. Gordon A. Christensen, Greencastle, 6/57

C1689 Rev. and Mrs. Louis Dennis and Daughter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21690 Louis Dennis, Greencastle, 6/57

C21691 Mrs. Louis Dennis, Greencastle, 6/57

C21693 Rev. and Mrs. C. L. Spottswood in costumes of the Philippine Islands ( also
C21692 ) Greencastle, 6/57

C21694 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sauer in costume of Korea. ( also C21695) Greencastle, 6/57

C21696 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sauer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21697 Charles A. Sauer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21698 Mrs. Charles A. Sauer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21699 Dr. and Mrs. Garfield Evans

C21701 Mrs. Garfield Evans

C21702 Rev. and Mrs. Gerhard Schreck

C21703 Gerhard Schreck

C21704 Mrs. Gerhard Schreck

C21706 Ingram Yoder

Greencastle, Indiana, 6/1957

C21707 Mrs. J. Yoder, Greencastle, 6/57

C21711 Rev. and Mrs. Fred Wray, Greencastle, 6/57

C21712 Fred Wray, Greencastle, 6/57

C21713 Mrs. Fred Wray, Greencastle, 6/57

c21714 Florence Ford, Greencastle, 6/57

C21715 George Workman, Greencastle, 6/57

C21716 Jane Williams, Greencastle, 6/57

C21717 Irma Highbaugh, Greencastle, 6/57

C21719 Rev. and Mrs. Per Knutsson and son, Greencastle, 6/57

C21720 Per Knutsson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21721 Mrs. per Knutsson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21722 Ellen Barnette, Greencastle, 6/57

C21723 Rev. and Mrs. J. Wesley Day & Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21724 J. Wesley Day, Greencastle, 6/57

C21725 Mrs. J. Wesley Day, Greencastle, 6/57

C21726 Rev. and Mrs. Charles Clay and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21727 Charles Clay, Greencastle, 6/57

C21728 Mrs. Charles Clay, Greencastle, 6/57

C21735 Mrs. Fred Maitland, Greencastle, 6/57

C21734 Fred Maitland, Greencastle, 6/57

C21736 Rev. and Mrs. Lester Griffith and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21737 Lester Griffith, Greencastle, 6/57

C21738 Mrs. Lester Griffith, Greencastle, 6/57

C21739 Rev. and Mrs. Donald Sansom and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21729 Marjorie Denimitt, Greencastle, 6/57

C21829 Alice Alsup, Greencastle, 6/57

C21730 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marble & family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21731 Robert Marble, Greencastle, 6/57

C21732 Mrs. Robert Marble, Greencastle, 6/57

C21733 Rev. and Mrs. Fred Maitland, Greencastle, 6/57

C21740 Donald Sansom, Greencastle, 6/57

C21741 Mrs. Donald Sansom, Greencastle, 6/57

C21742 Rev. and Mrs. Lloyd Middleton and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21743 Rev. Lloyd Middleton, Greencastle, 6/57

C21744 Mrs. Lloyd Middleton, Greencastle, 6/57

C21745 Dr. Jalmar Bowden, Greencastle, 6/57

C21746 Rev. and Mrs. Don Rugh, Greencastle, 6/57

C21747 Rev. Don Rugh, Greencastle, 6/57

C21748 Mrs. Don Rugh, Greencastle, 6/57

C21749 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Overholt, Greencastle, 6/57

C21750 W. W. Overholt, Greencastle, 6/57

C21751 Mrs. W. W. Overholt, Greencastle, 6/57

C21752 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weaver and family Greencastle, 6/57

C21753 Charles Weaver, Greencastle, 6/57

C21754 Mrs. Charles Weaver, Greencastle, 6/57

C21755 Lonnie Turnipseed, Greencastle, 6/57

C21756 Dr. Milton C. Davis, Greencastle, 6/57

Cc21751 Mrs. Milton C. Davis, Greencastle, 6/57

C21758 Vinson H. Sutlive, Jr. Greencastle, 6/57

C21759 Mr. & Mrs. Warren Jackson and daughter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21760 Warren Jackson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21761 Mrs. Warren Jackson, Greencastle, 6/57

C21762 Dr. and Mrs. James McEldowney Greencastle, 6/57

C21763 Dr. James McEldowney, Greencastle, 6/57

C21764 Mrs. J. McEldowney, Greencastle, 6/57

C21765 Mary Blackford, Greencastle, 6/57

C21766 Rev. and Mrs. Dwayne Suter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21767 Dwayne Suter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21768 Mrs. Dwayne Suter, Greencastle, 6/57

C21769 Mary Winn, Greencastle, 6/57

C21770 Rev. and Mrs. Derrell Santee, Greencastle, 6/57

C21771 Derrell Santee, Greencastle, 6/57

C21772 Mrs. Derrell Santee, Greencastle, 6/57

C21773 Rev. and Mrs. Linwood E. Blackburn, Greencastle, 6/57

C 21774 Linwood E. Blackburn, Greencastle, 6/57

C21776 Rev. and Mrs. Ray Lanham, Greencastle, 6/57

C21777 Roy Lanham, Greencastle, 6/57

C21778 Mrs. Roy Lanham, Greencastle, 6/57

C21779 Rev. and Mrs. Otis Bell and Family, Greencastle, 6/57

C21780 Otis Bell, Greencastle, 6/57

C21781 Mrs. Otis Bell Greencastle, 6/57

C21782 John Kalmmer, Greencastle, 6/57

C21784 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wold Greencastle, 6/57

C21785 Donald Wold Greencastle, 6/57

C21786 Mrs. Donald Wold Greencastle, 6/57

C21787 Rev. and Mrs. Emerson Abram. Greencastle, 6/57

C21788 Emerson Abram Greencastle, 6/57

C21789 Mrs. Emerson Abram Greencastle, 6/57

C21790 A Jack Williamson Greencastle, 6/57

C21791 Rev. and Mrs. Omar Fink and daughter. Greencastle, 6/57

C21792 Omar Fink. Greencastle, 6/57

C21793 Mrs. Omar Fink Greencastle, 6/57

C21794 Dr. Werner Wickstrom Greencastle, 6/57

C21795 Mrs. W. Wickstrom Greencastle, 6/57

C21797 W. D. C. S. missionaries at the Furloughed Missionaries Conference Greencastle, 6/57

C21798 Newly Commissioned missionaries at the Furloughed Missionaries Conference Greencastle, 6/57

C21799 Entire group of missionaries at the Furloughed Missionaries Conference. Greencastle, 6/57

C21800 Division of World Missions Missionaries at the Furloughed Missionaries Conference. Greencastle, 6/57

C21803 Hartford 1951 group at the furloughed Missionaries Conference Greencastle, 6/57

C21804 Betty M. Bailey

C21805 Jane Marie Boyle

C21806 Mary Lou Campbell

C21807 Jane Chapman

C21808 Emma J. Ellen

C21809 Marian Elwell

C21810 Mary L. Hutchinson

C21811 Helen Jordan

C21812 Robert L Porter

C21813 Sibyl Rawls

C21814 Laura M. Sanderson

C21815 Bettie Sue Smith

C21816 Coralyn Stayton

C21817 Martha Ruth Williams

C21818 June Sanders

C21819 Evelyn P. Fisher

C21820 Julia K. Henderson

C21821 June C. McIntosh

C21822 Janice H. Truscott

C21823 John D. Dodson

C21824 Joel Nimon

C21825 Marilyn A. Eddy

C21826 Janice Closson

C21827 - Elvina M. Stenberg

C21828 - Rosemary Scheuerman

C21830 - Miss Eunice Porter 6/57

C21831 - Dr. and Mrs. Werner Wickstrom 6/57

C21832 - Rev. and Mrs. Robert Gnegy and Family 6/57

C21833 - Mrs. R. Gnegy 6/57

C21834 - Robert Gnegy 6/57

C21867 - James H. Moore

C21226 - Rev. Simon P. Montgomery and Rev. Harold G. King

C21868 - Dr. Tomas Rico

C21869 - Rev. Angel Arvo

C21870 - Rev. J. N. Cintron

C21871 - Rev. Espado Morrero

C21872 - Rev. Espado Morrero

C21873 - Rev. Emilio Rivera

C21874 - Rev. Felix Encarnacion

C21875 - Rev. Carlos Lopez

C21876 - Rev. Bienvenido Guizpo

C21877 - Rev. J. M. Amaro

C21878 - Rev. Angel Serrano

C21879 - Rev. Diego Escobar

C21880 - Rev. A. Cruz Sanchez

C21881 - Rev. Juan Orlandi Bairan

C21882 - Rev. Gerardo Lopez

C21883 - Rev. Ariel Curet

C21884 - Rev. Alfredo Rivera

C21885 - Rev. Jose Quinoned

C21886 - Donald C. Horton 10/49

C21887 - Dr. Philip C. Edwards

C21888 - Dr. Hyla S. Watters 1954

C21889 - Rev. Williams and Dr. V. Middleton

C21890 - Mr. and Mrs. John McMullen 9/57

C21891 - Burnetta Armstrong

C21892 - Valerin Grubb

C21893 - Sallie E. Carroll

C21894 - Dr. Abdul Haqq.

C21895 - Pearle McCain

C21896 - Daniel E. Taylor

C21897 - Josephus Daniels

C21898 - Dr. Miran Morrill

C21900 - Harry Greenberg

C21901 - Mary Lou Barnwell

C21902 - Dr. Henry C. Whyman

C21904 - Dr. William Gowland

C21903 - Frances Eshelman

C21905 - Bishop N. S. Booth, Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus, Dr. J. K. Mathews

C21906 - Mrs. J. Pearson, Miss L. Colony, Mrs. J. F. Tillman, Archbishop Makarios, Mrs. F. Cox

C21907 Bishop N. S. Booth, Archbishop Makarios, Dr. J. K. Mathews, Dr. T. T. Brumbaugh, Mr. W. J. Leppert

C21908 Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus and Bishop Newell S. Booth

C21909 Archbishop Makarios and Mr. H. B. Kirkland

C21910 Mr. W. J. Leppert and Archbishop Makarios

C21911 Rev. William F. Fore

C21912 Dr. A. Lowry Creed

C21914 Mrs. Iona Henry

C21913 Benjamin F. Allgood

C21915 Dr. Goodwin Watson

C21916 Dr. Fred G. Holloway

C21917 Margaret Boss

C21918 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Speakman

C21919 Stanley E. Brush

C21920 Eric Mitchell

C21921 Glen Evans

C21922 Fred Brancel

C21923 Richard G. Milk

C21924 H. T. Maclin

C21925 Ralph Kesselring

C21926 William D. Bray

C21928 Barbara M. Bailey

C21930 Nola Smee

C21931 Bishop Rajah Manikam

C21932 David C. White

C21933 Waldo S. Reinoehl

C21934 James E. McEldowney

C21935 Fusako Kitamura

C21936 Dr. John R. Wilkins

C21937 Dr. Roxy Lefforge

C21938 E. Pearce Hayes

C21939 Ed Jager

C21951 Rev. W. H. Moore

C21952 Gertrude M. Byler

C21953 John Blanchard

C21954 Flora Fleshman

C21955 George J. Fleshman

C21956 Lyman L. Hale, Jr.

C21957 Coriless V. Hanson

C21958 Mrs. Donald Mattson

C21959 Dr. Donald Mattson

C21961 Gerhard Johnson

C21962 Albert Whelchel

C21964 Mrs. Charles Goltz

C21965 Charles Goltz

C21966 Mrs. J. Lloyd Knox

C21967 J. Lloyd Knox

C21968 Mrs. Franklin P. Smith

C21969 Franklin P. Smith

C21970 Mrs. D. E. Speakman

C21971 Daneil E. Speakman

C21972 Mrs. Donald Wold

C21973 Donald Wold

C21992 Mrs. C. V. Hanson

C21993 Mrs. William E. Eddy

C21994 William E. Eddy

C21995 Mrs. Marion Way, Jr.

C21996 Marion Way, Jr.

C21997 Andrew Williamson

C21998 Mrs. R. H. Peterson

C21999 Richard Peterson

C22000 Estherjean Speakman

C22001 Harry Speakman

C22002 Mrs. James David Reid

C22003 James David Reid

C22004 Mary L. Whitlock

C22015 John Elliott

C22016 Mrs. John Elliott

C22020 Mrs. Norman D. Case

C22021 Norman D. Case

C22022 Clarice Elliott

C22023 LeGrand B. Smith

C22024 David Reid

C22025 Mrs. David Reid

C22026 David Adams

C22027 Mrs. David Adams

C22028 Selishberto V. Cabotaje

C22029 Richard H. Peterson

C22030 Mary E. Bethea

C22031 William Garrard

C22032 Mrs. William Garrard

C22033 Mrs. Lyman Hale

C22034 Robert E. Fenstermacher

C22035 Dr. Donald E. Bowes

C22036 Mrs. Donald E. Bowes

C22037 Robinson H. McAden

C22038 Mrs. Robinson H. McAden

C22039 Theodore H. Leonard

C22040 Mrs. Hilda Dail

C22046 Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Henk and family

C22047 Robert L. Wilson

C220919 Frederick L. Pedersen

C22048 Constance Blackstock

C22049 Filomena Natividad

C22050 Louise Campbell

C22051 Janes Crooks

C22052 Frances Fulton , Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22053 Hannah Gallagher, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22054 Helen Games, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22055 Rebecca Giles, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22056 Bessie Oliver, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22057 Joyce Hill, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22058 Marie Hill, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22059 Elizabeth Howell, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22060 Mabel Lorah, Buck Hill Falls,, 1/58

C22061 Mabel Michael, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22062 Alpha Miller, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22063 Caroline Peckham, Buck Hill Falls. 1/58

C22064 Gusta Robinett, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22065 Ellen Suffern, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22066 Dr. Margaret Tucker, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22067 Josephine Kriz, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22068 Harold W. Olson, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22069 Group of Newly Commissioned Missionaries, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22070 Missionary Candidates from Scarritt College, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22071 Missionary Candidates of the Wesleyan Service Guild, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22072 Dr. H. C. Sprinkle, Jr. with North Carolina group, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58

C22073 Missionary Candidates of the Woman's Division, Buck Hill Falls, 1/58