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C13960 Mr. A. R. Samuel of Pakistan

C13961 Mrs. A. R. Samuel of Pakistan

C13962 Mr. Victor Rankin

C13963 Mrs. Victor Rankin

C13964 Mrs. David W. Hills

C13965 Mr. David W. Hills

C13966 Mrs. Burleigh A. Law

C13967 Mr. Burleigh A. Law

C13969 Mrs. Ernest Best

C13970 Rev. Ernest Best

C13971 Mrs. Maria Mesner

C13972 Dale M. Mesner

C13977 Mrs. Frank G. Brooks

C13978 Reverend Darrell Randall

C13979 Dr. R. L. Archer

C13980 Mr. Harry C. Spencer

C13982 Rev. and Mrs. Linn Pauahty District Superintendent - Western District Oklahoma Indian Mission

C13983 Glenn F. Sanford - Department of Town and Country Work

Dr. John F. Sheldon

Rev. and Mrs. James W. Spitzkeit

C 13976
Mr. Seigfried Trommer

C 13981
Rev. and Mrs. Linn Pauahty
Dist. Sup.- Western Dist.
Oklahoma Indian Mission

C 13986
Miss Marjorie Merrill and
Miss Margaret G. Felton

C 13987
Mrs. James H. Pyke (Margaret G. Felton)
waving from ship.

C13988 Mrs. James H. Pyke (M. G. Felton)

C13989 Mrs. James H. Pyke (M. G. Felton) and Miss Marjorie Merrill

C13985 Mr. Robert Steele

C13991 Mrs. Grace H. Wilson

C13973 Mrs. Eloise Woolever and Mrs. Signe Nyguist

C13974 Mrs. Signe Nyguist

13975 Mrs. Eloise Wooleva and Mrs. Signe Nyguist

C13992 Mrs. George F. McKelvy accepted Department of Foreign Mission missionaries.

C13993 Mr. George F. McKelvey accepted Department of Foreign Missions missionary

C13994 Mr. and Mrs. Emmett D. Steele

C13995 Mr. and Mrs. Emmett D. Steele

C13997 Miss Minkler

C13996 Rosa May Butler

C13998 Corliss P. Hargraves, D. D. Executive Secretary of the International Board Commission on Missionary Education. (Board of Missions and Church Ext.) and Board of Education of the Methodist Church.) No publication right. see folder in post file. Photo made from our negative. Original made by Underwood and Underwood.

C14000 Mrs. William Manning

C14001 Mr. William Manning

C13999 Earliest Portrait of Susanna Wesley

C14005 Rockwell C. Smith

C14006 Bishop S. K. Mondol

C14007 Miss Elizabeth Lee

C14008 Mrs. Eloise A. Woolever

C14009 Gladice Bower

C14010 Lucile Holliday

C14011 Margaret Marshall

C14015 Miss Martha Vanderbert

C14018 Herb Tavenner

C14016 Mrs. Hauser

C14019 Mrs. Ruth Wheaton Meeker Editor of Methodist Woman

C14020 Women in first Bombay Conference Taken in Poona sometime between 1895--1897.

C14021 Dorothy Clarke Wilson

C14024 Youth member of the Board of Missions Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14025 Commissioning Service--Annual Meeting. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14026--I Commissioning Service Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14026--II Commissioning Service Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14027 Foreign Division Candidates Commissioned. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14028 New Missionaries Division of Foreign Mission and Foreign Department Woman's Division. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14029 Candidates--Division of Foreign Missions. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14030 Sallie Lou McKinnon and Harland Hopkins--Tea Room. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14031 E. H. Mohn and C. T. Howell. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14032 Dr. Beebe and Dr. Smith Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14033 Rev. H. C. Spencer, demonstrating projector. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14034 Bishop D. H. Tippett and Rev. H. C. Spencer. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14035 Dr. John W. Hawley Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14036 Mrs. J. D. Bragg Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14037 Mrs. A. C. Johnson Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14038 M. O. Williams. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14043 Fred G. Sturm. Buck Hill Falls. December 1949

C14044 Mrs. Fred G. Sturm Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14045 Miss Martha Vanderberg Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14046 Mrs. Bob Byrne. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14047 Mr. Bob Byrne. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14048 Mr. Burleigh Aubrey Law Jr. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14049 Miss Elizabeth Jane Graves Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949

C14050 Miss Virginia Ellen Brown Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949

C14051 Mrs. Burleigh Aubrey Law Jr. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14052 Rev. Robert Fieldon Lundy Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14053 Mrs. Maran S. Garrison Buck Hill Falls December, 1949

C14054 Mrs. Robert Walker Nave Buck Hill Falls. December 1949

C14055 Mr. Robert Walter Nave. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14056 Doris Ying Ming Hsu, PHD 14 years Dean of Hua Nan College Foochou, China--Buck Hill Falls. December 1949

C14057 Nashville Area Group. Dr. Youell, Mr. and Mrs. McKelay, Rev and Mrs. Lundy, Miss Bunn, Bishop Keon and Robert F. Lundy, Jr. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14058 Nashville Area Group. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14059 Robert Fieldon Lundy, Jr. and Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Lundy. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14060 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker Nave, Mrs. Jeanne Nave, teacher of Woodstock school in India. Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949

C14061 Mrs. T. G. Brooks--President of Womans Division C. S.. Mrs. Paul Arrington--Vice President of Womans Division C. S. Buck Hill Falls--December, 1949

C14062 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam and Dr. G. Q. Schhisler. Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949

C14063 Bishop A. Frank Smith Buck Hill Falls December, 1949

C14064 Mrs. Frank G. Brooks Buck Hill Falls December, 1949

C14065 Mrs. L. M. Autrey, Chairman of Status of Women Commission and Mrs. Dorothy McConnell. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14066 Harold Ehrensberger Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14067 Recognition of Retirement of Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14068 Mrs. Gabrielson and Mrs. Arrington. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14069 Miss Alice Murdock Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14070 Otto Nall and Garland Hopkins. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14071 Recognition of Retirement of Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14072 Bishop Abe of Japan. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14073 Bishop Costen J. Harrell and Bishop Paul B. Kern at Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14074 Bishop A. Frank Smith Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14075 Recognition of Retirement of Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer at Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14076 Miss Helen Gail Tennema Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14077 Elliott L. Fisher and Earl R. Brown. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14078 Burnham Kirkland and Dr. Beebe. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14079 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer and Charles Adams at Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949.

C14080 Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer Buck Hill Falls. December 1949

C14081 Dr. Earl R. Brown at Buck Hill Falls. December 1949

C14082 Bishop G. B. Oxnam and Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer at Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14083 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam and John Q. Schisler at Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14084 Woman's Division Group Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14085 New Missionaries. Division of Foreign Missionaries and Foreign Department. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949 Woman's Division.

C14086 Candidates of the Division of Foreign Mission. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14087 New Missionaries. Division of Foreign Mission and Foreign Department. Woman's Division. Buck Hill Falls. December 1949

C14088 Mr. and Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14089 Service of Commission. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14090 Mrs. Oxnam presenting flowers to Mrs. Diffendorfer. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14091 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer and Charles Adams. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14092 Recognition of retirement of Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer. Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949

C14093 Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer at service for his retirement. Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949.

C14094 Recognition of retirement of Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer. Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949.

C14095 At service of Retirement of Dr. R. E. Diffendorfer. Buck Hill Falls. December, 1949

C14096 J. K. Mathews at dinner to Foreign Students Commission at Buck Hill Falls. December 1949


C14098 Wesleyan Service Guild Group at Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949 Names of neg jacket.

C14099 Wilma Ruth Eaton--M.D. to Mary Richard Hogg going to China; He is a D. F. M.

C14100 Rev. M. S. Garrison (India)

C14101 Mrs. M. S. Garrison

C14102 Mr and Mrs Robert McWilliams

C14103 Dr. Dagmar Norell

C14104 Herb Tavenner

C14105 Dr. Tyler & committee planning panel discussion. Buck Hill Falls, December, 1949

C14109 Rev. and Mrs. John Wesley Frank. Retired missionaries.

C14110 Mr. Richard Hanson

C14111 Miss Elizabeth Stinson

C14113 Miss Janice Roberts

C14114 Miss Rachel Bowers

C14120 Mrs. W. B. Landrum

C14121 Dr. Helen Hsia

C14122 Mrs. Mildred McAfee Horton

C14123 Vera Michaelis Dean

C14124 Dean Basley--Duke University

C14125 Bishop Hayen G. Werner

C14126 Dr. Benjamin Mays

C14127 Bishop G. Bromby Oxnam

C14128 Bishop Arthur J. Moore

C14129 Mrs. Ruth Wheaton Meeker

C14130 Bishop Gerald Kennedy

C14139 Hildegard Funk

C14146 Miss Helen V. Barnes

C14147 Rev. Tracey K. Jones, Jr

C14336 James T. Phillips, Jr.

C14364 Rudolph Benes

C14365 Rev. Otis W. Bell, Jr.

C14366 Alice Appenzeller

C14367 Rev. Isaac Chee

C14370 Mrs. J. H. Haines

C14371 Rev. J. H. Haines

C14372 Rev. & Mrs. J. H. Haines

C14373 Rev. J. H. Haines and family

C14384 Maria Verdecia

C14385 Rafael Verdecia

C14386 Roger Ortmayer

C14387 Dr. Flora Wysner

C14389 Ralph E. Dodge

C14390 Miss Nyquist

C14391 Mrs. M. E. Tilly

C14392 Miss Theressa Hoover

C14393 Miss Yoshi Tokunaga

C14394 Frank A. Argelander

C14395 R. Pierre

C14396 Edmund Hevesi

C14397 Preston Littlepage Peach

C14398 Mrs. Myrtle Thomas

C14401 Lydia E. Gerhart

C14402 Mrs. Lois Blair

C14403 Miss Mary Beth Littlejohn

C14406 Ben Sauada

C14407 William W. Des Autels

C14408 Kazuyoshi Kawata

C14409 Mrs. Marion Jeane Kawata (Kazuyoshi)

C14410 Marion F. Woods

C14411 Marjory Woods

C14412 Emma Burris

C14413 Theodore Tschuy

C14414 George W. Culberson

C14415 Charles W. Iglehart and wife

C14416 Miloslov Kanak.

C14417 Obediah Manjengwa.

C14418 Bishop S. K. Mondol.

K625 Dr. Earl R. Brown.

C14419 Miss Alice Murdock.

C14420 Miss Cha Kyung Kim

C14429 Thomas A. Harris

C14430 Florence Piper.

C14431 Joseph Szczepkowski

C14432 Miss Dorothy E. Wall

C14433 Mr. Bruce Hulse

C14434 Mrs. Bruce Hulse

C14435 Rev. Robert Hsi-Lin Howe

C14436 Chaisoon Cha.

C14437 Young Che Kim

C14438 Bishop Yoshimune Abe

C14439 Barnie A. Higgs, Jr.

C14440 Lawrence Robinson

C14441 Mrs. Lawrence Robinson

C14442 Bishop Paul E. Martin

C14443 Rev. Elmer H. Douglas

C15147 Dr. Dogmar Norell.

C15148 Miss Lucille Colony.

C15149 Dr. Robert F. Thomas. (M.D.)

C15150 Mrs. Martha Kent.

C15151 Mr. William Kent.

C15152 Rev. Ram Dutt

C15153 Miss Lucille Colony.

C15158 Taneo Chiba

C15159 Bishop Richard C Raines

C15166 Lawrence Swift.

C15157 J. A. Thompson Wells

C15173 J. A. Engle.

C15175 Herbert H. Peterson

C15176 Group at alter led by Bishop Arthur J. Moore. Commissioning Service June 14 - 1950

C15177 Bishop Richard C Rainer & Bishop Arthur J. Moore & couple. Commissioning Service June 14 - 1950

C15178 Commissioning Service - June 14, 1950 Entire Group Newly appointed Missionaries and Deaconesses.

C15179 Commissioning Service - June 14 - 1950 Home Department & Foreign Department of Women's Division of Christian Service

C15180 Commissioning Service of June 14 - 1950 Foreign Department of Women's Division of Christian Service

C15181 Commissioning Service June 14 - 1950 Deaconess Home Department of Women's Division of Christian Service

C15182 Commissioning Service - June 14 - 1950 Foreign Division of The Board of Mission

C15197 Hyung Sook Roe.

C15198 Edelmira Dutra

C15199 Mrs. C. W. Iglehart. (Florence A.)

C15204 Margaret Briggs

C15203 Bishop & Mrs. Ivan Lee Holt.

C15205 William E. Shaw.

C15206 Mrs. Fred B. Maitland.

C15207 Mr. Fred B. Maitland.

C15208 Ursula M. Glaeser.

C15209 Charles E. Pang.

C15211 Gerald L. Downie

C15220 Greencastle, June 1950 Entire group of Crusade Scholars.

C15221 Greencastle - June 1950. Japanese Crusade Scholars.

C15222 Greencastle - June 1950
Medical Crusade Scholars.

C15223 Greencastle - June 1950
Missionaries, Candidates of the Foreign Department of the Woman's Division

C15224 Greencastle, Indiana - June 1950
Missionary Candidates of the Foreign Division

C15225 Greencastle, Indiana June 1950 Missionary Candidates of the Board.

C15226 Greencastle, Indiana June 1950 Missionaries of Foreign Department of the Woman's Division.

C15227 Greencastle, Indiana June 1950 Missionaries of Foreign Division

C15228 Greencastle, Indiana June 1950
Philippine Island Crusade Scholars with Miss Dean

C15229 Greencastle, Indiana June 1950
European Crusade Scholars.

C15230 Greencastle, Indiana June 1950
India Crusade Scholars.

C15242 James E. Ellis.

C15243 Charles R. Britt

C15244 James E. Ellis.

C15245 Lily M. Sowa

C15246 Miss Gay Anne Hendrixson

C15247 Eavlene Homel

C15248 Marlene Marie Archer

C15249 Betty Jane Rogers

C15250 Gilbert Bascom.

C15251 William W. Des Antels

C15252 Dorothy Seest.

C15253 Edith Scott.

C15254 Richard Linde.

C15255 Martin Pray.

C15256 Anna Givens

C15257 William F. Asbury

C15258 Raymond Sauder.

C15259 Laura Eckroth.

C15260 Leon Strunk.

C15261 John C. James.

C15262 Bart Carter Pate.

C15263 William E. Carter.

C15264 Mary Ruth Coffman.

C15265 Mary Curtiss

C15266 Genevieve Modena Horten

C15267 Maryann Johnson

C15268 Margaret Justice

C15269 Ramona Redmon

C15270 Vera C. Reebs.

C15271 James Snedeker

C15272 Mattie A. Thomson

C15273 James Edwin Tims

C15274 Reginald F. Wheatley

C15275 Ralph M. Miller.

C15276 Galal Kernahan.

C15277 Glenn Edgar Nesman.

C15278 Miss Mary Elizabeth Havens.

C15279 Bishop Jose L. Valencia

C15280 Norma Nausley

C15281 R. W. Brownlee

C15282 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Williams & Joy Williams.

C15283 Charles Hole

C15284 Joe D. Gilliland

C15285 Howard Burton Housman, Jr.

C15286 Oliver B. Howell.

C15287 Nancy Black

C15288 Marilyn Fromm

C15289 Antia Corliss

C15290 Mary L. Jordon.

C15291 Ann Casner

C15292 Betty Jane Heath

C15293 Dora Bates.

C15294 Gertrude Baumbach.

C15295 Alice Yeater.

C15296 Marion Burton

C15297 Estelle Stanley

C15298 Joyce M. Curtiss.

C15299 Mary Fitzpatrick.

C15300 Melvin L. Conrad.

C15301 Robert Conger.

C15302 James E. Carey

C15303 Robert Johnson

C15304 J. Miles Acker, Jr.

C15305 Ingram C. Yoder.

C15306 Curtis Evans Ross.

C15307 Stanley A. Fry.

C15308 Herbert S. Yates.

C15309 Herbert G. Tavenner

C15310 Arthur E. Paltridge

C15311 Leonard Hoff.

C15312 William J. Zimmerman

C15313 Georgeanna Driver

C15314 Mary Jo Summers.

C15315 Margaret E. Miller.

C15316 Eleanor Hanna

C15317 Lawrence Swift.

C15318 Robert Basinger.

C15319 Ben Sawada

C15320 James David Reid.

C15321 Helen Brownlee. (Mrs. R.W.)

C15322 Maxine Colbert

C15323 Helen Vander Meer

C15324 Burrell Pennings

C15325 Luis Kraay.

C15326 Suzanne Brink

C15327 Irene Webster.

C15328 Doreen Webster.

C15329 Vodia Mackay

C15330 Rohda Palfrey.

C15331 Mrs. Ida Bell Main

C15332 Betty Jane Crumpton.

C15336 Burton J. Cheng

C15337 Walter Mikulashek.

C15338 A. M. Bhaskar

C15361 Albertina Damasceno

C15358 Dr. Floyd Shacklock

C15359 Dr. Konstanty Nadjer

C15362 Rowland Harker

C15365 Frederick A. Shippy

C15368 Eliseo M. Pajaro

C15370 Dr. Marion B. Hall

C15391 Mrs. Floyd Shacklock

C15421 Sallie Lewis Brown

C15422 Carrie V. Peat.

C15423 Dora Lee Allen. (HK)

C15424 Eiji Funamizu (HK)

C15439 Stanley Mahan (HK)

C15441 Pyung Chu Ahn. (HK)

C15442 Lois Rothrock (HK)

C15443 Dr. James E. Ellis. (HK)

C15455 Carmela Rebollido

C15456 Marion Baumgardner

C15457 Mary Lucy Wilkinson

C15459 Mrs. William D. Davis

C15460 Mr. William D. Davis

C15461 Buildo Sanchez

C15482 Hisashi Kawanaga

C15483 Rev. David Seamonds, wife Helen and baby Sharon

C15484 Rev. & Mrs. John T. Seamonds

C15485 Bishop Donald H. Tippett

C15486 Mr. and Mrs. Marion Woods. Commissioning Service

C15487 Rev. Woods & family--Mrs. Marjory Woods, Karen and Paula.

C15488 Miss Araceli S. Janairo.

C15504 Miss Ann Merritt.

C15515 Werner Hasler

C15516 Wenceslao O. Bahomonde

C15518 Bishop John M. Springer

C15519 Mrs. Rosaline Castro

C15520 Mr. Jose L. Castro

C15521 Ruth Billingsly Foster, missionary candite. Bishop Ralp Ward (China) at Annual Meeting of the Board. 1950

C15522 Mr. Rupert Dunton
Buck Hill Falls/Pa 1950

C15523 Miss Rachel J. Divers
Buck Hill Falls/Pa. 1950

C15524 Miss Rachel P. Yockel
Buck Hill Falls, Pa 1950

C15525 Miss Geraldine Sunatt

C15526 Miss Mozelle A McConmick

C15527 Miss Barbara L. Somerville

C15528 Miss Ida L. Harrill

C15529 Miss Beatrice M. Fernandez

C15530 Miss Betty J. Letzig

C15531 Miss Martha Johnson

C15532 Mrs. Ida Mae Rees

C15533 Rev. Oscar W. Rees

C15534 Miss Mabel Donell

C15535 Mrs. Elisabeth H. Holt

C15536 Miss Ada M. Bookmann

C15537 Miss Marg E. Bowden 1950

C15538 Miss Sarah F. Bowden 1950

C15539 Mr. Donald W. Waddell 1950

C15540 Mrs. Martha SA. Waddell 1950

C15541 Mrs. Eunice W. Renshaw 1950

C15542 Rev. Barnet P. Renshaw 1950

C15543 Miss Margaret E. Boss 1950

C15544 Miss Medona French 1950

C15545 Miss Ruth E. Fanjoy 1950

C15546 Miss Ruth B. Foster 1950

C15547 Mrs. Ruth H. Browning 1950

C15548 Rev. Willis B. Browning 1950

C15549 Miss Doris E. Hess
C15550 Miss Barbara L. Hartman
C15551 Miss Betty Penn
C15552 Rev. Victor L. Rankin
C15553 Mrs. Katherine K. Rankin
C15554 Miss Verla N. Finley
C15555 Mrs. Joanne E. Murphy
C15556 Dr. Chasteen D. Murphy
C15557 Mrs. Marion S. Kawata
C15558 Mr. Kazuyoshi Kawata
C15559 Rev. David B. Bauman
C15560 Mrs. Mildred T. Boucher

C15561 Rev. Arnold R. Boucher
C15562 Rev. Arnold R. Lewis
C15563 Mrs. Bernice G. Lewis
C15564 Mr. Charles Honeycutt
C15565 Benjamin Franklin Allgood
C15566 R. Claude Singleton

C15567 Albert S. Adams (1950)

C15568 Commissioning Service Group
Buck Hill Falls - 1950

C15569 Bishop Bowen & Gabriel Dennis
Buck Hill Falls. 1950

C15570 Mrs. E. Paul Todd
Buck Hill Falls. 1950

C15572 John R. Mott. Buck Hill Falls

C15573 John R. Mott speaking to Missionary Candidates. Buck Hill Falls.

C15574 John R. Mott speaking to a group of Missionary Candidates. Buck Hill Falls.

C15575 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls

C15576 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls

C15577 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls 1950

C15578 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls 1950

C15579 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls 1950

C15580 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls 1950

C15581 Commissioning Service--Buck Hill Falls 1950

C15582 Bishop Northcutt with gavels from North Africa. Buck Hill Falls. 1950

C15583 Commissioning Service Buck Hill Falls

C15585 Bishop Arthur J. Moore and missionary candidates. Buck Hill Falls

C15588 Dr. Leonard Oecholi Buck Hill Falls

C15726 District Superintendents Conference Indianapolis Indiana. Dr. Warfield speaking at presentation of Displaced Persons.

C15727 District Superintendents Conference Indianapolis Indiana. One of the Displaced Persons speaking.

C15728 District Superintendents Conference Indianapolis, Indiana. Methodist minister speaking at presentation of D. P.'s

C15729 District Superintendents Conference Indianapolis, Indiana. Bishop Paul Kern speaking at presentation of Crusade Scholars.

C15730 District Superintendents Conference Indianapolis, Indiana. Miss Glaser speaking at presentation of Crusade Scholars.

C15731 District Superintendents Conference Indianapolis, Indiana. Presentation of Displaced Person's.

C15734 Lucia Shulhofer

C15735 Charles P. Shulhofer

C15736 Iris Allum

C15737 Mr. Ray Smalley

C15742 Mrs. Franklin Reed

C15743 Rev. and Mrs. Clarence E. Olmstead

C15744 Dr. Kamala Vythilingam

C15753 James Carey

C15758 Rev. & Mrs. Fred McGinnis and son

C15763 Cicero D. Calderon

C15764 Bishop Sante Barbieri

C15765 Rev. Ralph Kessleing & family, Jean 10, Ann 3, Ruth 8.

C15766 Mrs. Arthur Mansure

C15767 Mr. Arthur Mansure

C15771 Mary A. Burchard

C15773 Arthur W. Howard

C15774 Toyohiko Yanagiharis

C15775 R. Claude Singleton

C15776 Bishop Clement D. Rockey

C15777 Bishop Booth

C15779 A. P. Barnabas

C15780 The Hoffman family

C15781 Margaret Billingsley

C15782 Miss Kathryn Bieri

C15783 Mary Petersen (Mrs. Robert F.)

C15784 Dr. Robert F. Petersen

C15785 Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Petersen

C15795 Miss Cleo Machado

C15801 Agnes N. Shaw

C15802 Mrs. Anderson Weaver

C15803 William Melvin Holt

C15804 Dr. H. J. Lew

C15805 Dr. Wade Crawford Barclay

C15806 Catherine E. Peters

C15807 Hayari Lal

C15809 Julian S. Reas

C15829 Henry H. Crane

C15830 Dr. Harold C. Case

C15831 Elizabeth Watson

C15832 Mabel Ruth Nowlin

C15833 Rev. and Mrs. David C. Stubbs

C15834 Harold S. Hong

C15835 Mrs. Keith Leach

C15836 Mr. Keith Leach

C15837 Mary Lou Barnwell

C15838 Mrs. T. M. Haggard

C15839 Mr. T. M. Haggard

C15840 Fev. J. Carlisle Phillips, Jr

C15872 Gunnar Teilman

C15969 Doris Weller

C15970 E. E. Dixon

C15971 Miss Virgina Priest

C15972 Rogull S. Rahator

C15973 Evelyn Wells

C15974 Mildred G. Dresher

C15980 Douglas R. Pickett

C15981 Robert Fiske

C15982 Chester Theodore Ashby

C15983 Michi Kawai

C151984 M. D. Fraiser

C15985 G. Richard Carter

C15986 James Holmes

C15987 J. Morgan Johnson

C15988 John Kalnner

C15989 James N. Lawson

C15990 John E. Shrycock

C15991 Billy Weir

C16004 A. A. Haqq

C16005 H. S. Gladstone

C16006 Elizabeth Fairbanks

C16007 Minnie Mae Bomar

C16008 Angie Cox

C16009 Melva Humphry

C16010 Holcyone Wheeler

C16011 Rev. John B. Cobb

C16012 Emma Lois Pfaff

C17003 Mr. and Mrs. Bliss Wiant and son Ben Wiant

C17004 Anita Mahlbacker

C17014 Mrs. James E. Ellis

C17019 Mrs. Eunice Kinyon

C17020 Mr. Wallace Kinyon

C17021 A. V. Klaus

C17022 Patricia Woodruff

C17023 Mrs.J. Gordon Williams

C17024 Mr. J. Gordon Williams

C17025 Dr. Earl R. Brown

C17026 Grace Thatcher

C17027 C. M. Thacore President of Lucknow Christian College

C17029 Ernest B. Best

C17030 Richard Diaz

C17031 Marylyn Harris

C17032 Janet Catherine Crumbley

C17033 Thornton Askew Crumbley

C17034 Ruel A. Robinson

C17035 Lyle H. Power, Jr.

C17036 Mr. Charles McFarren

C17037 Mrs. Charles McFarren

C17038 Astrid Tuedt

C17039 Mrs. Friedrick Tross

C17040 Dr. Friedrick Tross

C17041 Mrs. John Patterson

C17042 Mr. John Patterson

C17043 Eileen L. Bakehouse

C1704 Barbara Boss

C17045 Marilyn Mosier

C17046 Helen Priebe

C17047 Jennette Griffin

C17048 Julia Rose

C17049 Susan Fry

C17050 Miriam F. Sargeant

C17051 Phoebe Kay Bailey

C17052 Shirley N. Williams

C17053 Joanne Walldorff

C17054 Ann Melville

C17055 Edna Hill

C17056 Joanne Johnson

C17057 Nancy Grissom

C17058 Phyllis Dowling

C17059 Marie Fulton

C17060 Willa Faris

C17061 Marjorie Cooper

C17062 Onita Coston

C17063 Charlotte Burtner

C17064 Constance Howie

C17065 Frieda Morgan

C17066 Cleamae McClure

C17067 Florence E. Roush

C17068 Margaret E. Dolliver

C17069 Jimmie Matton

C17070 Mary Juno

C17071 Christine Brewer

C17072 Rebecca E. Busch

C17073 Betty Conklin

C17074 Iris Fraser

C17075 Louise Azazzi

C17076 Doris Hubbard

C17077 Edith Cade

C17078 Jessie Mothersbough

C17039 Ellen Sweeny

C17080 Esther J. Russell

C17081 Ruth Ann Bonorden

C17082 Henrietta L. Bailey

C17083 Helen Emmert

C17084 Ruth E. Johnson

C17085 Pat Miller

C17086 Gilbert Whitney

C17087 Ted Miles

C17088 Willodean Burris

C17089 David Butler

C17090 Robert E. Bright

C17091 Harold Booker

C17092 Richard Ingraham

C17093 William Wayne Jones

C17094 Albert F. Whelchel

C17095 Margaret Sessions

C17096 Chester Theodore Ashby

C17097j Gordon Sullivan

C17098 John Shryock

C17099 Ronald Maitland

C17100 John Kalmmer

C17101 James Bennett Holmes

C17102 Charles T. Weaver

C17103 Bill Weir

C17104 Joseph Carlo

C17105 Bob Fiske

C17106 George Richard Carter

C17107 Mary Ann Brown

C17108 M. Lopez U.S.-2

C17109 D. Stumperhaus U. S. - 2

C17110 H. Starsfield U. S. - 2

C17111 left to right Shiro Abe, Miss Gretchen Elston, and Miss Charlie Hampton

C17112 Family of missionaries at Greencastle. left to right Miss Margaret E. Boss, Charles Boss, Becky and Mrs. Boss, Mr. Evyn Adams and Mrs. Adams

C17113 Lenora Price

C17114 Chicralla Haidar

C17115 Rev. and Mrs. E. Thompson and Baird Pengien

C17117 Ralph M. Miller

C17119 Mrs. Chester Morgan

C17121 Chester Morgan

C17122 A-3 group on Hartford campus-1951

C17123 Walter Lehn and Onie Scott A-3

C17124 Sue Robinson A-3

C17125 Onie Scott A-3, 1951

C17126 Anne Eastman A-3

C17127 Marion Way A-3 (Angola) 1951

C17128 Informal discussion A-3, 1951

C17129 Mr and Mrs. Fred Brancel missionaries to Africa

C17132 Joseph Carlo and Ronald Maitland

C17133 Fred Brancel

C17134 Kathryn Miranda

C17135 Helen Louise Bennett

C17136 Ted Ashby and Margaret Sessions examining African art object.

C17137 "Threes" are briefed by missionary couple. John Kalmmer, Mrs. Per Knutsson, Rev. Knutsson, Gil Whitney and Margaret Sessions.

C17138 Joseph Carlo and Ronald Maitland

C17139 Joseph Carlo-A-3 and Ronald Maitland-L.A.-3

C17140 Group of young missionaries

C17141 Miss Dorothy McConnell

C17142 Dr. and Mrs. Engle

C17143 Bishop and Mrs. Arthur Moore
The S. C. McCreless family

C17144 Party of Bishop Moore sailing on the S. S. Queen Elizabeth, July 28th, 1951 for Europe.

C17145 Bishop Arthur Moore and Dr. J. A. Engle

C17146 Gunnar Teilman and family


C17147 Dr. J. A. Engle

C17148 Dr. J. A. Engle

C17149 Dr. J. A. Engle

C17150 Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Blackburn and child

C17151 Bonnie Jean Brenneis

C17152 Joan Frances Warneka

C17153 Rev. and Mrs. Keith Hamilton and children

C17154 Miss Mary Furguson

C17155 Mrs. William R. Moon

C17156 Mr. William R. Moon

C17157 Mr. G. W. Carter

C17158 Pyung Hyun Keem M.D.

C17159 Martha Irene Goldschmidt

C17190 C. L. Spottswood

C17191 G. W. Hollister

C.17192 H. L Sone

C17193 H. I. Lehman

C17195 Horace Dewey

C17196 W. W. Overholt

C17237 Mrs. Harry J. Harwood

C17238 Mr. Harry J. Harwood

C17239 E. P. Hayes

C17240 Elwood Bartlett

C17241 Dr. B. P. Murphy Associate Secretary Home Missions

C17244 Rand K. Mukerjee

C17245 Mrs. Kris Jensen

C17246 Richard Smith Youth Camp worker

C17247 A - 3 group sailing from Pier 28, September 17, 1951

C17248 A - 3 group sailing from Pier 28, September 17, 1951

C17249 Miss Ruth Smith

C17250 Miss Ruth Smith

C17251Miss Elizabeth Johannaber

C17252 A - 3 group going up gangplank September 17, 1951 on Pier 28.

C17253 A - 3 group going on gangplank September 17, 1951 on Pier 28.

C17254 Three U. S. 2's

C17256 Mr. Elbert E. Reed

C17257 Mrs. Elbert E. Reed

C17258 Mrs. Robert Rae

C17259 Mr. Robert Rae

C17262 Richard Milk

C17263 E. Ahmed Shah

C17264 Jalmar Bowden

C17265 J. F. Minnis

C17268 Mrs. Charles E. Wegner (Adalaide)

C17269 Albert J. Powell

C17281 John R. Saunders

C17282 Miss S. M. Moore

C17283 Mrs. W. N. Brewster

C17284 Lillian Johnson Secretary of Wesleyon Service Guild

C17285 Dr. and Mrs. George A. Ros. Crusade Scholars - Philippines

C17288 James H. H. Berckman

C17289 Wesley M. Smith

C17290 Lewistine M. McCoy

C17291 Per A. Knutsson

17292 Woldo E. Reinoehl

C17293 Ruth Pople

C17295 Mr. Edgar Cooper

C17296 Mrs. Edgar Cooper

C17294 J. R. Saunders

C17297 Mr. Orval Auner

C17298 Mrs. Orval Auner

C17299 Miss Isabel Kennedy

C17301 Gilbert Galloway

C17302 James D. HammerLee

C17305 Charles McFarren

C27306 Mrs. Charles McFarren

C17322 Miss Elizabeth Lee

C17399 Mrs. Fred Aden

C17400 Dr. Fred Aden

C17401 Dr. Fred Aden

C17403 John and Thomas Lundy

C17404 Mr. and Mrs. Kjell Knutsen

C17405 Mr. and Mrs. John Lundy

C17406 Rev. and Mrs. Richard Bush

C17407 Mr. and Mrs. Renshaw

C17489 Rev. and Mrs. John B. Holt and son

C17498 Dr. Patrocinio A. Francisco

C17499 Thacore family

C17524 Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Meacham and son, Stewart

C17525 Mrs. Fred Brancel

C17526 Mr. Fred Brancel

C17527 Mrs. Friedrich Gross

C17528 Dr. Friedrich Gross

C17529 Mrs. Beverly A. Brush

C17530 Mr. Stanley E. Brush

C17531 Mr. Ed Shields

C17532 Mrs. Dick Shisler

C17533 Mrs. H. L. Shaffer

C17534 Mr. H. L. Shaffer Jr

C17536 Mr. Charles Reynolds

C17537 Mrs. Charles Reynolds

C17538 Rev. and Mrs. L. R. Dennis

C17561 Mr. Stewart Meacham

C17562 Lydia Notar

C17563 Romona Hundt

C17564 Beryl Lardin

C17565 Phyllis Garrett

C17566 Majorie Ewart

C17567 Olive Cook

C17568 Lester Griffith, Jr.

C17569 Miss Betty Lou Jacobson

C17570 Mr. George A. Cummings

C17571 Mr. M. D. Smith

C17572 Rev. Ettore DiGiantomasso

C17585 Rev. S. A. Tuilovoni holding inscribed whale tooth presented by the Methodist Church in Fiji to the Methodist Church of the United States.

C17586 Miss Helen Rosser

C17573 Carlton Foss and family

C17587 Miss Nellie A Dyer

C17588 Miss Marcia Mary Ball
C17589 Edward E. Barber
C17590 Mrs. Edward E. Barber
C17591 Mr. Mario C. Barberi, Jr.
C17592 Mrs. Mario Barberi, Jr.
C17593 Rev. Lonzo F. Battles

C17594 Mrs. Lonzo F. Battles

C17595 Peggie Marie Billings

C17596 Peggy Marie Billings

C17597 Joy Betts

C17598 Rev. Ben R. Blackburn

C17599 Mrs. Ben R. Blackburn

C17600 Rev. John Walter Cason

C17601 Rev. John Walter Cason

C17602 Mrs. J. W. Cason

C17603 Mrs. Lester E. Griffith, Jr.

C17604 Thelma Louise Hammond

C17605 Joyce Hill

C17606 Rev. Max V. Kemling

C17607 Mrs. Max V. Kemling

C17608 The Kemlings from Nebraska

C17609 Rev. Raymond E. Lanham

C17610 Mrs. Raymond E. Lanham

C17611 Rev. Charles A. McFarren

C17612 Mrs. Charles A. McFarren

C17613 Mrs. Stewart Meacham

C17614 Loyde M. Middleton

C17615 Mrs. Loyde M. Middleton

C17616 Aileen Mabel Mitchell

C17617 Dorothy Marie Nelson

C17618 Lyle H. Powell, Jr.

C17619 Olive J. Ratliff

C17620 William Richard Schisler, Jr

C17621 Margery Short

C17622 Bruce A. Smalley

C17623 Mrs. Bruce A. Smalley

C17624 Rev. E. L. Stockwell

C17625 Mrs. E. L. Stockwell

C17626 Glendene Van Landingham

C17627 Naomi Willine Whitely

C17628 Rev. R. Ward Williams

C17629 Mrs. R. Ward Williams

C17630 Miss Sarah B. Willis

C17631 C. Melvin Blake

C17632 Rev. J. R. Boyles

C17633 Rev. Howard Brinton

C17634 Mrs. Brooks

C17635 Mrs. Brooks

C17636 Wesley Day

C17637 Miss De Yo

C17638 Miss Mildred Drescher

C17639 Miss Duhigg

C17640 Rev. Marvin Harper

C17641 Rev. Johns

C17642 Rev. C. L. Spottswood

C17643 Rev. Eugene McGraw

C17644 M. J. Murphree

C17645 Rev. John Patterson

C17646 W. S. Reinoehl

C17647 Dr. Mary Shannon, Ex-president of Isabella Thoburn College

C17648 Dr. Mary Shannon Ex-president of Isabella Thoburn College

C17649 Rev. E. W. Thompson

C17650 Mrs. Todd

C17651 Mrs. Todd

C17728 Bishop Donald H. Tippett and Rev. Ettore Di Giantomasso, pastor of St. Johns Methodist Church, San Francisco, at Buck Hill Falls, Annual meeting. January, 1952

C17735 Mrs. R. Dodge

C17736 Mrs. R. Dodge

C17737 Enoch Chieza

C17738 Enoch Chieza

C17740 Miss Mary Fendenneim

C17745 Miss Elaine Hessel

C17746 Isabel Kennedy

C17747 Elaine Hessel, director of religious education, Hawaii and Isabel Kennedy, Division of Home Mission

C17748 Miss Marquerite Twinem

C17749 David H. Blackburn

C17765 Bishop Clement D. Rockey

C17766 Robert H. Stoddard

C17767 Charles Hambrick

C17768 Andrew J. Williamson

C17769 Charles Butler

C17770 Thomas M. Brown

C17771 John R. Squire

C17772 Edward L. Mark

C17773 Norman D. Case

C17774 Charles H. Harper

C1775 Mr. Charles Groltz

C17776 Mrs. M. Kollert

C17777 Dr. W. Kollert

C17778 Janet W. Smith

C17779 Edward F. Smith

C17780 Mr. Charles M. Miller

C17781 Mrs. Ellen J. Miller

C17782 Kenneth E. Traxler

C17783 Mrs. Kenneth E. Traxler

C17787 Theodora Bryce

C17785 Rose Marie Backstrom

C17791 Dr. Robert A. McKibben

C17792 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Conley

C17793 Mrs. Thomas A. Harris

C17794 Paul Sims J - 3

C17795 Dr. Robert F. Thomas

C17796 Dr. Dorcas Hall

C17834 Mr. Charles Mosebrook

C17898 Mrs. Maude Hardie

C17899 Donald F. Ebright

C17900 Mr. W. R. Schisler

C17901 Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Schisler

C17902 Dr. George W. Harley with Liberian native mask

C17903 John Blanchard

C17904 Mary Louise Musser

C17905 Mary Parks Bugg

C17906 Barbara Blood

C?17907 Virginia Curtis

C17908 Betty Jane Epps

C17909 Mary F. Johnson

C17910 Virginia Winter

C17911 June Manley

C17912 Jean Morgan

C17913 Naomi Ruth McIntoch

C17914 Lena Vera McRoberts

C17915 Rosemary Nixon

C17916 Marjorie Olsen

C17917 Mary Carol Owen

C17918 William Percival

C17919 Dorothy Marie Watson

C17920 Bruce Foreman

C17921 Mary Jane Renner

C17922 Mrs. Arthur Chaffee (Dorothy Joann)

C17923 Mr Arthur Chaffee

C17924 Mrs. James M. Starkey

C17925 Mr. James M. Starkey

C17926 Frank E. Manton

C17927 Edward M. Berckman

C17928 Guy Lott, Jr

C17929 Donald J. Welch

C17930 Edwin Edward Harvey

C17931 Kenneth F. Darg

C17930 John Lester McMullen

C17933 Fred Crowell Wray

C17934 Lee Ronald Cooper

C17935 B. Leighton Wiant

C17936 Gerald William Weiss

C17937 Don Theodore Reeves

C17938 Gilbert M. Galloway

C17939 Esther Armstrong

C17940 Nona Cowan

C17941 Patsy Addington

C17942 Martha Fay White

C17943 Jimmie LaDoris Morgan

C17944 Dolores Marymee

C17945 Esther Selvey

C17946 Margaret Jean Robe

C17947 Gloria Reed

C17948 Leila Marie Jackson

C17949 Mary Eads

C17950 Kathleen J. Crane

C17951 Mr. Hun Kheng Geh

C17952 J. Lester McGonagle

C17953 Doris Hartmann

C17954 Joy Bourlay

C17955 Bishop J. M. Springer

C17974 Louneta Lorah

C17975 Louneta Lorah

C17976 Joan Backwalter

C17977 Jean Campbell

C17978 Frances Seifert

C17979 Jean Ann Dudley

C17980 Marjorie Bowden

C17981 Naomi Ruth Gleason

C17982 Jane Evelyn Williams

C17983 Phyllis J. Rycroft

C17985 Mrs. Eunice Stephens

C17984 Doris Stevens

C17986 Mary Lou Reid

C17987 Mary Westfall

C17988 Mrs. G. W. Dameron

C17989 Aubrey G. Walton

C17990 Mrs. Paul Arrington

C17991 Mrs. Joe T. Rogers

C17992 Alexander Nunn

C17993 C. S. Anderson

C17994 Rufus Garrison Moore

C17995 H. E. Newton

C17996 Hanford H. Clossen

C17997 Sadie Mae Wilson Tillman

C17998 Bob Black

C17999 LeRoy L. Robb

C18000 Aubrey S. Moore

C18001 Rev. Jesse W. Fox

C18002 Mrs. H. E. Werner

C18003 Fred C. Hubbard

C18004 F. W. Logan

C18005 Mrs. Alan K. Laing

C18006 Mrs. Fred C. Reynolds

C18007 Mrs. C. P. Hardin

C18008 Mrs. Wray Andrew

C18009 Stanley Fisher

C18010 Mrs. Jesse W. Bunch

C18011 Mrs. F. W. Stiver

C18012 Mrs. E. J. Badgett

C18013 Juan de la Vina

C18014 Melbourne Jackins

C18015 Mrs. J. Ernest Wilkins

C18016 Ruth Pieringer

C18017 James Wiggins

C18018 Martha Engel

C18019 Irene Jeffress

C18020 Dewey Williams

C18021 Kenneth Black

C18022 Jane Maxwell

C18023 Mrs. J. W. Payne

C18024 Ralph M. Dunn