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Pressure - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 23:46 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Joyce Sloan, (Screenwriter) ; Jeffrey Lynn, (cast) ; Nancy Coleman, (cast) ; Judson Rees, (cast) ; Kimetha Laurie, (cast) ; Harry Stanton, (cast) ; James Reese, (cast) ; Dr. James Doty, (Moderator)
Sam Douglas, an advertising man in his early forties, has promised the car to Bud, his 16-year-old son, for a special date. Sam discovers at the end of the working day that his company has promised a piece of work in less than normal time. An unexpected meeting with the client causes him to be late in reaching home. He tries to telephone, but Pat, the 13-year-old daughter, keeps the line busy. Bud gets more and more upset as the date-time approaches. When Sam arrives home, the pressures build into a heated climax. Bud in his hurry grinds the gears of the car; Sam refuses to let Bud take the car and put him in a taxi. Helen (Mrs. Douglas) gets mad at Sam and at Pat, who is gossiping to a friend on the telephone; everyone is unhappy. Helen, in tears asks, "What has come over us?" Theme: The pressures of modern life. The first program of the Talk Back television series.
Topics: Family life; Human relations; Interpersonal relationships; Television programs; Work environment
ID: TB-01-pressure

The Fifth Plate - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28:39 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Steven Gethers, (Screenwriter) ; William Post, Jr, (cast) ; Eugenia Rawls, (cast) ; Anne Pearson, (cast) ; Ann Dere, (cast) ; Marianne Bates, (cast) ; Dr. James Doty, (Moderator)
The Wilson Family has a domestic-housekeeper. Because the family feels that she, Laura, is a member of the family, she regularly ate with them. When the daughter, Judy wants to bring a school friend home, she requests that Laura not eat with the family. Mrs. Wilson suggests that Judy speak to her friend Helen about the issue. Laura, now feeling uneasy about the situation decides not to eat at their dinner table. The Wilson's realize that subtle outside pressures have changed a family relationship. They wonder how children can be taught values which will withstand outside forces. Theme: Outside influences on the home. The thirteenth program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Social desirability; Social status; Status seeking; Television programs
ID: TB-13-plate