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Does Educational Broadcasting Have Soul? - Night Call
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Length: 59:08 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Greg Morris, (Guest)
This program originated at the convention of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters, held in at the Park Sheraton Hotel in Washington, DC. It was held before a live audience at the convention. At the time of this recording, Greg Morris (1933-1966) played the part of electronics expert Barney Collier on the TV show, "Mission: Impossible." He says he appeared on dozens of other TV shows before he got that part. Questions include whether sponsorship has a detrimental effect on a show, whether Black actors are just being noticed and cast on shows, and what television (both educational and entertainment) could do to show all races of Americans as normal parts of society. Morris says television needs to produce and air a series on African-American history. (The historic TV mini-series "Roots" appeared nine years after this program.) Morris also says actors must portray characters as they are written, and not as the actor would like that character to appear.
Topics: African American actors; Educational television; Radio programs; Television acting
ID: NC0129