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Return By Sea - Missions Series

Length: 29m
Missions Visualized, Inc., (producer) ; Board of Missions for the Methodist Church, (producer) ; Methodist Radio and Film Commission, (producer)
Description taken from Audio-Visual Research Guide (published nine editions, 1949-1972) of the National Council of Churches. A missionary's son returns as a Navy chaplain to the Philippines, where he was raised, to see what his church is doing there today. His travels impress upon him the advances made in evangelism, education, and medical work. Since it was produced by and for one denomination, one can expect major emphasis on that body's role in the country's Christian life. Thus recommended as an instructive promotional material with junior highs through adults in Methodist churches, it could be acceptable for the supplementary instruction of the same ages in other churches. Some Protestant groups will regret the central character's identification with the military, yet this factor may accelerate personal identification among young adults who have been in service. All production qualities are competent.
Topics: Asia; Missions; Moving image; Philippines
ID: MS-012