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And Gwendolyn, Too - Talk Back Television Series

Length: 28:43 minutes
John Clayton, (Director) ; Claire Roskam, (Screenwriter) ; Clarice Blackburn, (cast) ; Joe Sullivan, (cast) ; Milo Boulton, (cast) ; Patty Duke, (cast) ; Deborah Marlin, (cast) ; Dr. Ross Snyder Merle Emory, (Interviewer) ; Dr. Maude Jensen, (Interviewee)
Charles and Dorothy are planning to sell their business and move to the city with their daughers, Gwendolyn and Alice. Alice, age 6, is blind and needs a special school. Dorothy believes strongly that the move is God's will. Charles has second thoughts and recognizes Dorothy's over- anxiety for Alice, her neglect of Gwendolyn's feelings and of his opinions, and her insistence of one perfect answer, hers. Charles is confused by her "direct inspiration." Theme: How can we know God's will and what are the issues of the handicapped child in the home? The third program of the Talk Back TV series.
Topics: Child development; Children, Blind; God -Will; Psychology of personality; Special education; Television programs
ID: TB-03-gwendolyn

Talking Hands - Breakthru Television Series

Length: 32 minutes
Nelson Price, (producer) ; John Clayton, (Director) ; John Clayton, (Screenwriter) ; Ruth - Patty Duke, (cast) ; Rodney - Peter Lazer, (cast) ; Mother - Clarice Blackburn, (cast) ; Aunt Beth - Anne Ives, (cast) ; Instructor - Liam Dunn, (cast) ; Student President - Wayne Robertson, (cast)
Ruth's class plans a show of talent. She half-heartedly decides to embroider a sampler, but is convinced she can't do anything with her hands. Rodney, her cousin, plans to work on a rock exhibit, confidently expecting to win. Ruth's Great-Aunt Beth, who is deaf and mute, is an unexpected vistor to her home. Ruth yearns for some way to communicate with her. She decides to learn sign language, but tells no one of her plans. She struggles practicing alone and with an instructor at the Institute for the deaf. Ruth feels clumsy, and is also trying to balance helping Rodney with his exhibit. On the night before the show of talent, Ruth decides to try out the language with her aunt and they slowly spell out words together. This makes Ruth and her aunt happy, but Ruth ends up breaking her hand as an open window falls on her hand as she tries to close the window. Ruth misses the show of talent, but Rodney tells her the principal told the class about her trying to talk with her Aunt Beth, and that he called her the queen of talents!
Topics: Stewardship; Talents
ID: BT-013-hands