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Who Runs the Schools? - Night Call
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Length: 59:08 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Rhody McCoy, (Guest)
Rhody McCoy (1924-) graduated from Howard University and New York University, before teaching in New York for 18 years. He was named superintendent of the Ocean-Brownville school district in Brooklyn in 1967, The district was an experiment in school decentralization, run by a governing board with representation from parents and community organizations. The teacher's union fought McCoy's efforts to bring in three new principals of color and remove 19 teachers and administrators. The teachers called a a strike in September 1968. This strike ended on November 17, 1968, when the New York State Education Commissioner asserted state control over the Ocean Hill-Brownsville district, the dismissed teachers were reinstated, three of the new principals were transferred, and the trusteeship ran the district for four months. McCoy asserted that wanted the community - in his district, mostly African-American - to have a major voice in the education of the children. This program highlights the differences this issue exposed among White liberals, African-American parents, Jewish administrators and teachers, and the teachers' union.
Topics: Education reform; Radio programs; School autonomy; Teachers' unions
ID: NC0103