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What the "Little Guy" Can Do (Toward a More Meaningful Society) - Night Call
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Length: 54:39 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Robert Theobald, (Guest)
This program focuses on the economic components of social change. The guest believes the present system oppresses the poor, and change must come to provide a fair society. The guest, Robert Theobald (1929-1999), was a private consulting economist and futurist author. In economics, he was best known for his writings on the economics of abundance and his advocacy of a Basic Income Guarantee. He was born in India, received his higher education in economics in England at Cambridge, lived for three years in Paris, and continued his studies at Harvard University in the late 1950s. Callers were concerned with poor pay, unfair conditions, and poor treatment. Harrington wants to look at the larger picture: how to bring about social change. Some time was spend talking about his proposal for a Guaranteed Annual Income. Some technical problems at the beginning of the program have been edited out.
Topics: Economics; Ethics; Radio programs; Social unrest
ID: NC0062