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A Gift of Prophecy - Night Call
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Length: 53:47 minutes
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Ruth Montgomery, (Guest)
Discussion is about Ruth Montgomery's new book about Jeane Dixon. (Jeane Dixon [1918-1997] was an astrologer and alleged psychic.) Ruth Shick Montgomery died in 2001 at the age of 88. She was a nationally syndicated news columnist who in 1965 wrote a best-selling account of the life and predictions of astrologer Jeane Dixon. Night Call was the first national radio call-in program. It appeared on the Mutual Broadcasting Network and was produced by the Methodist Church in conjunction with the National Council of Churches. Online version is 50:30 (silences removed).
Topics: Astrology; Prophecy; Psychic ability; Radio program
ID: DA-1030