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Mission in Bolivia - Missions Series

Length: 27m
William F. Fore, (producer) ; Nicholas Reed, (Screenwriter) ; Sylvia Cummins Betts (editor), (cast)
Description taken from Audio-Visual Research Guide (published nine editions, 1949-1972) of the National Council of Churches. Opening with a brief historical and geographical study of the country, the film moves into an account of the church at work there. While Methodist labels are present here and there, primary stress is laid upon the training of indigenous leadership. This latter point, as well as the generally excellent portrait of the country, render the production useable with more than Methodist audiences. The various sequences are long enongh to develop ideas at hand, but not so long as to become monotonous. The color print is highly recommended for instruction, promotion, and motivation among junior highs through adults in the sponsoring body, and recommended for instruction among the same ages in other communions.
Topics: Bolivia; Missions; Moving image; South America
ID: MS-011