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Why Do Teenagers Drink? - Night Call
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Length: 53:44 minutes
Russ Gibb, (Host) ; Dr. George Maddox, (Guest)
Dr. Maddox was a professor at Duke University in North Carolina. Night Call was the first national radio call-in program. It appeared on the Mutual Broadcasting Network and was produced by the Methodist Church in conjunction with the National Council of Churches.
Topics: Alcohol; Juvenile development; Radio program
ID: DA-1006

Alcoholism - Night Call
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Length: 59:07 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; Frank Murphy, (Guest)
In 1968, the guest published a book entitled "The Frank Murphy Story: His Years in Florida Prisons, His Rehabilitation, and His Conquest of Alcoholism." Murphy says the only way he knows to get out of the grip of alcoholism is Alcoholics Anonymous. He says the prison system has no way to help an alcoholic. One caller asked about the use the drug Antabuse, which Murhpy does not suggest. The drug produces unpleasant side-effects when combined with alcohol. Another caller asks about the value of Al-Anon groups for family members, which Murphy does recommend. A young man wants to know about help for teenage alcoholics. A caller says she has read his book and she recommends it. Some callers are AA members who share their struggles and successes.
Topics: Alcohol abuse; Drug abuse; Radio program; alcoholism
ID: NC00138