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Why Criminals Behave the Way They Do - Night Call
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Length: 59:11 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; James Brussel , (Guest)
Dr. James A. Brussel (1905-1982) was a psychiatrist, criminologist, and assistant commissioner in the State Department of Mental Hygiene for New York City. He was involved in the cases of George Metesky, the ''Mad Bomber,'' and Albert H. DeSalvo, the ''Boston Strangler.'' He interviewed the suspects and testified at their trials. In these cases, he engaged in offender or criminal profiling. Offender profiling dates back to 1888 and the spree of Jack the Ripper, and efforts continue to improve the practice. One caller talks about his conviction and time in prison for crimes he did not commit. A woman wants to know what to do with misbehaving children. A man wants to know whether criminality is the result of nature or nurture; Brussel had no definitive answer. Brussel has sometimes been called "the Sherlock Holmes of the couch." He also wrote eight books, including "Casebook of a Crime Psychiatrist." Brussel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and its medical school, maintained a private practice in Manhattan for nearly 50 years, and served in the Army Medical Corps in World War II and the Korean War.
Topics: Crime; Criminal justice; Psychology; Radio programs
ID: NC0126