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Country of Islam - Missions Series

Length: 16m
Gunther V. Fritsch, (Director)
Description taken from Audio-Visual Research Guide (published nine editions, 1949-1972) of the National Council of Churches. Through the eyes of a twelve-year old Muslim boy, the film interprets life in Morocco. Mustafa leaves his home village to seek an education in the city and his journey is full of new and interesting experiences. The efforts of the country to raise its people's living standards are set against backgrounds of Islamic culture, economic problems, and lack of educational programs at present. Excellent photography and scripting merit a highly recommended as an instructional material with junior highs through adults. The informational content is shared with appealing interest, and the film contributes to understanding of the culture involved as well as the role of Islam in that culture. The problems of underdeveloped areas and/or new countries are shown clearly in this fine example of a "secular" production with real relevance to missionary studies.
Topics: Africa; Missions; Morocco; Moving image
ID: MS-004