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America's Concentration Camps: Reality or Rumor? - Night Call
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Length: 58:46 minutes:seconds
Del Shields, (Host) ; William Hedgepeth, (Guest)
William Hedgepeth was Senior Editor of Look Magazine. His magazine had just published an article alleging the existence of many available, but unused, concentration camps across the U.S. Hedgepeth said, they were established in 1952 in Pennsylvania, California, Oklahoma, Florida, and Arizona - and that they were available to be used in event of an insurrection. He says the camps are allowed under the Internal Security Act of 1950. There was concern among Black populations because some people were calling for using the camps to house Black militants. Callers have differing views of their existence and whether they should be used.
Topics: Criminal justice; Prisons; Radio program
ID: NC0026