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Upriver in Sarawak - Missions Series

Length: 29m
Missions Visualized, Inc., (producer) ; Board of Missions of the Methodist Church, (producer)
Description taken from Audio-Visual Research Guide (published nine editions, 1949-1972) of the National Council of Churches. The first section of the film deals entirely with the life, customs, and religious rites of the Iban people of Borneo. The film then moves to document the Methodist mission activities in the region, admitting that their work has only just begun. The film closes with the evangelistic urge to continue Christian missionary efforts among the Iban people, in the hopes of converting the whole region, which also has a strong Islamic presence. Some may feel too much time is spent on background information to the exclusion of missionary material. This potential is all too rare in films of this type, however, for most audiences need an understanding of the people for whom their church is at work. Camera work and narration make the most of an informed script and the film is highly recommended for instructive promotion with junior highs through adults in the sponsoring denomination's congregations, recommended as an instructive tool with the same ages in other churches.
Topics: Asia; Missions; Moving image; Sarawak
ID: MS-015