Author Year Title
Biography of Achelaus Turrentine
Record Creator: Cannon, J. L.
Record Dates: 1851 - 1924
History Note :

Turrentine was a clergy member of the Little Rock Conference for 44 years. He served as a pastor, a presiding elder, and a field-representative for Henderson - Brown College.

Scope Note :

This relates the story of Turrentine's life as a minister in Arkansas.

Record ID: ar108

Missouri Conference
Record Creator: Columbia Circuit (Mo.)
Record Dates: 1852 - 1877
History Note :

Scope Note :

Division of Circuit, proposal to purchase Howard Female College by Moses U. Payne; Quarterly Conference Journals.

Record ID: mowc18

A Circuit Rider's Record
Record Creator: Wheeler, Dorothy Dell Watts
Record Dates: 1883 - 1919
History Note :

This is the story of Rev. John H. Watt, who was a pastor in Arkansas and Texas. He was the father of Bishop H. Bascom Watts. Mrs. Watts is the daughter of Bishop Watts.

Scope Note :

Mrs. Wheeler transcribed Rev. John Watts' Journal

Record ID: ar110

Andrew Hunter: Father of Arkansas Methodism
Record Creator: Harding, Lu
Record Dates: 1813 - 1902
History Note :

Rev. Hunter was a pastor and presiding elder in Arkansas during Methodism's formative years from 1836 - 1902.

Scope Note :

A biography of the life of Rev. Hunter and the important contribution he made to Methodism in Arkansas.

Record ID: ar96

Autobiography of Rev. W.T. Martin
Record Creator: Martin, W. T.
Record Dates: 1864 -1939
History Note :

Rev. Martin was a pastor and district superintendent in the North Arkansas Conference; a professor of history at Hendrix College; author of magazine articles and newspapers.

Scope Note :

Gives details of his life as a Minister in North Arkansas.

Record ID: ar100

Autobiography of William R. Young
Record Creator: Young, William R.
Record Dates: 1823 - 1874
History Note :

Young was a pastor in Arkansas from 1868 to 1879

Scope Note :

This is a transcription of Young's hand-written diary and includes some pastoral records.

Record ID: ar111

Autobiography of the Rev. William Stevenson
Record Creator: Stevenson, William
Record Dates: 1768 - 1858
History Note :

Stevenson came to South Arkansas from Missouri in 1809

Scope Note :

Story of his life and ministry

Record ID: ar106

Biography of Rev. John S. Hacklers
Record Creator: Troutman, Margaret Ann
Record Dates: 1853 - 1928
History Note :

John S. Hacklers was a Methodist minister in the Arkansas Conference , serving "Hard Circuits" from 1892 to 1928

Scope Note :

An autobiography of Hackler's life and ministry

Record ID: ar93

Biography of the Parents of Stanley Baugh
Record Creator: Baugh, Stanley
Record Dates: 1859 - 1949
History Note :

Rev. Baugh was a longtime pastor and church historian in the Little Rock Conference

Scope Note :

This is a biography and autobiography telling of the life of Rev. Baugh's parents and his own early history

Record ID: ar87

Book : Fireflies in A Fruit Jar
Record Creator: Workman, John
Record Dates: 1973-1989
History Note :

Workman was a pastor in the North Arkansas and Little Rock Conferences; editor of the Arkansas United Methodist newspaper; religion editor of the Arkansas Gazette newspaper.

Scope Note :

This book is a collection of Workman's weekly columns of serious and humorous thoughts on current issues as well as some of his earliest memories.

Record ID: ar85