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Mission Photograph Album - China #15

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Mission Photograph Album - China #15


Images related to Methodist mission work in China taken under the direction of the Board of Missions between the 1890s and late 1920s




Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church




Permission for use must be obtained from the General Commission on Archives and History. Contact e-mail is


The General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Archives and History Center. Madison, New Jersey


Mission Photograph Albums - China #15

Items in the Mission Photograph Album - China #15 Collection

C2373 - Policemen arresting a man. Shangai

C2374 - Children's playground, Qiansan road. Shanghai

C2375 - Bench in the park along the bund, marked "for foreigners only" Shanghai.

C2376 - A womens new fashion of dressing. Shanghai

C2377 - New China St. Hongkow Park. Shanghai

C2378 Song Chan Ren's Monument. Shanghai

C2379 Spacious ground of a private foreign business man. Shanghai

C2380 Tender leaving jetty with passengers for America. Shanghai

C2381 Mouth of Soochow Creek showing U. S and German Consulates. Shanghai.

C2382 U.S Submarines and mother ship in Shanghai harbor. Shanghai

C2383 W.S. Submarines and mother ship in Shanghai harbor. Shanghai

C2384 Boats loaded with cotton near Shanghai.

C2385 Unloading of wheat flour. Shanghai

C2386 Mouth of Soochow Creek showing rafts. Shanghai.

C2387 Bamboo rack and river scene. Shanghai

C2388 - River crowded by boats. Shanghai.

C2389 - House boats + North Szechuan Road Bridge. Shanghai

C2390 - Beggar village and boats on the Zikawei Canal. Shanghai

C2391 - Beggar village and boats on the Zikawei Canal. Shanghai.

C2392 - Family living in a boat. Shanghai

C2393 - Brook scene near Shanghai.

C2394 - Brook scene near Shanghai

C2395 Canal scene near Shanghai

C2396 Boat has been taken on land and used for a house. Soochow Creek. Shanghai

C2397 Riverside residences Soochow Creek. Shanghai

C2398 Tivo Sampans waiting for customers. Shanghai

C2399 Sailing boats. Shanghai

C2400 A fancy boat anchored in Whang Woo rivers.

C2401 A boat from South China has a fancy stern anchored at Shanghai.

C2402 Dragon boat festival. Shanghai

C2403 Little boy carrying paper sign board and ringing the bell for a moving picture. Shanghai

C2404 The eye doctor's sign board is painted with eyes. Shanghai.

C2405 A fan used as a sign board. Shanghai

C2406 Selling pictures which are hanging on the street wall. Shanghai

C2407 Selling Xmas Trees Shanghai

C2408 Egg market. Shanghai

C2409 Market scene. Shanghai.

C2410 Vegetable Market. Shanghai

C2411 A traveling baker. Shanghai

C2412 "Ice Cream" for Sale. Shanghai

C2413 Street kitchen. Shanghai

C2414 The fruit peddler used feather broom to drive the flies away. Shanghai.

C2415 Wheel barrow c[***] having a quick lunch of noodles. Shanghai

C2416 Eating at the road Ride kitchen. Shanghai.

C2417 Girls at a street show. Shanghai

C2418 A boy meat peddler.

C2419 Making flour from rice for making New Year Cakes. Shanghai

C2420 Making Cakes (Niu Rou - Beef Dumplings) for Chinese New Years. Shanghai.

C2421 Little girls buying sweetmeats. Shanghai

C2422 Girls on a holiday buying food from a peddler. Shanghai.

C2423 Children gather around the peddler to buy something to eat. Shanghai.

C2424 Child buying a whistle. Shanghai.

C2425 Open tea shop in winter. Shanghai

C2426 Selling peanuts at small stations. Shanghai

C2427 Candies and Idols for children. Shanghai.

C2428 Porcelain shop. Shanghai.

C2429 Basket maker near Shanghai.

C2430 Tivo cobblers Shanghai.

C2431 The Chinese cut the kerosene tins to make dust pans and sell them. Shanghai

C2432 Selling second-hand clothes. Shanghai.

C2433 Outdoor shampoo "parlor" Shanghai.

C2434 Fire-cracker peddler opens his shop during the Chinese New Year. Shanghai

C2435 Vendors of New Years Toys. Shanghai.

C2436 New Years road side gambler. Shanghai.

C2437 A candy peddler making a paper tower as advertisement. Shanghai

C2438 Spinning top at New Year time. Shanghai.

C2439 Boy playing a gambling wheel. Shanghai.

C2440 Street jugglers children. Shanghai.