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Guide to the Administrative Files of the Joint Commission on Church Union

Prepared by Jean Yrigoyen, Assistant Archivist and L. Dale Patterson, Archivist

United Methodist Archives and History Center
General Commission on Archives and History, Madison, New Jersey


Overview of Records

Record Creator: Methodist Church (U.S.). Joint Commission on Church Union
Title: Administrative Files of the Joint Commission on Church Union
Date Span: 1964-1968
Abstract: The Joint Commission on Church Union was the working group which constructed the Plan of Union for The Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren merger in 1968. This material contains minutes of their meetings and the draft of the Plan of Union.
Quantity: 0.54 cu. feet
Resource ID: gcah.rg.1294

History Note

The Commission on Church Union was established in 1948 by The Methodist Church. Its purpose was to investigate overtures and proposals of union or merger with various other denominations. In 1960 it reported to the General Conference that "... the time had come to move forward with a drafting of a plan for organic union.' The Joint Commission worked on the Plan of Union. There was a report made at the 1964 General Conference, but the final vote and other matters were referred to the 1966 special session of the General Conference, where it was accepted.

Scope Note

Contains material relating to the plan of union of the Evangelcail United Brethren and The Methodist churches; committee reports, drafts, plans of church union, newsletters.

Preferred Citation

When citing material from this collection please use the following format: Direct reference to the item or its file folder, Joint Commission on Church Union, United Methodist Church Archives - GCAH, Madison, New Jersey. Do not make use of the items' call number as that is not a stable descriptor.

Access Restrictions

Denominational agency journals, reports and committee minutes are open to the public unless they have been closed in accordance with requirements specified in the Discipline. Denominational agency staff office records are closed for twenty-five (25) years after creation. Personnel records are closed for at least 75 years. Appeals can be made to the General Commission on Archives and History, P. O. Box 127, Madison, NJ 07940.

Restrictions on Use

Detailed use restrictions relating to our collections can be requested from the office of the archivist at the General Commission on Archives and History. Photocopying is handled by the staff and may be limited in certain instances. Before using any material for publication from this collection a formal request for permission to publish is expected and required.

Subject Terms

Subject Names - Corporate
Evangelical United Brethren Church
Methodist Church (U.S.)
Subject Topics
Christian union
Church polity
Church polity and Christian union.
Study commissions.

Container List

Call Number Folder Title Date(s)
1335-3-3: 1 Minutes: Joint Executive Committee 1966-1968
1335-3-3: 2 Minutes: Joint Commission 1966-1967
1335-3-3: 3 Minutes: Sub Committee on Theological Schools, Committee on Board of Education, January 8, 1965
1335-3-3: 4 Minutes: Sub Committee on Fiscal Year, Budget and Financial Problems, August 29, 1967
1335-3-3: 5 Minutes: Joint Publishing Committee 1967
1335-3-3: 6 Minutes: Committee on Hospitals and Homes, February 19- 20, 1965
1335-3-3: 7 Committee on Administrative Agencies 1965
1335-3-3: 8 Committee on Temporal Economy 1964-1965
1335-3-3: 9 Committee on Suggestions 1965
1335-3-3: 10 Committee on Missions 1964-1965
1335-3-3: 11 Report: Administrative Order 1965-1967
1335-3-3: 12 Report: Committee Three - The Local Church, September 8- 11, 1965
1335-3-3: 13 Report: Committee Four - The Ministry, June 30, 1965
1335-3-3: 14 Report: Committee Six - Judicial Administration, September 1, 1965
1335-3-3: 15 Report: Committee Eight - Administrative Councils, March 23- 24, 1965
1335-3-3: 16 Report: Committee Nine - Publishing Houses, September 8- 11, 1965
1335-3-3: 17 Report: Committee Eleven - Board of Education, July 15, 1965
1335-3-3: 18 Report: Committee Thirteen - Board of the Laity, September 29, 1965
1335-3-3: 19 Report: Committee Fourteen - Christian Social Concerns, September 8-11, 1965
1335-3-3: 20 Paper: "The New Structure" (adopted by the Evangelical United Brethren Church) 1962
1335-3-3: 21 Meeting: Conversations on Theological Issues in Church Union, Mattoon, IL, May 3-4, 1965
1335-3-3: 22 Church Union Legislation, General Conference 1966
1335-3-3: 23 News Releases 1964-1966
1335-3-4: 1 Published Documents Related to Church Union 1964-1968
1335-3-4: 2 The Plan of Union: Report to the General Conferences of The Methodist Church and The Evangelical United Brethren Church 1966
1335-3-4: 3 The Plan of Union: The United Methodist Church, Adopted by the General Conferences and the Annual Conferences of The Methodist Church and The Evangelical United Brethren Church 1966-1967